Hack System in a Cultivation world Chapter 5: Chapter 5- Hack Function


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[ Host can use the hack function- Y/N ]

Adam looked at the system notification and was wondering about the hack function as he really had no idea on how it works and when to use it. Therefore, he decided to ask the system about how it works.

Hack Function- Allows the host to hack any bronze rank object and changes the attribute and upgrade a random skill. For example, your gloves of dexterity can be hacked and you can change anything at a limit and as long as you have enough hack points.

[ System will show the host the prices to hack the gloves of dexterity ]

Attributes- 1,000 hack points for a +1 attribute ( Max 5 for a bronze object )
Upgrade- 5,000 hack point for a random upgrade in the skill section or the rank of the object

" Okay it means, I can boost the attribute section of my gloves or give it a random upgrade but it could mean that I lose my current skill that my gloves possess".

After having a good thinking time, Adam decided to upgrade the gloves to the max attribute of 5 which he was happy with as this gave him more confidence to hunt. He also received a storage ring that had 10 meters cubed of storage as well as 5 cure wound pills just incase if he is injured and a detailed map from his father showing him what to hunt. Now, he was ready to hunt and decided to check his stats.

Name : Ash Burn
Age : 16
HP: 110
QI: 100
Stamina: 160
BP: 142
EXP: 100/660
Hack points: 2,340
EXP hack- EXP gained- (150/10 per min)

Strength- 17
Dexterity- 19
Vitality- 11
Spirit- 10

Ap - 0

Talent - S
IQ - C+
Luck - C


Fighter Battle technique lv 1- (0/30,000) (When active gain 110% on all stats)
Hand Combat Technique lv 0- (0/5,000)

As Adam was leaving, a boy entered through the door, with arrogance on his face. His name was Lee Burn Junior who had crimson red hair, with a coconut colour eyes which showed intelligence due to his eyes meeting with Shane, a very respective attitude was shown. This was due to the friendship between Shane and Lee's father who is Clan leader of the Burn Clan as they treated each other as brothers.

"Greetings, Sir Shane, I am here to fix my spear could you please fix it by tomorrow before the Phoenix Academy gets here". Shane looked at the young kid and smiled while replying " Don't worry about that spear, I have a new spear for you which is custom made and don't worry about the money.

When Lee saw the spear, he couldn't believe his eyes as the shaft was crimsoned like his hair with a flame enchantment on and the spearhead was sharp like a needle. Shane explained that the flame enchantment only had 3 uses and only to use it in a critical situation and the flame on his spear could hurt anyone in the Martial warrior realm or kill anyone below it. This weapon was so good that it made Adam jealous and Lee felt truly happy as he was even more confident that he would do well tomorrow for the trial.
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