HellHunters Neo Chapter 28: A father's lesson


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A few days passed after the incident at the shelter that was met with shock that shook across the nation. Never had their world encountered life forms with, power of that nature. It was very quickly covered by many different news crews but none dared get close enough. There was no pictures or videos that weren't either too blurry or unreliable.

What the humans didn't realize was that the news crews who dared to get any closer just disappeared. At least that was the story given to the families. In reality they were actually scared into a state of bumbling idiocracy. Those who got to close to the shelter were quickly handled by Riku having their brains pretty much scrambled with just enough to survive and that was about it.

Saku was watching how his brother was handling everything, that it made even him feel uncomfortable. Saku stood at the entrance of the shelter waiting from his return when he saw Riku walking towards him. The energy fuming from Riku was apparent that Saku blocked the entrance.

"Enough of this Riku... I am all for killing thousands to make a point but your point was made from day one. Now your just having fun... We are not here for you to test..." as Saku was laying into Riku something smashed into the ground behind them.

A cloud of dust slowly settled as a man with long black hair slowly walked out. This man was 7 feet tall at least. His violet purple eyes piercing into the two making it seem like their hearts had stopped. The energy flowing from this man was like a choking cloud that seemed to smother the flames of Riku's power. Riku turned from Saku looking at the man with a half-cocked grin.

Riku flew at the man drawing the Dazimuse from it sheath as he moved forwards. As Riku got close to the man another cloud of dust exploded into the air showing the force of the collision. A second after Riku was flying back through the air before smashing into the side of the shelter. Saku was stunned looking back towards the man who was holding the Dazimuse as if it was his own.

"To think you were so foolish as to have forgotten me?" said the voice that echoed through the mind of Saku.

His memories rushed forwards to a memory of a man standing over him with a katana in one hand. "Don't forget boy. You are my property best get used to your place." said that man causing Saku's eyes to explode with rage.

This power, the voice, his scent, and most of all those eyes. All things that forced Saku to remember who this man was. He drew the Ikrutz from its void place before rushing at the man. His body vibrating with lightning wanting to accelerate even further. Just as he got close he swung his sword out to realize he cut only air.

Before Saku could predict where the man moved his shirt was grabbed from behind. Saku was lifted off the ground in a swinging motion before colliding head first into the ground. As his head cracked the ground below him, he was quickly kicked sent flying across the ground into Riku.

The two attempted to get up but stopped at the pain of broken bones in their body. An experience they rarely got to endure, making it harder for them to just ignore it away. The man on the other hand slowly walked towards them causing his oppressing aura to hold them down.

"To think one of you is my blood the other my offspring." Said the man before drawing in all of his power causing the air to soften allowing the two to breath. They had not thought about how as he got closer their ability to breath had seized up.

Saku gritted his teeth before speaking. "So you have been hiding in the Human World all of this time? You left all of the hell hunters and clones to..." he tried to finish before he was shoved away by Riku.

Riku got to his feet sending fist and kicks at the man who was claiming to be their father. Each strike caused the ground to crack under the man's feet but yet he never moved more than needed to block each strike with his left hand. Riku was going faster and faster causing his hands and feet to look like blurs. After a moment of constant attacking nothing seemed to have changed except for Riku who was too tired he could barely move his hands.

"you power never fluctuate to cause a change in defensive needs. If you going to constantly attack having the same wave of energy over and over allows your opponent to learn. If you never learn to change your energy output, you will burn yourself out before your opponent even gets hurt." Said the man who shifted his palm and slammed it into Riku's chest.

Riku's chest seemed to cave in around the man's hand before being launched back like a ragdoll. Riku bounced off the ground a few times before rolling to a stop and laying out on the ground. The man slowly walked towards Riku when he felt something gripping his foot.

Before the man could react he was lifted off the ground and launched back a good 20 feet before crashing into the ground. Saku's left arm was covered in scales as he slowly got to his feet. His body was bruised up enough and being able to catch him off guard was already a small victory.

The man slowly rose to his feet patting himself down before clapping a few times. "Wonderous display of power Saku. I am ever so glad that I managed to create such a glorious creature. It's a shame that I didn't get to watch you grow. Though it seems that a father's lesson must be taught at any age huh?" said the man as he prepared to rush Saku.

Just as the two were about to fight a gunshot in the air drew their attention. There stood a woman with blue hair and blue eyes only about 5'6". She was a very beautiful woman whose hand was holding a black revolver that glowed with demonic runes. In her arms was a wrapped bundle of cloth that had a blue tails hanging out the bottom of it.

"Shindow, You promised to come talk to them and here you are attacking them. Enough games now come take your son so I can tend to them." She snapped out causing the legendary demon lord Shindow Hara to flinch. He released all over his energy before moving over to the woman taking the small child.

Shindow lifted the small child into his arms that seemed to still be asleep even after the gunshot. He looked at the woman with a small smile. "sorry Sasryl my apologies, I had came to talk but neither gave me a chance. I guess I got a little excited to see how powerful my sons have gotten." Shindow said.

Saku was growling slightly at the sight of Shindow lowering himself to this woman til it hit him. This woman had to be Shindow's soulmate. Saku grinned a moment before stopping to put his sword away. He slowly leaned against a rock looking over at the two of them. Had a woman finally tamed the legendary demon? It was an idea that was like a myth. Seeing how Shindow was acting around her made it all seem to so real.

Saku tried to think if anyone ever made him truely feel that way. But even to his memories of Selna or Solaria never truely made him feel that way. Before Saku realized it he was off in a tangent dream of his past not realizing the woman was currently healing Riku.

Saku looked at the woman finally before scratching the back of his head. One thing Saku knew for sure was he needed to learn more about this woman and her control over Shindow.

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