Heaven“s App Chapter 3: The Cataclysm


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"Ah, uh, Nathan. I need to go to the bathroom. Tell miss Aria that I have a stomach ache."

Liam stood up from the bench and spoke to Nathan.

"Oh, sure. Perhaps you can finally remember some things after you take a shit." Nathan said and he didn't seem to be teasing.

It was just his normal personality.

And it just made people around him feel depressed, including Liam, of course.

He breathed out a heavy sigh before he bid his short farewell and walked away from the bench. He wandered around the school's hall just to find the male's bathroom and he soon went inside.

Looking at the bathroom's mirror, he saw his own body. His appearance didn't look any different from himself in his original world. He soon pulled out his phone from his pocket and opened the one and only app.

"This thing is gonna help me, huh," Liam said as he read the text it gave earlier again.

[The Heaven's App will provide help by telling all the common sense and the basic information of the user's new world.]

"So basically, this Heaven's App is my golden finger in this world."

"I would have considered you useless since you made me teleport here without power-ups," Liam spoke to none but it was directed towards the app.

"But I guess not since you will provide me information, you're at least one percent useful."


As if the app wanted to reply to Liam, it made a notification appear.

[After the user finishes reading all the information given by the Heaven's App, it will kindly give the user a random gift box.]

Liam's face twitched as he saw the new notification.

"I... I take my word back."

[The world where the host was transported is called Earth.]

"That's so original."

[200 years ago was the time a meteor landed on one of the four continents. The people called it 'The Cataclysm' since it was the cause of every worse possible incident that was happening to the whole world.]

"Four continents?"

[New elements and minerals stronger than diamonds began to grow throughout the entire planet, mostly appearing in the mines.]

[But the price of having them was the existence of all kinds of monsters.]

"Wait for me to finish reading, damned app."

Another notification appeared without him even finishing the other one, but before he could complain another one appeared.

[The monsters first appeared in large caves and untouched vast fields, but they soon began to emerge in some urban cities. A week after the massacre of two billion people, despair faded from most of them when two windows appeared in front of them. The first window was to show their objective while the other one was their own stats. The humanity began to fight back since then.]

[Inside what people call the 'system', are the stats, level and attributes. From when you gain the system, at ten years old, the system would select whether you're a 'normal worker' or 'hunter'. Normal workers are for the people who's objective is to live a normal life and work while the hunters are the ones whose only objective was to protect people and eradicate monsters that are coming from the 'Fissure' and other monster's lair.]

[The Fissures began to appear at the same time people with extraordinary powers appeared, gifted by the system. The Fissures appeared one or two times every day and the so-called 'Exemplars' only emerged once every 2 to 3 years in every country.]

[Monsters leave another new element called 'Power Core' when they die and hunters will gain a slight permanent boost in their attributes by absorbing it.]

[For the stats, you start with being level 1, and level 50 for every attribute. If the Level or the Age goes up by 1, every attribute would also increase by one. An example is if you're born stupid, you start below level 50, and if you're born strong you start above level 50.]

[Going back today, there's also changes in the normal way people lived. Schools teach students seven skills including Passive Learning, Sprint, Endurance, Blunt Weapons Mastery, Blade Weapons Mastery, Hard Strike, and Mana Sense.]

"Is... Is it over now?" Liam asked himself after his phone was being filled with loads of notifications.

He soon began to read it from the start.

And after he finished reading...

"All of this is too much to swallow."

...His thoughts can't keep up.

"Phew. Okay, I'll gather my understandings of this somehow... Maybe later..."

As he was about to remember something, his phone rang from the new notification.


[Though the user is still not quite knowledgeable in this new world even after letting him read the basic information,]

'Aren't you just telling me that I'm stupid?'

[The Heaven's App will still give him the random gift box he needed. Does the user want to accept?]

Without having a second thought, Liam accepted.


[The Otherworldly Basic Necessities User-Friendly Starter Pack was given to the user.]

[New app content was loaded.]


[The Otherworldly Basic Necessities User-Friendly Starter Pack was placed in the Heaven's App's Inventory.]

[The Inventory was automatically opened.]

"This app is just being too fast..." Liam said as a few notifications once again kept appearing.

'Not that I have complaints though.'

Liam pressed the only image on the screen with a starter pack named under it. Then a new notification appeared.

[The Otherworldly Basic Necessities User-Friendly Starter Pack was opened.]

[The user gained a 10 level increase for every attribute he has.]

[The user gained a 5 level increase for every skill he has.]

[The user gained 1 new common, physical, and psyche skill.]

[The user gained 100 coins that can be used to buy things from the Heaven's App Store.]

"Heavens... This is amazing."


"Why don't you just give us a little bit of cash... Then we're not gonna do this to you, dumb shit!"

Liam turned around to look.

Three people came inside the bathroom. Two standing upright and one who fell down on the floor.

It was obviously bullying.

One of the two bullies saw Liam and stared at him.

"What? You're gonna disturb us?" He gave a pestering look.

After staring back at the bully, Liam simply turned around.

"Hah. That's what I thought."

Liam's face didn't change one bit. He already experienced this a long time ago, but he was the one who got bullied after.

'This is a new world. If I get involved, I would only get myself in danger.'


He was a bit surprised when the phone rang at the worst timing. He was troubled and looked at the notification.

[The Heaven's App will give 250 coins, 1 level increase for every attribute, and 1 level increase for every skill when the user successfully subdued the two bullies.]

Liam put his phone in his pocket, turned around, glanced at the bullies, and pointed his finger at them.


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