Heaven“s App Chapter 12: People's Toxicity


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Liam received the skill Unyielding in exchange for 10 intelligence.

'Besides the mana increase, does the intelligence stat increase my analyzation ability? If so then...'

The skill Tenacity increased the Dexterity and Intelligence.

'I was able to block a strong attack and was able to comprehend the movements of the zombie hounds...'

The skill Unyielding increased the Vitality and Wisdom.

'I was able to fend off an attack that once let my body with the Unyielding skill to fly off...'

The skill Rage greatly increased the Strength.

"That's just my estimation. I should check the skill."

Liam placed the phone on the barely standing wooden table as he sat down on a chair that was given by the hunter association people.


--- --- ---

Name: Liam Keene

Age: 18

Species: Human

Level: 21

Health: 97 / 218

Mana: 31 / 121

Strength: 127

Dexterity: 117

Vitality: 126

Intelligence: 121

Wisdom: 118



Dishwashing (P) Lv. 49

Cooking (P) Lv. 41

Passive Learning (P) Lv. 46

Inference (P) Lv. 26


Sprint Lv. 45

Endurance Lv. 39

Blunt Weapons Mastery (P) Lv. 31

Sword Mastery (P) Lv. 29

Hard Strike Lv. 30

Power Boost Lv. 21

Spear Mastery Lv. 1

Unyielding Lv. 1


Mana Sense (P) Lv. 38

Meditation Lv. 21

Danger Sense (P) Lv. 21

Ace's Fire Fist Lv. 9

Aceso's Remedy Lv. 31

--- --- ---

"I... I received a huge boost, haven't I? At least I'm not a below-average student anymore..."

Liam smiled faintly as he looked at his own stats.

'But my level didn't change. I didn't see an emblem or something to upgrade it in the App's store.'

"Skill Descriptions."

Liam uttered and read the new skills descriptions.

--- --- ---




Spear Mastery Lv. 1 - Mastery of using spears.


Ace's Fire Fist Lv. 9 - Allows the hunter to cover their fist with the magic element, Fire, for 10 seconds, and greatly increase their attack's explosive power.

--- --- ---

"So I was right about the Unyielding, but I don't know the condition. Obviously, Rage will activate if you somehow rage, but Tenacity and Unyielding are different..."

Liam thought about it for a moment before deciding to conclude it.

"I guess it's about strong emotions..."

He was about to stand up and get his phone but someone called his name.


Liam turned around and saw his mother's opened eyes. He was delighted and sat down again fronting his mother.


"Did you escape the monster? Liam, you still have so many wounds..."

Liam's brightened as he smiled, feeling grateful for his mother's safety and worry for him.

"I'm fine, mother. Everything is fine..."


While Liam was occupied with his mother, his phone rang and opened without him noticing.

A notification appeared.

[The fate of the user's parent was firmly avoided by the user himself, causing the release of a Butterfly Effect.]

[Sooner or later, a large-scale and unpredictable event will happen to the current world the user is residing.]

An hour later.

Liam and his mother were eventually brought into a room in the hunter organization's apartment.

The man who accompanied them also gave Liam a low-class potion for his injuries.

"For 1 month, you two are provided to live here with the basic necessities..."

Liam looked at the man who was talking to his mother for a moment before he went inside one of the two bedrooms inside.

He sat on the corner of the bed and drank the potion that was given to him. He felt the shallow wounds around his body with a slight tingling sensation.

As if all the tiredness was injected to him, he sank his body onto the comfy bed and stared at the empty to gather his thoughts before he grabbed the phone inside his pocket.

"So this phone is really gonna make me stay here, huh..."

'It's fine though... My mother is alive...'

Liam closed his eyes and eventually fell asleep.


[One new content was loaded.]

﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏ ﹏﹏



"Hey, Liam. Are you deaf?"

Liam moved up his head from the table chair and saw Nathan before dumping his head on the chair once again. Earlier before noon, he was forced by his mom to wake up, eat, and go to school.

Perhaps he was tired because of his fight last night, or it was just his nature, but he just slept for almost two hours in class while Nathan made a random excuse to the teachers as he was ordered by Liam.

"Hey. I said today is our training." Nathan said as he looked at Liam stupidly.

"Training for what?" Liam replied with drowsiness.

"For the match. Oh right, you're stupid, so you don't what's the meaning of the match..."

Liam moved his head again and stared ad Nathan with a what-the-fuck-are-you-talking-about face.

"Of course, I know what a match is!!"

"Okay. Then let's go train."

"Wait. Match with whom."

"See, you're stupid. Match with other classes to test our skills. Although I think it's just a thing for the other class' teachers to make us fun of." He said as he picked his nose.

"Oh, you're a genius. So you know what's up with the toxicity of people. Well, maybe I won't go."


Liam came back to his sleeping position. While he actually wanted to sleep, he found another reason to not go.

In his original life, he was only made fun of as the teachers let him play basketball even though they knew he wasn't good at sports.

And he realized that it was the same for this life. Even his dense classmate knew about it.

'I only want excitement... Not people's filth that makes life boring...'


Liam was about to fall asleep when his phone suddenly rang. He decided to check it since it's the Heaven's App.

[Three new daily task was loaded.]

[Task 1 - Join the match with your team. (Reward: Basic)]

[Task 2 - Defeat three opposing teams. (Reward: Medium)]

[Task 3 - Make it into the school's main tournament. (Reward: High)]

Liam widened his eyes as he saw all this.

"Hey, Nathan!"

He now have the enthusiasm to join the match because of it. He now also have a way to get rewards that also means coins. He was really eager to see what's the rewards.

"Wake me up, before the match starts!"

But he still wanted to sleep.

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