GRAND MARSHAL PAMPERED WIFE Chapter 38: 38. The mess of Su Family.


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Shocked at his discovery, Yu Wang tried to think things deeper. He thought about the increase in energy levels that occurred every time he wrestled in bed with his wife. During those time he was not aware of the increase in energy that occurred because he did not receive the increase as much as he received this time. But, if he remembers he must get an increase in energy after wrestling with his wife.

Convinced by his findings, he became worried about his wife's safety. It seems like his wife's body is suitable to help cultivators level up easily. Yu Fengyao was determined to keep the secret about the uniqueness of his wife's body to death. He will not let anything bad happen to his wife.

In a small, secluded courtyard house in the residence of the Second Master of the third generation, some moaning sounds of a young woman filled with pleading words was heard faintly.

"Second Master~"

The tempting voice of a young woman wearing a maid outfit echoed faintly in the simple bedroom in the small courtyard house. Looking closer, the maid who issued low teasing voices was the maid who usually accompanied Second Madam; Zu Yun. The young woman was hugging a man with a square-jawed face. This man looks like a man who always uses the rough method. But, among all the third generation of Su family's men, this man is the crafty and also petty-minded man.

Su Zhuanjin is Hong Tiaoqing's husband. He is the son of the second generation legitimate wife of the Su family. This man is a man who likes beautiful young women, unfortunately, all his concubines are arranged by his legal wife so that he can only have children from Hong Tiaoqing. Su Zhuanjin learned of all his wife's cunning behaviour and let her do everything because he needed the contacts his wife had.

Su Zhuanjin may have let his wife try to control his residence, but in fact, this man put his people to watch over all of her acts like putting Zu yun into her maid. Zu Yun was a loyal maid bought by the Hong family to become his wife's loyal servant. Su Zhuanjin found the family of this young woman who was still alive and made Zu Yun willing to work with him. He gave enough rewards and made this young woman watch over his wife for several years.

"Tell me, what has my wife been doing for the past few days?"

Su Zhuanjin asked the young woman who was kissed by him on his lap. After making this young woman work for him, this man also made use of this pretty young woman's body for his desire.

Zu Yun was silent hearing the question of her mistress's husband. This young woman was forced to serve this rough and cunning man. His younger brother needed her support to survive. This man found his younger brother who was sold and almost beaten to death after the young woman's family fell apart because of the drought years ago.

During that time because she and her brother were sold separately, Zu Yun assumed his younger brother had died until this man invited her outside to meet her younger brother who had become a beggar and almost died from the injuries he had suffered.

Finding her younger brother in such circumstances, Zu Yun was very sad. Su Zhuanjin used her emotions to control her. Thinking of her younger brother, Zu Yun was forced to become a spy for Su Zhuanjin and also be his secret lover.

"Oh, you dare not answer me?!"

Squeezing Zu Yun's half-naked breasts roughly, Su Zhuanjin bit the earlobe of this young woman, hard. Feeling the rough squeeze, Zu Yun screeched softly. This young woman shook her head trying to let go of Su Zhuanjin's calluses from her breasts that were sensitive to this man's touch. Getting resistance from the maid in his lap, Su Zhuanjin moved roughly inside Zu Yun's little wet cave he had entered.

"Ah~Second Master, mercy!"

The rough penetration from Su Zhuanjin in her body made Zu Yun ask for forgiveness from this rude and petty man. The man just laughed softly and continued his rough penetration in the body of this young woman making her cry softly between pain and pleasure. The man continued to make Zu Yun feel all that until she reached the climax and could not think of anything.

After shooting the seeds inside the young woman's body, Su Zhuanjin interrogated Zu Yun again. Afraid to be forced to serve the ferocious lust of the man in front of her, Zu Yun recounted everything that Second Madam had done for the past few days.

Hearing that his wife tried to kill Su Qingyi even though his niece was married to Yu Wang made Su Zhuanjin laugh coldly and cynically.

"I never thought that my wife would be stupid enough to do all that."

Knowing the chaos caused by his wife made Su Zhuanjin want to punish the woman, but if he did that now, she would know that he put a spy around her and made her becomes alert to him. Maybe he should just let it be. Su Zhuanjin was sure that Yu Wang would find out who sent the attack to Su Qingyi. Although Yu Wang did not like his niece, it was not so easy to disturb the pride of a Grand Marshal like Yu Wang. Hong Tiaoqing threw a stone at herself.

"You may go now."

"Second Master-"

"Don't let Hong Tiaoqing know that you told me all this."

Zu Yun was silent, of course, she would not let her mistress know that she was a spy for Su Zhuanjin. She had seen for herself what she could do. Hong Tiaoqing looked beautiful and seductive but, that woman was very cruel. She will not accept being fooled by anyone, only she can fool people. That woman also has a relationship with the Assassin organization, she still wants to live longer for her younger brother. Although she was afraid, Zu Yun had to survive even though she had to sell her soul to demons like these two people.

Cleaning her body from the remnants of Second Master fondling, Zu Yun came out of the courtyard house. Not many people can enter this isolated courtyard house, Zu Yun is one of the people who can enter it if called by the Second Master. Only people who work directly under the Second Master know about their affair.

"Second master, do you not want to warn your wife about the possible retribution of Yu Wang?" one of the Second Master's loyal servants asked his master.

"Tell that woman?!"

Su Zhuanjin gave a cold snort, he wasn't interested in doing it. That woman made him lose the woman he loved just out of jealousy. If it wasn't because he needed the connection that the woman's family had, he would have tortured and killed her once he learned that Hong Tiaoqing had cruelly killed the woman he loved.

"Second master still hates her because of that woman?"

"Hmph! I will never forgive her!"

Su Zhuanjin gritted his teeth in anger.

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