GRAND MARSHAL PAMPERED WIFE Chapter 56: 56. Concubine Ming family visit.


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After quite a while waiting for news from team three, Yu Fengyao's jade amulet lit up. Yu Wang received word directly from Weishi-san about the mission they were taking was completed. The head of team three proudly told of their great ability to beat up all the Su family members who did not want to be driven out of the Wangfei heritage store. Hearing a report filled with brutal actions by team three against members of the Su family, despite feeling rather annoyed at receiving a report that was not full for the most important information but hearing that they passionately beat up those greedy people made Yu Fengyao feel rather pleased.

"Yu Wang, seem pleased. What news do you think he received just now?" whispered Lan Zhengyi to Zhan Junmin.

"Why don't you try asking?" The number one scholar in the Zi Empire replied to the friend sitting next to him.

"You think I don't want to, but I don't dare to ask if Yu Wang didn't want to tell me first."

"Then we better wait like usual."

Yu Wang saw all his friends staring at him curiously. Realizing that his good friends want to know the news that makes him look happy. Yu Wang did not make them feel curious any further and began to tell stories.

Inside the Su's residence looks very messy today. The return of some Su family members in a battered state back to the Su's residence became an uproar. All elders from family members who returned in bad states immediately flocked to ask for a meet with Patriarch Su. They all wanted to complain with Patriarch Su about their relatives who were beaten while they were at work.

Seeing the arrival of many elders from the Su family made Su Lingdao; Su family Patriarch, massage his wrinkly forehead, feeling tired. Since marrying Su Qingyi to Yu Wang, this 62-year-old man has begun to feel the change in the current condition of the Su family which is getting worse.

Trying to calm the elders who were upset because of the condition of their battered relatives because of Yu Wang's guardian team who acted too aggressively towards their relatives who tried to refuse to be expelled from their jobs. The elders finally left Su Lingdao's residence after the old man began to look angry, making them all remember that the head of the Su family was not easy to suppress by their complaints. Feeling afraid of the man, all the elders leaving the man alone.

"Patriarch-" Su Lingdao's manservant informed the arrival of the concubine of the Emperor from the Palace to Patriarch Su.

"What?!" Su Lingdao who was still upset because of the complaints from the elders earlier yelled at the manservant.

"Concubine Ming come from the Palace."

"Who's this concubine?" Su Lingdao furrowed his eyebrows, not knowing who the concubine was.

"The name of the Emperor's concubine is Su Mingmei."

"Ah, is that young woman. I remember her now."

Manservant Su Lingdao was speechless to hear Patriarch Su finally remembered Su Mingmei. The manservant had no idea that Patriarch Su did not remember the daughter of his son.

Su Mingmei walked into the gates of the Su family's residence together with a private maid she had brought from the Palace. Looking around the Su family's residence, this young woman felt uncomfortable. This young woman always tried to be the wife of the most influential person in Zi Empire. Living in the upbringing of her biological mother, Su Mingmei was always given the education to be a woman who can marry a powerful man. Her mother always gave examples like herself who could marry her father so that the woman could rise to the upper-social level from just being a middle-level merchant's daughter.

Getting such education from her mother raised ambitions inside this young woman's heart. Initially, Su Mingmei hoped to marry Yu Fengyao because this prince was one of the Emperor's favourite sons and also had military strength comparable to the power of the Su family and was predicted by everyone to continue to grow. Su Mingmei thought that Yu Fengyao would try to get the throne with his military ability. Unfortunately, the young woman did not realize that Yu Fengyao did not have the ambition to win the throne, so she was forced to change direction to ensnare Yu Fengyao's older brother who eventually became the current Emperor.

Being the concubine of the current Emperor, Su Mingmei felt that her present achievements were higher compared than her other female cousins from all Su family members. Thinking of her achievements to become Emperor concubine even if the lowest rank, Su Mingmei walked into the gates of the Su family's residence with high pride, makes her more arrogant than before.

Glancing at the group of servants who received her arrival, Su Mingmei did not see the presence of her family who should have accepted her arrival too. This young woman did not expect her biological father; Su Zhuanjin awaited her visit, but this young woman was sure that her biological mother; Hong Tiaoqing would wait for her because Su Mingmei knew how much her mother liked to show off her title as an Imperial concubine.

"Why this Imperial concubine don't see my mom's presence here waiting for my arrival?" Su Mingmei asks the servants about her mother missing presence.

Hearing Concubine Ming's question about the young woman's mother, all the servants who welcomed the young woman's arrival fell silent. They all did not dare to tell the situation of Hong Tiaoqing who was getting punishment from Patriarch Su.

Seeing the odd behaviour of all the servants, Su Mingmei narrowed her eyes suspiciously. Too bad she could not get angry in front of all these servants. Su Mingmei could only show her original behaviour in the private courtyard of her immediate family, in the Second branch of the third generation courtyard.

Besides in her family's courtyard, in front of other Su family members, Su Mingmei acted like a weak, gentle-woman like a white lotus. Her mother taught her to look like a gentle-woman to attract the attention of men and she always did all of that in front of others. Because of her act from all these years, she can get many suitors from all the noble families, including Yu Wang before.

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