GRAND MARSHAL PAMPERED WIFE Chapter 37: 37. Aware of his wife's unique physic. Part four.


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Cleaning himself in the bathroom, Yu Wang thought about the energy he had just felt. Frowning, Yu Wang worried about the safety of his weak wife. Maybe he should teach his wife some martial art or cultivation so that at least her body will become stronger. Thinking deeply while cleaning himself, Yu Wang finished after a while and headed out to the dining room.

In the dining room, Yu Wang and Su Qingyi ate casually, while telling each other about their daily lives. Usually, Yu Fengyao eats in silence, but now this handsome man wants to know more about his wife so asking a lot of questions and tells stories.

Walking around the garden at the Hongmei Courtyard became one of their second habits after eating. During his walk together, Yu Wang would hold his wife's tiny palms using his large, calloused palm. At first, Su Qingyi was rather ashamed of holding hands with Yu Fengyao because of the meaningful gazes of the maids and eunuchs who accompanied them. Realizing his wife shyness, Yu Wang would give them orders to stay away, so Su Qingyi was forced to accept to holding hands with him.

After a long leisurely walk, Yu Wang escorted his wife to the bedroom. Realizing the passion implied from her husband's gaze, Su Qingyi felt that Yuten was speaking truthfully. Her husband will ask her to wrestle again in bed tonight.

"Husband, don't overdo it tonight. This wife's body is not strong enough to serve you for too long." Su Qingyi tried to warn Yu Wang about her weak body.

Yu Fengyao paused to hear the warning in his wife's words. He forgot about his wife's body condition while thinking about being able to hug this tiny young woman's body. Smiling wryly, Yu Wang did not think that he would like to wrestle with his wife in bed.

"Don't worry, my wife. This husband will remember it."

Entering the room and locking the door, Yu Wang carried his wife easily. Su Qingyi's body felt so light in his arms that Yu Wang felt he had to make her heavier. The lightness of his wife must have been because her life was uncomfortable before. Yu Wang was again determined to make Su Qingyi live comfortably with him.

Bowing his head, Yu Fengyao gently kissed his wife's lips. Biting softly, Su Qingyi gave a little squeak, giving Yu Fengyao access to insert his tongue into his wife's mouth. Yu Wang's tongue touched repeatedly with his wife's tongue, making the kiss that happened even deeper and hotter.


Smiling teasingly, Yu Wang whispered: "This husband loves hearing you call me like this. The sound of your moaning calls always makes this husband want to enjoy your delicious body more deeply."

Licking Su Qingyi's ears, Yu Fengyao teased her earlobe teasingly. Yu Fengyao's lips slowly kissed and licked his wife's slender neck, while his hands stripped the young woman's clothes. Su Qingyi who enjoyed the touch of her husband also began to help strip the clothes her husband was wearing. After wrestling several times in bed with her husband, Su Qingyi became increasingly skilled at removing the clothes her husband wore. This woman also became bolder in touching her husband's burly body which was not so visible when covered with clothes.

Stripping their partner's clothes, Yu Fengyao and Su Qingyi enjoyed touching each other's bodies. The more they wrestle in bed, the more they know the secrets of each other's bodies. Su Qingyi learned to know where her husband enjoyed her touch, while Yu Fengyao learned to make his wife more aroused by his touch.

Gently fondling his wife's white breasts, Yu Fengyao kissed, sucked on her brown peak which he enjoyed like a baby.

"Ah~ en~"

Su Qingyi could not help but let out some sweet moans made Yu Fengyao feel the urge to go straight into his wife's wet cave. Go inside and rummage through his wife's little cave. Slithering down, Yu Fengyao held back his ferocious desires and gave hot kisses on his wife's body making her moaning louder and her breathing increasingly fast and hoarse.

"Husband, don't tease me like this ~"

Su Qingyi couldn't stand the temptation her husband gave her, she felt very hot and wanted more. This young woman does not understand why the more she wrestles with her husband, the more sensitive she is to his intimate touch. Feeling Su Qingyi's impatience, Yu Fengyao smiled happily and immediately entered into the wet cave of his wife who greeted him enthusiastically. The moans from each other united in their movements that increasingly wilder. Yu Fengyao brought his wife to the climax many times until this young woman was exhausted, this man remembered his wife's warning so that he stopped even though he was not satisfied.

Finished wrestling on the bed even though he was not very satisfied, Yu Wang carried out his usual routine to clean his wife's body and soak for a while in the bathwater in the bathtub. After feeling clean, Yu Wang carried his wife's body and slept together.

Yu Wang woke up in the morning not because he woke up to his usual routine, but because the energy in his body had reached the requirement to level up. This movement of energy in his body makes him, the one who's sensitive to energy movements, awakened suddenly.

Moving quickly to get away from his wife, Yu Wang did not want to hurt his weak wife because the energy explosion that occurred was caused by a cultivator levelling up. Using the movement skills he had trained to a high level, Yu Wang moved towards his training ground at the Zhending Courtyard.

Yu Wang spent quite a long time to level up because the energy in his body was quite a lot and concentrated. The concentrated energy contained in his body not only made him go up one level but several levels. He is levelling up to Golden Core level 5 now.

Going up a lot of levels made this young man stunned long enough after he finished levelling up. He did not understand how all this could happen. Yu Wang did not practice cultivation at all last night. He just wrestled with his wife all night. Given his activities, Yu Fengyao stopped. Is it possible?! All of these because of wrestling in bed with his wife all night?!

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