HellHunters Neo Chapter 27: The Awoken


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Saku was walking towards the humans with his sword drawn. His eyes were set a blazed as he was prepared to slaughter every last one to make a point. The soldiers felt this malice oozing from his body that fear locked their arms stiff. Not a single one was willing to lift their guns as it felt like doing so would cause their death sooner. When one was finally about to lift his gun a flash of blue light burst in front of Saku.

From this burst of light stood a man who as tall as Saku. His white hair long and smooth flowing down his back. the wind of the helicopters giving his hair life. Blue lightning was vibrating through his hair as he looked down at Saku. "enough... putting off this much aura won't break humans. These people will keep fighting no matter how hard you oppress them. Trying to do so now will only lead to greater conflict later." said the man.

As Saku's eyes adjusted to the basic flash step that blinded him a moment. He realized who was standing before him. It was Riku, his power was seeming to be like a calm river. An endless flow of energy that was calm and collected unlike Saku's raging sea like energy. The humans felt a calming feeling to see this man.

Riku was in nothing but boxers and a white t shirt but it still gave an awe inspiring look under the lights of the drones and helicopters. His blue aura was almost visible to the humans who couldn't see magic.

Saku sighed before shaking his head letting his hand drop the sword that seemed to disappear in a cloud of dust. He looked down to see Riku's hand glowing a blue energy. This was very different then the energy he used to give off. It was clear and always seemed to be missing something. It was hard for anyone to put a hand on it but seeing Riku as he was now. Saku knew the seals were basically holding back a lot more then half of his power. He was probably on par if not better then Saku. Something Saku wanted to be upset about but yet he felt more pride in him then anything.

As their hands collided to give a hi-5 the sound boomed outwards in an echo of energy. This was a combination of both Saku's and Riku's combined power. The energy wave was invisible to most but the drones and helicopters, even the tanks felt it. Their electrical systems fried almost instantly causing the helicopters to crash thankfully from not to high up that it caused minimal damage. The drones were all lost and the tanks had to shut down since their engine seemed to seize up.

Man soldiers felt their phone pop in their pockets that they quickly tossed them away. This was enough to cause the guards to freak out. No one knows who yelled the order but someone said "Fire", In that moment every gun able to shoot began firing at the two.

Before Saku could react Riku stepped in front of him slapping his hands together. A shock wave of sound echoed out from his hand causing the bullets headed their way to fall instantly to the ground. As the sound wave collided with the humans they fell back from the force of it. Many laid their stunned by the sound wave while others scrambled to get up. Only one at the very front was unlucky. The sound wave hand not only caused him to lose his hearing but cause part of the energy to bounce around inside his head. He began screaming and thrashing about on the ground as blood dripped from his eyes.

His suffering ended with a bang as Riku appeared beside him firing his desert eagle into his head. The sight was surely burned into the minds of the soldiers that they tossed their guns away. Riku had a devilish grin on his face something no one had never seen. it was a dark and evil look that only lasted a second before he spoke.

"We mean you no harm this was a show of our ability to yours. While I would rather not have war or combat but speak. We had to defend ourselves after you fired you hot weapons against us. Now you man return to your leaders so their is no further issues and get them to agree to a sit down.... Or I release the one who made you fell fear on a new level. I promise you I am the kind one who will not let you suffer. He on the other hand... he enjoys to play with his meals." he said with a joke before holstering his gun. As he turned the soldiers quickly grabbed their guns getting ready to fight. At least that's how it first looked.

After a second of thinking they all turned and walked away without daring to whisper. They knew they were out matched without their tanks and drones. Some soldiers even went awol after this due to the fear that human kind would piss off these people. If that happened who knew how it would be before all out war. If one of them could suppress them what could 50 or how ever many were on that ship could do.

Saku was stunned a moment seeing how Riku handled this issue. The old Riku would have fought tooth and nail to make sure there was no casualties. This time was different, Riku had made the intentional sound wave break the man's skull and more. He showed his hand right out the box something Saku was not ready for.

"Riku...What was that? what happened to not oppressing them?" Saku said walking towards him.

"They fired on us... we are like gods to them and they fired. when a dog pees on the floor do you not punish them?" said Riku before turning to walk away.

Saku stood there stunned at the sight of Riku. It was like a dark shadow was looming over his shoulder in that moment. Even Saku was unsure of what to do with Riku as he was at the moment.

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