Her Journey Chapter 1: She


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A girl with a deep black hair, round eyes with heavy eyebags, and skinny body is walking in a side road.

Her head was hung down, "Ah...I hate to go outside..but I must graduate from college.."

She sighed deeply but then someone shouted, "Lily!"

The girl turned around her head and she saw her only friend, Monica. Lily, like a withered flower whispered, "She's shouting again..."

Lily stood there, like a statue not moving at all. Even the people were looking at her and then whisper, but Lily was used to it. She was just afraid Monica will turn like a dragon if she see or hear it.

Monica, on the other hand, was running like a tiger. On her hand was a small bag containing two lunch boxes. She was smiling ear to ear thinking of eating together with her bestfriend, Lily.

Like a hurricane, she was in front of Lily, greeting her, "Baby! I missed you so much! How's your sleep?"

"I'm fine, Monica. Stop running around, you'll disturb the people around." Lily then continued to walk.

But Monica pouted at her, she went to her side and cling to her arms. "My dear Lily, did you stay up late again? Look at your body, not recovering at all. I-"

"I know, I already drank my medicine this morning." Lily interrupted Monica's lecture.

She look at Monica, "Well, you're blooming as ever. Like a golden sun!"

Monica was stunned, she just stood there looking at Lily who hadn't stop walking.

She look away, with tears in her eyes. Everytime she heard her bestfriend said that, she would see those glimmer in her eyes.

Monica knew, that Lily's body is extremely weak. She heard from Lily's doctor that she won't be able to live for 3 months in which Lily tried to hide from her.

She knew Lily endured the whisper and condenming eyes of people. Monica knew everything but still she kept quiet about it.

"Monica? What are you doing there? Come on!" Lily who felt that something was amiss look behind her back. She saw Monica crying while clenching her fist.

Lily sighed, she went to her side and console her. "What's wrong? Are you alright? Did someone bully you?"

But Monica just laugh at her questions instead she said those words, "Lily, you have to live. We would still be together when we grew up, like an old woman with our husbands, children and grandchildren alright?"

Lily just nod her head. 'What's wrong with Monica? Does she know about my condition? No.. thats impossible.'

Monica held her hand gently and smiled at her, Lily just stared at her face, but suddenly cried.

'Monica's still blooming like a sun. I'm sorry..I'm sorry..' While Lily cried, Monica was busy wiping her tears.

They walk while holding their hands with wide smile on their face. They were skipping and hum, they reached the school gates and went on their classes.

At break time..

"Hey it's the skinny girl again"

"It's good her condition isn't contagious"

"I know right? but it's still better to stay away from her, who knows what illness we might get"

"Is she even using drugs? Eew"

"Shhh! Don't spout such nonsense! what if the daughter's director heard you? You're dead! so shut up"

Lily who is eating beside their table was just litening to their remarks. She felt disgusted, not to them but to herself.

She always hide behind Monica's protection. Lily knew she was weak to the core. After she finished eating, she went back to her class but was stop by the bullies of the school.

Lily went to the gym of the school, She was holding alot of plastic bags which is bad for her body but she don't care.

She gave it to lackey's of the group and they were satisfied, this bullies were not normal, they are just foodies but if not fed they would berserk.

"I thought you would like the pork and beef buns but it seems you like that plain..."

Lily sighed she just turned around and walk away, she did this out of her own will. "Sister Lily, I heard you're very sick. Get well soon and let's play online games again hehehe!"

Lily stop from her tracks, she felt a surge of warm feeling through her heart and tears started to swell from her eyes.

She knew this bullies are kind, very kind. Just that they were kind to her not with everyone else including her best friend.

One day, she saw this bullies very hungry so she treated them with the money to buy medicine, since the medicine stop working in her body, she fed those bullies to their hearts content and very grateful.

The bullies shared their life stories to the girl with great excitement, although this bullies were orphans but they were just soft fluffy triplets. They weren't identical but have some similiraties.

Though they weren't handsome but they are decent looking guys. She sincerely listened to them, she laugh at their awkward moments in life, because she too..became an orphan at the very young age.

At that day, these 4 people spent their time sharing their life experience and bowed to each other that they wil be together forever.



Monica shouted at the top of her lungs while holding two lunch boxes, it's already lunch break..

She went to Lily's side, they were currently at the park of the school which were filled with beautiful flowers.

They ate their lunch in peace and Lily take a walk, it's autumn season. The golden leaf represent her life.

Her bestfriend, Monica, was staring at her but she suddenly fell down, which shock Monica and immediately called the ambulance.

She was panicking, "Hey, don't die now! come on! wake up! you said we will grow up old! hey!" She was crying loudly and ahouting at her best friend.

after 5 minutes, medics appeared and they brought Lily to the hospital with great urgency.

Lily was lying down from the bed, her eyes are tightly shut and her body was pale while Monica sat beside her bed, guarding her.

A doctor came inside, "Miss, her condition is very worse. She's lucky if she can survive in a month!"

Monica felt her heart beat stop at the moment the doctor said those words,as if the world stop. She opened her mouth and said, "Okay..you may go."

A cold feeling surge through her heart. Monica didn't cried but just stared at the air. She didn't utter any word but silently look at her bestfriend sleeping face.


The next day, Lily woke up. She tried to stand up but she felt weak all over her body.

Monica who just entered the room were surprised seeing Lily was awake and frantically called the doctor.

After a few examinations, the doctor went on his way, although his actions seems very suspicious but Monica didn't say a thing.

"Lily, let's do a a buckef list! In a month we will do these!" Monica said beaming with smile.

Lily was confused but just nodded her head, she didn't utter any words. She knew her condition worsen because she stayed up late and the medicine isn't working.

She won't whine, this is her fate she couldn't win against. Seeing Monica still blooming everytime, she can't helo but pinch her cheeks.

Monica was startled but still smiled. Her bestfriend needs her! No matter what happens she will always be there for her!

The whole day, Lily rest since Monica said they will do the bucket list the next day and feeling her body, it's better than the day she fell unconscious.

after discharging from the hospital, they called the three brothers which were kinda hostile to Monica. The three idiots were like a child and their mother is Lily.

The whole month they did the bucket list, Skiting, Eating from any restaurant, Playing in the arcades, went to some places like beach, zoo and so on.

Monica brought Lily to a rest house which Monica's family owned. Monica's family were kind and entertain her from some time.

They were extremely gentle to her. After sometime, Lily requested to go to the garden which is not far away from her room.

Lily is using wheelchair since her strength is slowly leaving her body and she lost a lot of weight.

While admiring the flowers she remembered, "Where's the triplets?"

"They were eating at the living room, Do you want to see them?"

"Sure! seeing them eating makes me happy for some reason."

Monica went silent and brought Lily back to the house and went to the living room.

Seeing the triplets ate happily, Lily couldn't help but chuckle. After hearing her laugh, the triplet's saw her and came running to her.


"Beautiful sister!"

"Why are you here? you should be in the room and take a rest!"

Lily was overwhelemed but still answered Railey, the oldest in the triplets. "I'm fine! Don't worry hehe, but Jefferson, Do I really look like beautiful? hahaha"

Although it seemed a joke but the people in the living room went silent im which Lily was confused as she was just about to say something to break the silence..Jefferson answered sincerely.

"Sister's eyes reflect the moon, though cold but beautiful, it's shining in the darkest moment and lotus flowers seems to bloom inside though it's not warm but it's not cold. I thought sister were beautiful because there were still glimmer in her eyes! So smile more sister!"

Lily was dumbfounded after hearing the Jefferson, the second older brother from the triplets. Jefferson was smiling at her warmly.

She cried at that moment and said she want to go back and have a rest.

'In the end, I would leave them, Monica..Jefferson, Railey and Ken. I'm sorry, looks like my body is very weak and can't fight any longer. Monica will cry, I hope she will be fine after a few months. I hope she let go of me, same to the triplets but who will look up for them..ah I think Monica will.. ahahaha! I'm very grateful to them and the rest of the days were very fullfiling. I'm happy. Thank you. I want to sleep so sleepy..'

But at that moment Lily can't really hear at that moment as soon she stop breathing, Monica and the triplets was screaming of agony, sadness and sorrow.

"I told you to fight it to the end idiot!"

"Sister uwaahhh!! Give me back my sister!"

"Sister is a liar!"

"Sister I'll take care of my brothers! thank you!"

Monica's family call for an ambulance and gave her a proper funeral.

after 3 days, she was buried. The three brothers said their goodbyes and so monica.

But something happened, as they were just about to part ways they met a strange man in a black cloak asking..

"Do you want ro be with your beloved Lily?"
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