GRAND MARSHAL PAMPERED WIFE Chapter 43: 43. Learning skills from the space artifact library.


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Su Qingyi entered into the space artifact she had when Yu Wang went to the Palace to attend the morning court. She reasoned to her servants that she was tired and still wanted to sleep after breakfast alone and returned to the room. In the room, Yuten immediately made a protective barrier and let Su Qingyi enter the space calmly.

In the space tool, Su Qingyi entered the courtyard she had in a past life. Yuten invited her to the library where she had kept many books about cultivation.

"Master, all the contents of the books here should be stored in your memory as a Celestial Race, but because your current body is too weak compared to before, all the memories you have are sealed along with your previous strengths. Therefore you must choose for yourself all the skills you wanted to learn from here."

"I must choose some skill that I wanted to learn from these many books?!"

Su Qingyi looked horrified at the number of books in her library. The library looks small from outside the door, but when she gets inside it, the sheer number of books is composed from floor to ceiling and the extent of these bookcases almost covered the entire area of Yu Wangfu residence.

"Don't worry, Master. All you need to choose for you to learn is that part of the bookcases over there. Yuten has chosen some skill books that you can use from Qi level to Golden Core level. The skill level is Heaven-grade."

"Heaven Grade?! Isn't that level high enough? Only the royal family in some super empires has that level of skill!"

"Because they all have that level of skills, so Yuten found it a few for Master to learn if it wasn't for their low level, how could Yuten let Master learn these lowly level skills," Yuten grumbled because the skill level in this continent was really low.

Hearing Yuten's grumbling like a prodigal made Su Qingyi feel exasperated.

Trying to be indifferent to Yuten's behaviour that was too prodigal for her, Su Qingyi began to examine the existing skill books. She read the front pages of the books which revealed the names, uses, strengths and weaknesses of all the skills recorded in the book. Reading a few, Su Qingyi began to sort out skills that felt interesting to her. Choosing books for several hours, Su Qingyi was hungry so she left the library and began to look for food.

"Yuten, is there any edible food here?"

"Of course there is, Master. You love catching animals that taste delicious. Tasty plants with good energy. You even plant 'Blood energy rice' here that can be eaten by mortals to Immortals and tastes better than rice mortals have. Usually, the only people who can eat this kind of rice are the large-scale sect cultivators in this low-level world. Yuten suggested for Master to start consuming it again because the current Master's body must start to be built from the inside. Using food to change the body for the better and more suitable for practising cultivation, Yuten strongly recommended it."

"Hearing your suggestion, Master have to agree. Okay, as long as Master is in the Space tool, Master will eat all the foods found in this place."

"Master doesn't want to eat it outside?"

"You know that Master cannot eat all of these outsides, many people will know about this artifact later if Master use all these ingredients outside."

"Yes, Master is right. We cannot let many people know about this artifact. Yuten does not want Master to be in danger."

Gently ruffling Yuten's short, fine hair, Su Qingyi smiled faintly. Even though Yuten was only the spirit of the artifact, this boy cared deeply about her safety. This young woman can also feel the caring from each of these spirit actions for her.

"So, what do you want to eat, Master? Yuten will get all the food you want!"

Thinking for a while, Su Qingyi asked Yuten to bring rice, some vegetables, honey, and fish meat. Hearing the list of food items desired by his Master, Yuten disappeared from before Su Qingyi. Staring at the place where Yuten disappeared, Su Qingyi looked for a seat and waited for Yuten's return. Shortly after, Yuten returned.

"Master, Yuten has put all the ingredients you want in the kitchen. Master has just needed to cooked it because Yuten has cleaned everything."

"Thank you, Yuten. You are very efficient. If only Master could bring Yuten out, how relaxed I am."

"Master, your laziness recurs again!" Yuten pouted at Su Qingyi's small whisper.

"Hahaha, Yuten makes Master want to be lazy."

"Master, you can't blame Yuten like that!" Yuten looked rather speechless to hear Su Qingyi blame everything on him.

Chuckle because of Yuten's funny behaviour. Su Qingyi cooks in a quite large courtyard kitchen. The size of this kitchen is twice the size of the kitchen at her Hongmei Courtyard out there. Pleased to see the size of the kitchen and all the complete cooking utensils inside, Su Qingyi immediately cooked comfortably. Because she will eat everything herself, this young woman only makes portions for one person.

After cooking, Su Qingyi ate in a hurry. She could not waste time because she did not know when her husband would return. She must find all the skills she can train quickly inside the space tool. At least, she needs to practice the skills until she can get minor mastery on those skills.

After eating, Su Qingyi returned to bury her eyes in the pile of books. Finally, after struggling all day to search in the artefact, Su Qingyi found the skills she wanted. The skills were named: 'Space moving skill', 'Soft palm skill', 'Finger sword skill', 'Diamond armour skill'.

'Space moving skill' can make her move between places by using space line around her, one step can take her moved past several meters. 'Soft palm skill' can make her as a woman to hit others using minimal energy with maximum results. 'Finger sword skill' uses the index finger and middle finger like a sword using energy and makes sword intent using two fingers. 'Diamond armour skill' can make energy as armour that continues to cover her entire body at any time until she can be as resilient and protected like diamonds.

Happy with her choice, Su Qingyi began to practice. Her first choices to train were the 'Diamond armour skill' and also the 'Space moving skill'. These two skills are important so that she can protect herself from assassins attacks. Having a low internal power ability made Su Qingyi realize that she couldn't easily fight back if she had assassins attack, so it would be better for her to learn to run away. Fight back can be done as long as she is still alive. She won't die easily now, she wants to live longer.

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