GRAND MARSHAL PAMPERED WIFE Chapter 59: 59. Concubine Ming went to Meican Hall.


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Su Mingmei left Patriarch Su who was stunned because of her meaningful words. This young woman is happy to be able to make an old man who usually acts like a gentleman but is a man full of rotten plans. Thinking about the man's secret related to her biological mother made this young woman feel disgusted.

Su Mingmei lied to the old man about the source who shared the man's secret with her mother. Su Mingmei learned the secret when her younger brother was 6 years old. She saw and heard the secret of the man with her own eyes.

Previously, Su Mingmei had never understood why her parents never got along and did not behave like other married couples. Su Zhuanjin, who was her mother's husband, always looked disgusted and hated to see Hong Tiaoqing around him. Little Su Mingmei used to not understand her father attitude towards them. Su Zhuanjin never showed any affection or care for her or her younger brother.

But, then after learning Su Lingdao's secret, this young woman understood Su Zhuanjin's reason. It was all because of Su Mingmei and her younger brother; Su Mingze was not his children, but they were both the product of Patriarch Su's illicit relations. Hong Tiaoqing is the old man's secret mistress.

When they were still small children, Patriarch Su had a very strict and controlling legal wife who came from a high-ranking aristocratic family and had great power more than the Su family at that time. His wife did not permit for the old man to have other women, all mistresses and children resulting from those illicit relations were removed by Su Lingdao's wife. To conceal his illicit relationship with Hong Tiaoqing, the old man forced his son to marry his mistress. Somehow the old man pressed Su Zhuanjin to marry her mother and kept quiet about their affair.

When Su Mingmei learned about the dark secrets about Su Lingdao and Hong Tiaoqing, she did not understand, but when she began to grow up and knew more about adult relationships, Su Mingmei understood everything. This is one of the causes of her ambition to become a couple with men in power. She wants to be able to pressure everyone with the power that her husband has. Su Mingmei didn't want if everyone found out about her mother's affair would later try to destroy her hard to earn good name.

"Royal Concubine, do you want to go straight back to the Palace?" asked Su Mingmei's maid who disturb her daydream.

"This concubine is hungry, go to the Meican Hall first."

Su Mingmei decided to fill her hungry stomach before returning to the Palace. This young woman felt lazy to return to the Palace quickly because she felt that staying in the Palace was quite boring when the Emperor was not at all interested in meeting her again after she was brought to the Palace by Emperor's subordinates. Initially, Su Mingmei thought that the Emperor was more easily influenced than Yu Wang who had no ambition. Unfortunately, so far, the Emperor did not seem interested in her, making her feel upset. This young woman hoped in her heart all this time that the Emperor was the same as the previous Emperor who had many concubines and visited them besides his Empress.

"Royal concubine, we arrived at Meican Hall." the guards' voice informed her that Su Mingmei's entourage had arrived.

Su Mingmei came out of the carriage with graceful movements. Her luxurious appearance wearing high-quality clothing shows that she was more than an ordinary noble lady made one of the Meican Hall managers welcome her in front of Meican Hall's door. The manager saw that the horse-drawn carriage used by the young woman in front of him had the palace emblem. Made him guess that this young woman might be one of the palace concubines. Seeing the appearance of a young woman who had just come out of a horse carriage made the manager surprised because he recognized this young woman.

"Welcome to Meican Hall, Royal Concubine."

Su Mingmei nod received the manager's greeting and walked into the Meican hall which had many visitors.

"This concubine wants to eat here. Does Meican hall still have an empty private room which this concubine can use?"

Hearing the Royal Concubine's question made the manager's face change somewhat because to be able to use the private rooms at Meican Hall, all patrons who came had to order in advance.

"Regarding that- this one will ask my head manager first."

The manager could not decide to reject or accept the Royal concubine because he was only one of the junior managers authorized at Meican Hall. Moving in a hurry, this manager immediately went to look for the head manager of Meican Hall who was in the number one private room serving their restaurant owners who were gathering with a group of friends.

Knock, Knock!

A knock on number one private room's door interrupted Lu Qianhui and his group of friends including Yu Wang, who was enjoying lunch. Seeing Yu Wang who was troubled by the anxious sounding knock, Lu Qianhui glanced at the Meican Hall head manager who was standing beside them waiting for his orders. Head manager Shi Yutian accepted his boss's glance, opened the door and saw one of the junior managers who was taking care of the restaurant business downstairs looking worriedly at him.

"What is wrong? Why do you look worried like that? "

"Head manager, in the restaurant downstairs the new Palace concubine comes and wants to use a private room for lunch."

"The new Royal Concubine? Concubine Ming; Su Mingmei? "

Lu Qianhui's seemingly curious voice could be heard from inside, making the two managers turn their heads to look at him.

"That's right, owner Lu." replied the junior manager to justify it.

Hearing the justification from one of his junior managers, Lu Qianhui looked at Yu Wang who just kept quiet and looks like don't care.

"Wangye, your white moonlight is downstairs."

Hearing the joking words of Lu Qianhui, Yu Wang looked at the man who liked to act mischievous on him with a sharp look that made Lu Qianhui forced to shut up and stop his joke.

"What moonlight? This Wangye has never felt that way about Su Mingmei!"

Hearing Lu Qianhui labelling Su Mingmei as his white moonlight made Yu Wang disgusted. Before Yu Wang was notified by the Emperor about the young woman's devious schemes on the Emperor, Yu Fengyao might have let the young woman accept the nickname, but now the prince was only disgusted at the bad behaviour of the young woman who was famous as the most beautiful young woman in Zi Empire. The young woman is very far compared to his cute and docile wife.

"Alright, I'm sorry, it's my fault. Of course, she's not Wangye's white moonlight."

Lu Qianhui apologized to the prince. He forgot the story Yu Wang told about the young woman's scheme to the Emperor. Glancing at the junior manager who was still waiting for his decision regarding the private room that the young woman wanted, Lu Qianhui told them to prepare a private room far from private room number one for him. Meican Hall could not refuse the arrival of concubines of the Palace even though they did not like it. But, they could charge double fees to Su Mingmei. No need to refuse money sent by the young woman.

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