GRAND MARSHAL PAMPERED WIFE Chapter 7: 7. Asked to move to a new courtyard.


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Su Qingyi rested in the pavilion and enjoyed the breeze. She also enjoyed the massage of her servants and almost fell asleep. Unfortunately seeing her almost asleep in the pavilion, Nanny Mo shook her body slowly and invited her to return to her place. Hearing Nanny Mo's invitation, she was forced to get up and start walking sleepily assisted by Fulin and Yunyan on both sides. She did not know that her sleepy appearance made Yu Fengyao who saw from a distance have the desire to carry her and bring his wife back to his courtyard.


The sound of Butler Chen's call jerked Yu Fengyao from his unconscious desires. Looking confused, Yu Fengyao tightened his jaw and averted his gaze from his wife's figure who went hand in hand with the servants. Yu Fengyao did not understand what was happening to him, he felt strange since he met his wife directly. Looking at for the last time the elegant figure who walking away, Yu Fengyao turned and walked back to his courtyard with Butler Chen.

After escorting his young prince back to his courtyard, Butler Chen helped his Wangye to prepare himself. Yu Fengyao will start working starting today. The emperor gave a long enough leave for his marriage. But, because initially, Yu Fengyao did not like this marriage, he decided to immediately return to work at the palace. He also initially intended to complain to his emperor's brother. But, since meeting his wife directly at breakfast earlier, his desire to complain began to fade.

After preparing for a while, Yu Fengyao was ready to go to the Palace of his emperor's brother. Butler Chen prepared Yu Wang's favourite warhorse. The horse is deep black, looks very manly. This horse is named Zhanshi. This horse continues to accompany him in difficult battles. This horse is a horse that was raised directly by Yu Fengyao before he came out of the Palace as an adult prince. The horse is prideful and a great warhorse. Yu Fengyao likes it a lot, he got the horse from the previous Emperor as a gift for his merit in wars.

"Escort Wangye well." Butler Chen talks to Yu Wang guards after he follows his Wangye to the Wangfu's front gate.

"Let's go." Yu Fengyao starts to ride his horse followed by his guards.

Butler Chen continued to stand in front of Wangfu's main gate with some of his assistant eunuchs. He moved after he could not see the shadow of his young prince. Moving inside Wangfu, Butler Chen glanced at the gatekeeper. The gatekeeper closes the gate based on that glance.

"Xiao Gan, Xiao Mi, I want you to send people to clean Hongmei Courtyard that's near Wangye's Zhending Courtyard."

"Butler Chen, is Wangfei will be moving there?"

"Just do as you are told, don't like finding out things, Xiao Mi. Remember who is your master now. Even though Wangye's mother sent you to Wangye's side, you should be able to prioritize Wangye's interests before the others."

"Yes, Butler Chen."

"Do your job, then."

After delegating tasks to his two eunuch assistants, Butler Chen went to his office to take care of Wangfu's affairs. He couldn't wait to be able to delegate all of Wangfu's work to his young mistress. He was starting to feel a little old now, so taking care of the many documents that drained his time and thought made him feel tired. Unconsciously, Butler Chen hoped that Wangye could immediately build good relations with Wangfei so that he could quickly be free to take care of Wangfu's problems.

During his work, Butler Chen did not forget to send eunuchs to send word to Wangfei's place that Wangye could not accompany Wangfei for lunch and dinner because Wangye would accompany the Emperor all day. Even though he said it like that, but he knew that Wangye would not forget to complain to his emperor's brother about the bridal replacement that had happened to him.

After several hours of work, the two eunuch assistants of Butler Chen entered his office and reported that they had cleaned the Hongmei Courtyard so that Wangfei could move closer to the Wangye Zhending Courtyard.

Nodding at his two assistants working speed, Butler Chen took care of his uniform, which was rather messy because of work. After clearing the somewhat scattered documents on the table, Butler Chen drank a little tea to wet his dry lips and walked towards Wangfei's Courtyard. Walking for a while to get to Wangfei's Courtyard, he felt somewhat guilty because Wangfei's old courtyard was quite far from Wangye's Zhending Courtyard. Luckily Wangye was not angry at his decision to send Wangfei so far and only told him to move Wangfei closer to his courtyard after Wangye became rather interested in his wife.

"Wangfei, Butler Chen came to see you."

Nanny Mo reported the arrival of Butler Chen to her young mistress who had just woken up from her nap. Moving to bring water to wash her face, Nanny Mo began to tidy up Wangfei's appearance, which still looked rather sleepy.

After being told that Wangye went to the Palace to work again and would not go home to be able to eat with Wangfei, Su Qingyi decided to make up for her morning sleep and only woke up after sleeping for several hours.


"At ease, I wondered what business Butler Chen was looking for this Wangfei now."

Su Qingyi looked at the middle-aged eunuch who seemed to treat her differently now. Previously this eunuch did not seem to care or intend to respect her as Wangye's wife. Now, this eunuch's expression seemed to care about her response and also seemed to intend to respect her status. What changed the mind of this middle-aged eunuch to be able to behave like this to her?

"Wangye sent this old servant to invite Wangfei to move to the Hongmei Courtyard."

"Hongmei Courtyard? Where is it? Is it farther than this place and more ruined?"

Su Qingyi couldn't help ask sarcastically to this middle-aged eunuch. Wangfei's question made Butler Chen becomes stiff. Guilt crossed the middle-aged eunuch's face. He had no idea that Wangfei would ask questions like that.

"Of course not, Wangfei. The Hongmei Courtyard is close to Wangye's Zhending Courtyard."

"Fine then if that's the truth. This Wangfei won't make problems for you because you sent this Wangfei to this place."

Hearing Wangfei's response made Butler Chen couldn't help but smile a little. This young mistress turned out to be very interesting. The young woman in front of him was far different from other arrogant and snobbish young ladies for being the legitimate wife of a prince.

After her conversation with Butler Chen, Su Qingyi told her servants to clean up because they would move closer to Wangye's courtyard. She involuntarily smiled faintly, did not think that with just one breakfast with her instant husband, she could move closer to him. The change happens so easily.

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