GRAND MARSHAL PAMPERED WIFE Chapter 50: 50. The weird but cute Empress


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The Empress arrives at her Palace using her movement skill quite fast. Her shadow guard following her behind with a gloomy face. The female guard wanted to quit her job to guard the Empress if only she can. Too bad her long life wishes never can be realized because of the Empress identity as the Secret School Grand Elder beloved granddaughter. The Empress never had the talent to cultivate but she is a genius learning for movement skill.

Her talent in learning movement skills with Heaven level ranks made all the elders present to let this young woman learn movement skills even though she could not cultivate too high. But, this woman can learn movement skills easily. Even in the Secret School, this young woman was among the people who had the highest movement skills. She can easily spy on someone without being known to many people if they all don't have a high cultivation rank. This woman usually uses her ability to find information that she likes. Also using it to make some tricks for the Emperor and Yu Wang when they are younger.

Yu Fengyan waited patiently for the Empress in the pavilion surrounded by a small artificial lake. This pavilion was made by him because his wife likes to relax near this artificial lake. This artificial lake is made to resemble the lake in Song Muli's residence at the Secret School. Yu Fengyan had seen his wife's residence before marrying the young woman. So, after he becomes the Emperor, he makes this place inside the Empress Palace.

Before marrying his legal wife, the Emperor did not know that the young woman was the granddaughter of the Grand Elder of the Secret School. This handsome man still remembers how shocked he was when he learned that this young woman who possessed not very high martial arts abilities had a relationship with the mysterious Secret School. The emperor also did not know that the head eunuch who was usually at his side after having been rescued by him while still being a prince before was his wife's senior brother.

"Emperor, have you been waiting for me for long?"

The soft voice that echoed easily in his heart made Yu Fengyan turn and smile gently at the owner of the voice. Yu Fengyan saw a young woman with skin as soft as a baby and wearing a bright red robe smiled softly at him. If only Yu Fengyan had forgotten this woman's strange fetish for beauties, Song Muli would have been seen as a perfect image of virtuous Empress outside.

"Where did you run out, Empress?" the Emperor asked gently to the young woman who immediately sat on his lap.

Song Muli sat elegantly on the Emperor's lap as usual. This young woman embraced Yu Fengyan's neck and softly kissed her husband's thin lips made Yu Fengyan feel burning inside his body. Just a small kiss like this make Emperor feels like a hot-blooded man. The emperor deepened their kisses until his wife had difficulty breathing and then let go of the kiss.

"So, where did you go, Muli?" ask Yu Fengyan again.

"This wife looking at the new concubine."

"Oh-, you looking at that woman?"

Song Muli nods to her husband. This young woman glimpsed the annoyed glance passing inside the eyes of her husband. Song Muli heard the information provided by the Emperor's Shadow guard about what the new concubine had done.

"That woman made me betray you!" the Emperor's hiss in his wife's ear.

"It's not your fault, my husband. This one knows that."

"But, this Emperor was forced to make her a concubine because she trapped me in the Estate Teacher's place. This Emperor couldn't refuse her entry to this Emperor's harem. This Emperor wrongs you!"

"If so, how about the Emperor pays to me?"

"Hmm? How's the Empress wants this Emperor pay?"

"How about the Emperor uses his beauty to pays me?!"

Song Muli blinks her dense eyelashes, teasing the handsome man under her slim body. Song Muli likes to tease her husband because she knows her husband like it too. After hearing his wife suggestion, Yu Fengyan smiles naughtily and hold her slim body easily then walks to her bed-chamber.

Inside the Empress bed-chamber, Yu Fengyan kisses his wife's lips and lay her curvaceous body on the soft bed. The bed is big and covers with soft fur. The weather getting cold now so Yu Fengyan sent people to make his wife place warmer. Song Muli martial arts not too strong so she is prone to cold. Yu Fengyan loves her too much, so the man doesn't want her getting sick because of the weather changes.

"Muli, is your palace warm? If not, this Emperor will tell people to send more firewood." Yu Fengyan can't help to ask the young woman under his body.

"If Emperor comes more often to accompany this wife on the bed, this wife doesn't need too many firewoods to warm my body."

Hearing his cute wife complains, the Emperor can't help to rub his nose. Busy as the Emperor, he seldom got time to sleep with his wife. The Emperor knows as a husband, he sometimes makes his wife lonely.

"This Emperor apologize to you."

"Yan-ge doesn't need to apologize. Muli knows that Yan-ge is the Emperor now, you don't have that much spare time for me like when you are a prince. Muli understand."

"Yan-ge loves you so much, Muli."

Yu Fengyan looks at his wife smiling at him makes him feels glad he's not giving up chasing her after knowing her identity. As a prince he never though he can find someone to love as deeply as her. If not because Yu Wang supporting him to chase his love, Yu Fengyan maybe will give up chasing her just because he feels inferior in status before Secret School.

Yu Fengyan continues to kiss his wife deeply. Sometimes Yu Fengyan afraid that Song Muli will leave him and go back to her school because of his new concubine. Even though the Emperor had other concubines, the truth is he never touched them. The Emperor only ever touch one woman before in his life, and that is Song Muli. That's why after he's been schemed by the Su Family, he feels furious. They all make him wrongs his wife.

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