Heaven“s App Chapter 11: Aceso's Remedy


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Liam kneeled in front of a beautiful middle-aged woman.

"Mother, It's safe now. Please wake up..."

Liam looked at his mother with trembling eyes. He couldn't take the sight of his mother being in pain.

He still regretted coming here.

She was also blown away by the attack and even hit the wall like Liam. Blood poured from her head to his face, and her shoulder have a visible injury.

"Mother, wake up now...!"

Though she was badly hurt, she was still breathing but barely.

And Liam was aware that if no one came to help them, she would die.

'Hunters... I thought they were a savior...'

No one even went near the cave.


'The phone... It will help me.'

He opened the phone and saw multiple notifications.

[The user killed his 1st D rank monster.]

[Rewards shall be given.]

[The Heaven's App bestowed the user 1500 coins, 8 level increase for every attribute, and 8 level increase for every skill.]

[A high-class normal spear, high-class normal skill book named 'Spear Mastery', 5 low-class skill emblem, 5 middle-class attribute emblem, and one healing potion.]

Liam widened his eyes.

'A healing potion...!'

He immediately cleared all the notifications and went straight on the Inventory.

He pressed on the image of the potion and tried to find something on the description.


Healing Potion (Low-Class)

-Heals 20% of the user's health.

After reading that again, Liam realized the App's Store.

'Skill books!'

Without thinking any further, he went to the store and find the category of Skill Books, then Healing.

Liam saw three books and they were all above 10,000 coins which Liam was short of.

Aceso's Remedy, Aceso's Cure, Self-Heal.

He read the first two skill book's description before going to the new Store option. It was the most needed thing in his current situation.

Item sell.

Within twenty seconds, he sold 5 different items which were 30+ kinds of stuff in total. Including white and yellow Power Cores and also a red one, attribute emblems, and the middle-class dagger.

He only left the spear, the 'Spear Mastery' skill book, the high-class dagger, and the skill emblems.

Liam received 10,700 coins.

Adding the coins that he obtained from rewards, he now have 14,400 coins.

Liam went back to the store and pressed a skill book. Although it's not the most expensive, that also meant valuable or useful, in his current situation, he needed it the most.

Aceso's Remedy (Elements)¹

High-Class (Named)

-Heals the target's wounds and injuries

-5 mana every 10 seconds of use

After buying it, he spent the rest of his coins to acquire middle-class skill emblems.

He went back to the inventory, used the skill book, and used the skill emblems to level up his new skill.

--- --- ---

Aceso's Remedy Lv. 31

--- --- ---

Liam just did all of that preparation within a minute.

Now, all he needed to do was to heal his mother.

He turned back to his unconscious mother before breathing out a heavy sigh.

Liam placed his right hand in the palm of his mother.

"Aceso's Remedy..."

With a fast strange sound, his mother's body released a faint golden light.

Liam noticed that his mother's blood on her face suddenly began to disappear slowly, but surely, and the injury on her shoulder started to close too.

Upgrading his skill was the right choice.

Liam didn't move his hand away from his mother for about two minutes until his mana depleted completely making him quite exhausted.

Knowing that his mother was now safe, he heaved out a sigh of relief as he relaxed his butt on the floor.


The moment Liam heard something, he stood up and shot a cold glare in the direction of the sound.

"This is the rescue team from the hunter organization. Mister, are you safe?"

"You're late." Liam averted his gaze and glanced at his still unconscious mother.



"Ah, is the miss, safe?"

"Check her condition."

"Yes, sir."

A few minutes later, after bringing a foldable bed to let his mother lie comfortably, the man said that she was sound. She only fainted from an unknown shock. Although Liam knew it was caused by the pain, he didn't want to say it.

Soon after, the man left, but another one came in.

"Ah, Mister Keene, was it?" A man wearing a formal suit suddenly came in front of him.

Liam simply nodded.

"Do you know who killed the monster that have broken your house."

Liam furrowed his brows. He realized that it was going to be troublesome if they knew he was the one who did it. He was lucky since they didn't.

"I didn't know."

"Hm? But did you see his face."

"The man was wearing a hoodie. I can't see it as I also was panicking."

A complete lie. He was sure to lie if he could just make his way out of the trouble.

"Okay. Sign this contract for now since your mother is currently unconscious."

"For what exactly?"

"Oh, right. You're still a high schooler..."

The guy scratched his own cheek before continuing.

"In every city, the organization placed an apartment for the people who have lost their house after a monster attack. Since also the hunters in the organization's purpose was to protect the people, they were at fault if they couldn't even protect a house..."

'So giving a room to the victims was their only way to gain people's forgiveness...'

"We will come back in an hour at the latest to accompany, please only take the most necessary things in your house."

After signing a contract, Liam went back to his mother.

Then his phone rang.

[The temporary skill Tenacity, Unyielding, and Rage that the Heaven's App bestowed to the user has eventually ended.]

Liam blinked in surprise. He suddenly felt a bit downed.

"Just as I thought that I've finally become strong..."

Liam turned his phone off.

"Three skills from the system were the one which actually backed me off to a great extent..."

Although he was a bit disappointed by himself, he didn't let his face to express it.



[Extreme super sale was loaded.]

[The user could get one random skill out of the three skills that the Heaven's App gave, in exchange for 10 levels of a random attribute.]


Liam's face brightened.

"I know that you're just trying to comfort me but..."

He smiled.

"This is actually a good deal."


A glass was placed in a round table surrounded by two men. In the middle was a holographic screen showing the face of a young man, while under the under was a name.

[Liam Keene]

"Why is the organization taking this matter so lightly..." A guy in his mid-thirties wearing an extravagant white suit spoke.

"To think that a high school kid could defeat a middle-class C monster..."

"What do you think, Penumbra's¹ Guild's Leader?"

The guy smiled and continued...

"Or should I call you, Shadow Demon..."


1 - Changed the skill category Psyche to Elements.

2 - Penumbra, kind of means shadow

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