Her Journey Chapter 2: They Transmigrated


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In an ancient pure black brigde, rows of shining white balls were marching towards the end.

The water under the bridge was crystal blue water shining so brightly, but the lily flowers were color back with small golden lights rising on the middle of the lotus.

It's leaf were crystalized emerald green while silver and golden fish were swimming under the water.

Our heroine, Lily, felt like she is floating. When she opened her eyes, white balls were floating in front of her.

She tried to touch herself, but she realized she was the same as the one infront of her. She tried to talk but her voice was sucked out of her.

Lily marched for a long time that felt like eternity for her. At last, it's her turn. When the one infront of her disappeared like a balloon pooping out, she then saw a man in a cloaked with milky white hands out holding a pen.

"Name? Age? Biological sex? What planet did you came from and your cause of death?"

"Lily..Lily Xu. 2-20, female, e-earth unknown disease."

"Drink this"

Lily caught the bowl containing crytal clear water. She drank it without any hesitation, though she thought it was weird to ask where planet she came from.

She dismissed the thought as she finished gulping the sweet water, in which if the living drank it, it was so disgusting that they wished they died than to drink the water. The man in cloaked smiled mysteriously, but no one knows why.

Lily couldn't see anything, she felt like was burning then fell out of nowhere. Now, she felt encapped within a thing.

In a worn out house surrounded by greeny mountains, a white light descended inside, but mortals won't be able to see it. Only the high leveled martial artist could see it.

When Lily opened her eyes, at first her vision was blurry but later on her vision became clearer.

She could see, Monica, the same identical face of her best friend looking at her worriedly. Lily thought it was a dream, but then the girl in front of her asked her,

"Are you okay Lily? It's me Monica! Your college friend! Is it really you? Hey! Say something!"

Monica began to panick, what if she got scammed or if Lily got an uncurable disease like before. She grit her teeth, and cried like a baby.

What she felt was hopelessness. She blame her self internally for her incapability to saver her one only friend.

But then a gentle hand touched her head, she was stunned and then she heard a gentle dry voice talking to her

"Why are you crying? I'm okay Monica. I just felt weak. So stop crying, I'm here..hush hush"

Lily tried her best to console her friend. Seeing her bestfriend, Monica, crying so hopelessly, she felt her heart breaking.

They were bestfriends, no, more like a twin. One couldn't live without the other. Monica, cried loudly than she was before.

She held Lily's hand gently, "Promise me, you won't leave me. Promise me!"

Lily wiped her tears using her other hand,
"I promised" she said with a smile but that smile shines so brightly in Monica's eyes.

Monica hugged her tightly, "I couldn't live without you, I'll stick to you forever even if you have a husband, I'll protect you more than your husband could do, I'll do anything for you. You're my bestfriend..no..You're my sister even though not in blood but spiritually."

"Thank you, Monica, I'm happy to hear that. Just like you, I'll protect you as long as I'm living. I'll do anything for you too. I'm very thankful that I have you. Don't worry, this time...I won't cower like before." Lily caressed her hair then pat her back.

Monica released Lily then turn around. She fixed herself and then faced Lily with her usual smile like before.


Outside of the door, three silhoutes were facing back and forth in sync.

They would occasionally look at the window, as though they are waiting for something and were in a hurry.

As soon as the door opened, the three people rushed inside and hug the girl in the bed.

It was the triplets brothers, Railey, Jefferson, and the youngest, Cezar. Lily was so happy to see them that she embraced them so tightly.

She would pinch their cheeks and mess their hair, she would occasionally laugg seeinf their frustated face with a cute pout.

Monica, who is at the back watching the scene unfold can't help but laugh secretly. These three brothers were acting like a child and was being pampered by their mother.

Lily almost forgot to ask the most important thing since she opened her eyes.

"Oh right, how come you four were here. Also, why can I still remember about my past? Shouldn't I reincarnate or something also, this body of mine..aren't you baffled?"

Monica and the triplets forgot the important thing, the story how they came here and still manage to retain their memories especially, Lily, who died out of some unknown disease.

She cough several times and decided to tell the story before they came here 30 minutes ago.

She excitedly demonstrated how they came here and etc.
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