GRAND MARSHAL PAMPERED WIFE Chapter 44: 44. Yu Wang's suspicion.


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Su Qingyi spent 5 days in the space tool to train the two skills and by the sixth day, she can felt that she had mastered these two skills until half step to minor mastery.

"Master, your husband back!"

Yu Fengyao had just stepped into the gate of his residence when he felt the energy moving around from the direction of the Hongmei Courtyard. Since the last time he felt some weird energy movement from there, Yu Wang began to continue to pay attention to changes in energy that might re-occur. Sensing that happening again, Yu Fengyao paled thinking of his wife safety who was there. This man thought of the worst possible thing that could happen to his wife and this made him very worried.

Moving quickly, Yu Fengyao used the high-level movement art that he had mastered, he roused the energy that was silent in his body to be able to quickly reach the Hongmei Courtyard. Seeing his actions, all the guards and eunuchs who accompanied him looked confused but followed him from behind.

Unfortunately, even though he had used high speed to reach the Hongmei Courtyard to catch the culprit who used the energy in the Hongmei Courtyard when he arrived there, all the energy moving there had stopped. This indicates the culprit has run away from there. Even though the culprit he wanted to arrest was gone, Yu Wang was still worried about his wife so he began looking for Su Qingyi. As if knowing his anxiety, his wife appeared before his eyes wearing swaying robes in light green.

"Husband, you're back?"

Su Qingyi smiled faintly welcoming Yu Wang. Seeing his wife looking fine, Yu Fengyao immediately pulled the young woman into his arms. This young prince breathed a sigh of relief.

"Thank God you're fine!"

"What do you mean, Husband?"

Not wanting to make his wife worried, Yu Wang would not say anything until he found out who the perpetrators were.


Staring gently at his wife, Yu Wang lowered his head and pressed his thin lips against Su Qingyi's red and thick lips. Placing the palm of his hand behind his wife's head, Yu Fengyao tucked his fingers into his wife's thick and soft hair. Getting a kiss suddenly from her husband, Su Qingyi widened her eyes. The two couples stared at each other before closing their eyes and enjoying the kiss. Meanwhile, the guards and eunuchs who followed Yu Wang arrived not far from them. Seeing the prince's behaviour, Butler Chen immediately stopped everyone and made everyone immediately moves away from the kissing couple. This old eunuch did not want to disturb the intimacy of his master who was previously so cold and dry in the matters of romance.

Su Qingyi didn't know how long they kissed because they stopped after the two of them were almost out of breath. Breathing heavily, Yu Fengyao put his forehead on his wife's forehead. This lean and tall muscular prince did not know that he could care so much about anyone other than the Emperor and his Imperial mother.

"Husband, did you have dinner?"

"Not yet, this husband wants to eat with you."

"Well then, this wife will cook dinner. Husband should clean up first while waiting for me to cook."

Yu Fengyao nodded in agreement, the prince broke free from his arms with his wife and walked towards Su Qingyi's private bedroom.

In the bedroom, Yu Wang entered the bathroom and was just about to call the eunuch to take care of his bathwater when he saw the bathtub filled with warm water available that still looked new.

"Wangye, Wangfei just told this eunuch to provide bath water for Wangye."

Hearing the notification of the young eunuch who worked for his wife, Yu Wang smiled and invited the young eunuch to leave him. Near the bathtub, there is also a change of clothes for him.

Removing the clothes he was wearing, Yu Fengyao's naked body was visible among the thin steam coming from warm water in the bathtub. Yu Fengyao's body looks rather brown because he previously struggled on the battlefield. Even though he was not as white as the bachelors from the capital city, Yu Wang's good looks still put this man in the top ranks of handsome bachelor. One of the reasons Yu Wang rarely returned to the capital city was because he didn't want to be as white as all of them. With a face like him, if he has their white skin, Yu Wang feels he gonna end up looks like a girl.

That was why he liked to step forward in the battlefield, in addition to gaining experience in fighting, practising his martial arts skills. Yu Wang also wants to make his body look more manly and muscular. Unfortunately, his body type cannot be seen to be muscular and remain slim, but if he saw completely naked, his strong muscles look blended with his slim and tall body shape.

Thinking of his slender shape now, Yu Wang felt grateful because his body shape did not look big and muscular like one of his generals in the military, because if he came to look like that, he would not look compatible, standing side by side with his tiny looking wife.

Entering the bath filled with warm water, Yu Fengyao breathed, feeling comfortable. This warm water seemed to penetrate his body and made his body tired from taking care of his wife's attack problems for the better. Frowning, Yu Fengyao returned to thinking of the culprit who roamed around his wife. He was curious to know who was stalking his wife and made that faint energy move. If it wasn't for his cultivation level levelling up, maybe he wouldn't be able to realize it quickly.

"Does this prince have to ask for help from one of the senior brothers from the sect? But, this prince is afraid that they realize the uniqueness of my wife's body. This prince should take longer to look at this problem, this prince will try to be with Su Qingyi more often to protect her."

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