GRAND MARSHAL PAMPERED WIFE Chapter 60: 60. Team three rewards by Wangye.


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After sending the junior manager to take care of Concubine Ming, Lu Qianhui listened again to Yu Wang's story about the elite team who beat Su's family members who had been acting like parasites in Su Qingyi's heritage shops. They all felt that the team three sent to help take care of the people was amusing and act different compare to other military soldiers.

"Is that team three includes inside the elite guards who accompanied you on the battlefield last time?" Wu Qianglie; The deputy chief military officer of the Flying Wolf battalion was curious to hear the story of the team of three.

"Of course, Team three always helps me in every battlefield I do. They are all elite guards who have the talent that is very useful to defeat the Empire's enemy quickly."

Yu Fengyao explained how important and crucial team three members were in his army in every battle.

"What do they do inside the war which makes them so important to you?" Wu Qianglie wondering, sees how Yu Wang looks proud of that team.

"They acted as intruders who took all the provisions of the enemy I was facing. If there is no food supply, how could a soldier have the strength to fight?"

"Wangye sent those people to rob the war provisions?!" Wu Qianglie looks shocked like his other friends inside the private room.

"Yes, I sent them to do that, team three members always doing great do those things." Yu Fengyao smirks thinking about all their glory.

"Oh, my, no wonder they can act like thugs chasing out those Su members!" Zhan Junmin can't help but chuckle knowing those team member experiences.

Talking with his friends, Yu Wang spent quite a long time inside the private room number one. After being told by Lu Qianhui that Su Mingmei had left the Meican Hall and headed back to the Palace, Yu Fengyao excused himself from leaving the Meican Hall. This handsome prince did not want to meet again with the young woman who was his childhood friend before. Yu Wang did not want anyone to see them together, he did not want to make Su Qingyi feels jealous about their old relationship.

Team three returns to the elite guard base with some happy feelings. They all had just finished venting their frustrations with the members of the Su family who became human parasites in Wangfei's two heritage shops. Considering how they beat all those Su family members, their faces couldn't stop smiling like fools. Along the way back to the elite guard base, they compared each other's greatness in giving lessons to the parasitic humans. Even at their base, all team three members still look proud of their actions.

"What are you all noisily talking about to this extent?" the sound full of reprimanding from Weishi-er made all members of team three members fall silent. They all glanced at the head of team three head captain who smiled evilly like a heavy criminal kingpin.

"Ah ... My brother Weishi-er, this old Weishi-san thanks you for giving this mission to my team members. We are all very satisfied and happy to run it. You can give all missions like this to us."

Weishi-san who was feels happy, able to help his team members releasing their repressed energies from feeling bored because their team all being forced to continued to stay inside the base immediately hugged Weishi-er who looked annoyed and kick him to let go.

"Alright, this one understands, but don't hug me anymore. You always so clingy."

Getting a reprimand from Weishi-er, the man just laughed.

"How is the result?"

Weishi-er was curious about the results, Weishi-san didn't give any news about their work through jade amulet to him, making this man very curious and feels edgy all day. Even though Weishi-er believes team three can complete this mission, but he still wants to hear directly from them.

"Of course the results are very good. Don't you trust my team's abilities?"

Weishi-san laughs loudly at the question from Weishi-er.

"Give me the details!"

Hearing a curious tone in Weishi-er's command, Weishi-san didn't continue to provoke him. Even though he is now a Heaven-level warrior, Weishi-san still cannot defeat the man in front of him in battle. He did not want to be beaten by this quiet-looking man. Weishi-er becomes brutal when he beats people up. Dragging Weishi-er softly, Weishi-san told the man while walks to their office at the main building. Weishi-san's story is chimed in occasionally by other members of his team.

"Wangye, you're back." Butler Chen greeted Yu Fengyao who had returned to Yu Wang's residence. The prince nods at him.

"Has Weishi-san returned?" Yu Fengyao asked Weishi-yi who was walking behind him.

"Yes, Wangye."

"Good, call him to meet this prince in the study room." Yu Wang walked towards the Zhending Courtyard, his private courtyard.

"Yes, Wangye. I will immediately call him."

Yu Fengyao drank the newly made tea by a maid ordered by Butler Chen while waiting for Weishi-san to arrive in his big study room. Yu Wang's study room was divided into two parts like Su Qingyi's study room at Hongmei Courtyard, only the size of Yu Wang's study room was twice as large. His study room is often used for joint meetings with team leaders from both soldiers and guards under him so that its size is much larger than his wife's study room.


Weishi-san came to Yu Fengyao with a neat and solemn appearance. He could not look impolite in front of Yu Wang like in front of other elite guards because the prince would not like it if he acted sloppy and improper. Yu Wang might not have hit him with his own hand, but the prince could punish him with a training regime that was made as hard as possible until he almost died. Yu Wang's punishment training was very popular among all his men. Weishi-san doesn't like to try it at all.

"This Wangye heard the good news from you that Weishi-yi told me before. Your teamwork is very good, this Prince likes it."

"Thank you for your compliment, Wangye."

Yu Fengyao glanced at Weishi-san who was standing tall and seemed to be hoping for something. This man can never easily hide what he wants from others.

"What do you want as a reward? This prince can grant you one wish. Ask away."

Hearing Yu Wang's promise to grant him one wish, Weishi-san looked very happy. Finally, he was able to get one wish from Wangye.

"Wangye, please make team three as Wangfei's escort group just like team two! We all want to be able to serve and protect Wangfei!"

Hearing Weishi-san's request, Yu Fengyao smiled faintly. This man is indeed smart, can realize that his team can grow by following and protecting his wife.

"Alright, this prince allows you."

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