Hack System in a Cultivation world Chapter 4: Chapter 4- Getting stronger


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Morning approached, and piercing light hit the body of Adam waking him up from his peaceful nap after a year of him being in this world. As he woke up, he decided to check his stats and saw he had a decent amount of EXP to which he without thinking put it on the Fighter manual and the rest towards his level. This levelled him up to LV 10 and gave him 5 attribute points, to which he put 4 on strength and 1 on dexterity so his stats looked like this.

Name : Ash Burn
Age : 16
HP: 100
QI: 100
Stamina: 130
BP: 125
EXP: 100/660
Hack points: 5,490
EXP hack- EXP gained- (0/10 per mins)

Strength- 17
Dexterity- 13
Vitality- 10
Spirit- 10

Ap - 0

Talent - S
IQ - C+
Luck - C


Fighter Battle technique lv 1- (0/30,000) (When active gain 110% on all stats)

Adam was happy as he reached the same cultivation level he was in one day and was even stronger to his previous self. For the first time he felt happy coming to this world and decided to enjoy his rebirth. He went downstairs and saw his father reading the news while mother was cooking. When he got downstairs his mother looked at him with loving eyes and asked "do you want breakfast". Adam looked at his mother knowing that she wasn't his real mother and he wasn't the real Adam but somewhere inside him he felt that he was part of this family and replied with a smile "yes please". This surprised his parents as it had been a long time since they had seen their son smile like this which made them glad to see a happy smile on his face. His mother looked at him and smile, while a fire was lit in her eyes as she decided to make his favourite dishes today. Adam didn't notice his mother reaction and sat opposite his dad while wondering how to talk to him as he found it really hard. This was because he knew his father was a man of few words and a very calm person as he had no memories of him being angry.

While he was coming up with ways to get a conversation starting he heard his father voice "what is it" and Adam was shocked, as he could feel his gaze at him. "Could I go to the forest to hunt for some beast" he said with a determined expression on his face. Shane looked at his son and saw a new hope in eyes, although he was reluctant to allow him hunt for beast but he knew the dangers of this world and Adam needed the experience. His mother panicked and before she could say anything Shane replied "On one condition". Adam saw a penetrating gaze and he knew his father was serious so he nodded. "You will battle with me and if I am satisfied with your performance then you can".


[ Show your strength. Reward : Combat Technique. Do you accept- Y/N ]

"Yes said Adam and followed his father to the backyard and got to into his battle stance while his father stood there with his hands behind his back and his eyes closed. "If you can make me move from this spot then it is your victory but you will only have 10 moves and I will only use my right hand. Adam was confused on why his dad closed his eyes and his mother understood his confusion "his cultivation is focused on the eyes, so to give you more of a chance his closing off his main weapon. Adam felt a little hurt and laughed inside his head but he knew that his dad was powerful even though he never showed it. "System scan my father"


[ 50 hack points required- Y/N ]



[ Shane Burn : HP- 500 BP- 100/580 Cultivation- Rank 8 Martial Warrior (Sealed) ]

Adam was confused but didn't question it yet as he knew the current level of his father was Rank 8 Martial Warrior but that was not his actual cultivation and he had reduced his strength to match his cultivation. He decided to go full out on this move as he activated Fighter which increased all his stats by 1 and he had to surprise his dad otherwise he wouldn't win this challenge. Shane felt a bit of threat when he saw his son aura changing and becoming more powerful which caused him to be more cautious and before he could do anything, Adam suddenly appeared close to him. Adam's mother was confused at how her son moved so quickly but they didn't know when it came to movement he wouldn't lose to Rank 4 Qi Disciple. As he landed his punch, Adam thought he was successful, but he couldn't be more wrong as he just punched the air, while his father was behind him and said "well done you pass" in a calm voice. Shane was amazed at his son's improvement which made him secretly smile and then returned to his original face as he walk back to the dining room.


[ Completed the mission, show your strength ]
[ Received battle technique - Hand Combat Technique]

Adam was standing there and thinking about the fight and he knew he had no chance yet he had a smile on his face, thinking about his stupidity of him landing a punch on a Rank 8 Martial Warrior. As he went back to the dining room he asked the system to explain more about the reward.


Hand Combat Technique- A combat technique which focuses on the hand. It is a series of coordination moves which increase attacking option. 100% bonus/ per level on stength. Critical chance- 10% {3 star silver rank}

[ Does host want to learn Hand Combat technique - Y/N ]

Adam thought that his luck was good as he needed an offensive technique and he got one and wasn't going to refuse it.)


[ Learnt Hand Combat Technique added to the skill section ]

When Adam finished his dinner he asked his parents if he could go to the shop and buy gears before his adventure in the forest and they didn't refuse as they went along with him. They reached the shop which had a small and dark name plate on the door with a silver bold font 'Burn's Blacksmith'. As he went inside, Adam saw many items which caught his eyes but rather than rushing he decided to ask the system to scan the room for 100 hack points. He was glad that he did that as he could see the stats of all the items and decided on these 3 as they were the most suitable.

Hunter light armour ( 1 star silver rank ) : 30% damage reduction and +1 in vitality (Durability- 35/35)
Hunter shoes ( 1 star silver rank ): +1 on dexterity (Durability- 30/30)
Gloves of Dexterity ( 5 star bronze rank ) : +2 dexterity and 5% chance of critical. (Durability 15/15)
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