Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian Chapter 310: I’m Your Elder Sister, so How Can You Hold Me to Sleep?


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She hadn't worked as a carer for too long, so her strength wasn't as good as before.

When he was turned by her, Nian Junting suffered an awful dizziness that made him want to die.

The most humiliating moment of his life was when Luosang carried him in her arms.

Today, he was seventy percent drunk. He was able to drink a lot in the past though, so today, even though he was feeling a little dizzy, his mind stayed clear.

When he came in, he pretended to be completely drunk, so if he suddenly became clear-minded again, Luosang would know that he had been pretending.

Therefore, no matter how ashamed he felt, he had to keep pretending.

Luosang carried him to the door with great effort. She looked like she was about to exhaust herself.

She regretted deciding to carry him. She had overestimated herself.

"Have you gained weight? You're as heavy as a pig," Luosang murmured. She thought that he might not be able to memorize the things that happened tonight, as he was drunk.

"I… I didn't gain weight…" Nian Junting's dry voice sounded a little childish, "How could I gain weight? My body is just perfect… with no extra fat… and efficient muscles."

"How can you stay so narcissistic even when you're drunk? Are you really drunk? Or are you pretending?" asked Luosang.

Nian Junting's heart missed a beat. He let out a breath reeking of booze at her face, saying, "Of course… I'm not drunk. I'm… perfectly sober. I can take… ten more bottles."

"Just keep bragging." Luosang clenched her teeth and put him on the large bed. Since she tried too hard, her body leaned forward and ended up getting dragged into his arms.

Besides the smell of alcohol, the scent of male hormones had also been radiating from his body.

Luosang blushed, and she hurriedly tried to get up. However, Nian Junting wrapped his limbs around her like an octopus.

He coiled his long legs around her waist while whispering with the deep and hoarse voice, "Don't go, Luo, I don't want you to go."

This posture nearly gave Luosang a mental breakdown.

Nian Junting was underneath her. She was lying upon him, hands by his face, and his legs were wrapping around her waist.

She hadn't slept with any man yet, but she knew how it might happen.

Wasn't this a sex position?

However, their positions were reversed. She was on top of him.

Now, she believed that he was really drunk. Otherwise, how would this proud man let her be on top?

"Let go of me. I'll be right next door." Luosang tried to persuade him with a gentle voice, as if he was a child.

"No. I want to hold you to sleep." Nian Junting put his arms around her neck. His eyes sparkled like stars.

Luosang's heart raced, and her face blushed crimson.

She finally understood why so many men would feel it hard to resist when a woman put her arms around their necks from underneath them.

It turned out that a man could be tempting too when his arms were around your neck.

And the man underneath Luosang was way too handsome and charming.

Normally, this man was standing high above the masses, but now, he was just proud and adorable.

"Stop. I'm your elder sister, so how can you hold me to sleep?" Luosang had a wicked idea. She lied to him, "You used to call me Sister Sang."

Nian Junting felt a little speechless.

This woman is really evil. She thinks I'm wasted. When did I call her Sister Sang? Xiao Si called her that.

"Luo… You're lying. I'm drunk… But I can clearly remember that you're my woman…" Nian Junting turned around and pinned her down.

Luosang gave a start. She tried to sit up, but his legs, which were upon her, were as heavy as stones.

I'm dead. I went for wool and came home shorn.
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