Handsome CEO's Darling Wife Chapter 811: A RED DIARY


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Ru Xin looked at her in amazement at first. In the next second, he chuckled. 

Mu Lan looked at him. "What are you smiling for?"

Ru Xin shook his head. "It's just that, you haven't changed at all. You gave me a new hope when we met for the first time. This time as well. You always give me hope, don't you?"

Mu Lan tilted her head. "Isn't that obvious? As long as I live, anything can happen. I'm realistic and optimistic. I know how much strength I have and how much I can do. That's why I don't want for more. Within my limit, I look for my happiness. If I'm desperate for something that I don't have, as long as I don't hurt good people, I will still want it. But I don't hurry for it. I wait for the right time to snatch it."

She narrowed her eyes. "But hey, don't fall for my charm. I'm married."

Ru Xin who was relaxed until now became stiff. "Y-you are ma-married...…"

Mu Lan nodded happily. "Guess who is the lucky guy."

Ru Xin thought of Mu Liang's cold aura when he saw Mu Lan's almost dead expression when she was poisoned. He opened his mouth, 'I-is it… Mu Liang…?"

She grinned and said, "You are absolutely correct." She had no idea what her words did to Ru Xin.

Many emotions flooded in his heart but he controlled himself. He thought, 'This is for the best. If it's him, he will be able to protect her when she is in danger.' He forced himself to smile and said, "Yes, he is a lucky guy indeed."

After they were done eating, they walked together around the streets. Ru Xin became a lot calmer than before. "I haven't asked you. Why are you here? Where is your husband?"

Mu Lan looked around while replying, "I'm here for a personal business. My sweet husband is waiting for me in Paris. I already told him that I won't contact him while I'm here."

"Did he actually agree?" Ru Xin couldn't believe that a possessive person like Mu Liang would simply just let go. If it was him, he wouldn't be able to do it either.

"He had to. I forced him to accept it." Mu Lan gave an evil laugh.

Ru Xin chuckled. "You always do what you want to do, don't you?"

"That's who I am." She stopped walking as she reached her destination. "I'm going back. I'll see you around."

He asked, "Should I send you back?"

She tactfully said, "No, I have a rental car with me. You should head back to your place." 

Hearing the indirect rejection, he nodded. "Alright, just meet me before you leave."

"I will." Mu Lan smiled before getting inside her car, started the engine and drove off. Ru Xin kept looking at the direction until the car disappeared. Then he smiled. "You saved me once again, little Lan."

After going back, Mu Lan took a bath and went to her room. She opened her bag and found some canned food Carl packed for her. She carefully put them aside. Antonio gave her a small note wishing her good luck. She burnt that letter.

'I can't believe that they tricked me. They obviously said that Antonio was trapped inside the cave with my father, but when I went there, he was out of the gate. There was no way he drilled the cave and got out. If I showed my puzzlement, they would surely have fun out of it. Even if he wasn't trapped, papa is still inside the gate. I have to get him out as soon as possible. But for that, I need to draw the attention of some people.' Thinking all that, she smirked. 

She opened her drawer and look for a handkerchief. Just then, she saw a red diary. 'What's this? It's not mine. It's not my grandparents' either. I've never seen it before. Does it mean someone came here to put it here knowing fully well that I would find it? Maybe that person put it here for me to read.'

Thinking all that, she took the diary and opened it. "Hmm, Doctor Jia… it doesn't ring a bell… ah! Wait a minute! Isn't she the person who poisoned me because she liked big brother Xin?"

She clearly remembered the time when she was kidnapped and taken to the island, Doctor Jia who was part of the Operation R-0 injected her with the poison and she suffered greatly for that.

Mu Lan frowned. "Why on earth her diary is here?" She wondered. She knew that her close relatives didn't know this place, not even Mu Liang. 

After her mother, Zhuan Zhen's father's company Zhuan Corporation was bankrupt, Zhuan Zhen single handedly took care of the mess. She was only a teenager back then. After the crisis was over, she bought a small house in Jilin province and gave it to her parents as a present. Her parents moved here after their two daughters' relationship fell apart and handed over the authority to Zhuan Zhen. Since their younger daughter Zhuang Lei had no connection to them, she had no clue where her parents went, not that she cared about it. Only Zhuan Zhen's parents, her husband Professor Ryuren, her daughter Hua Lan, The Cobra members and Professor Ryuren's friend Nick knew about this place.

Mu Lan tried to remember. 'I did make some friends here when I came to visit my grandparents with my parents, but why Doctor Jia…' She didn't finish thinking before she saw a portrait of two children. One was definitely cute, little Hua Lan, another one was…"Hey! Isn't this Xiao Jia? Don't tell me, Xiao Jia is Doctor Jia?"

She was pleasantly surprised. She was used to play with Xiao Jia when she came here to visit her grandparents. They were very close. Now she was sure that Doctor Jia left that diary for her to read. 

'If she knew I was her friend, would she really inject me with poison?' Thinking of her bright smile, Mu Lan shook her head. 'There is no way, she would do something like that knowing who I am.' 
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