GRAND MARSHAL PAMPERED WIFE Chapter 6: 6. Try to changing his attitude on her.


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Looking at his wife back figure who had left elegantly, Yu Fengyao glanced at his butler.

"Do you think this Wang to harsh on her before?"


Butler Chen doesn't know how to answer. This middle-aged eunuch knew that his prince was annoyed because his plan to get a wife with a prestige that suits him was not obtained. The one Wangye got instead was a famous young woman who didn't have any titles to be proud of. Because of this marriage, he was sure that his prince would be the subject of conversation by other nobles behind the walls of their homes and knowing that made the anger of the young prince he served feel normal. So far, Wangye has never gotten something embarrassing like this to happen to him.

"Chen Fuqui, are there any chef or kitchen assistants at her kitchen?"

"No, Wangye."

"Sent her some. She's my Wangfei, she can't cook without any helps. Those all her rights as my Wangfei."

"Yes. This servant will send her some kitchen helpers and chef."

Su Qingyi walked slowly while looking at the scene in her path along the corridor of Wangfu. This is her first trip to see the sights in Yu Wang's mansion after marrying Yu Wang. With her husband's agreement to be able to eat together, she is sure to be able to build closeness with her husband. She hopes her husband will not continue to be rude to her later when he will bed her again. She believes she can use her cooking to make her husband likes to eat with her. After all, she knows the man likes foods.

While walking around, she hates because her courtyard is so far away from her husband courtyard. Her weak legs start to feels sore from walking now. She can't help wanted to curse Butler Chen out loud. Beside her, her servants know that their young madam starts to feel tired from walking so far.

Yu Wang's mansion has a large area. The distance between the places of Wangye and Wangfei was very far, with the conditions of their young mistress weak body, they knew that they could not quickly get back to Wangfei's place. Luckily Wangfei had breakfast with Wangye so that she would not starve from walking long distances more than one time.

"Wangfei, there's a small pavilion there. You can take a rest first inside for a while."

Looking at the simple and elegant looking pavilion near a big pond, Su Qingyi nod agreed. She almost can't feel her legs anymore because they feel so sore. Walking a little fast to the pavilion, she arrives quickly. After arriving in the shelter of the pavilion, she sat on a stone bench in the pavilion. Sitting slowly on a stone bench, Su Qingyi softly struck her aching legs. Seeing that, Fulin and Yunyan knelt and began pounding their young mistress's feet.

Both of them knew that their young mistress felt achy and tried to help her. The condition of their young lady is not good since losing her mother. Her body lacked nutrition during the growth period to make their young mistress easily tired and not as strong as other young female nobles.

"Wangfei, I don't think you should bring the foods to eat together with Wangye anymore," Yunyan said softly to her young madam.

"Why you said that?"

"Wangfei, your body so weak, walking so far every time just so you can bring the food to Wangye, are you sure your body can handle that?"

Hearing Yunyan reasons make Su Qingyi choked. She knows how weak this body is. Just walking this much, her legs almost lost the feeling. If she does it many times before she conditioning her body further will make all her efforts futile. She can't help feeling worried, but she can't back out from the arrangement, she works hard to earn it.

"Your right, Yunyan. My body too weak for these, but I can't help to do it. I want to be closer to my husband, I don't want him to be cold toward me. After all, we will spend our life together for long, if the marriage to cold it will be hell for us."


"Alright, Yunyan. You don't need to convince Wangfei too much. We just need to help anything Wangfei wants to do." Nanny Mo told Yunyan sternly.

"It's alright, Nanny, Yunyan just worried about me. Let's rest for a while and then we can walk again."

Su Qingyi enjoyed the breeze that blew in the pavilion without realizing that her conversation with her maids was heard by a dashing figure standing quite far from the pavilion. The dashing figure was accompanied by Butler Chen. Listening to their conversation, Yu Fengyao furrowed his thick eyebrows. He did not think that his wife's body condition was that weak. It only went so far and she was exhausted, it seemed like the rumours about his wife's body condition were true.


"Looks like this woman's body is indeed weak as in the rumours."

"Yes, it's indeed so."

"Do you think she can do things like this many times?"

"This servant thinks not, Wangye. Her body too feeble."

"That's your fault you know. You make her stay at the old courtyard. The distance of that place is too far from my place."

"Forgive me, Wangye. Do you want me to move Wangfei's residence closer to yours?"

" can do that."

In agreement with Butler Chen's proposal, Yu Fengyao looked at the young woman who closed her eyes enjoying the breeze in the pavilion. He did not realize that the gaze he's doing at the young woman starts to become rather gentle. He also did not realize that the hatred and anger stored in him since knowing that he had to marry her began to disappear from inside him.

Yu Fengyao continued to stare at his wife who was resting in the pavilion without feeling bored. He did not realize that time passed quickly and he continued to stare at the young woman for more than an hour. Butler Chen realized the strange behaviour of his young prince, he began to assume that maybe his master had begun to stop hating Wangfei like before. Maybe he began to be attracted to his wife, if it was true, Butler Chen would not stop Yu Fengyao because Butler Chen hoped his master had a happy marriage with his young wife.

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