GRAND MARSHAL PAMPERED WIFE Chapter 35: 35. Aware of his wife's unique physic. Part two.


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Awakened, as usual, Yu Fengyao intended to go to his usual place of doing morning exercises. Staring gently at his wife, the prince moved slowly not wanting to wake his exhausted wife to serve him for dressing up.

Walking towards his private practice site at the Zhending Courtyard, Yu Wang began to practice cultivation. Not many people know that Yu Fengyao is not only a martial artist but also a powerful cultivator. The sect where he studied to become a cultivator was a secret sect that was very difficult for ordinary people or even some cultivators to enter.

Yu Wang was able to attend the sect there because the sect's Grand Elder met him by chance when he was sent to the battlefield for the first time by the previous Emperor. At that time he met with his mentor; Venerable Mei when he cleaned himself in the forest after killing on the battlefield for the first time. His master saw that he had a special physic that fit to learn to be a cultivator. Because of that, he began to learn to cultivate after his master gave him ancient cultivation art.

Taking a deep breath, Yu Wang felt the energy qi around him. Feeling the golden core in his body, Yu Wang frowned. He felt that the energy stored in his golden core felt different. Existing energy feels more concentrated.

Yu Wang felt that the qi in him was more than before. Recalling, Yu Wang was confused about the reason that caused his energy to make him quickly go up to the next level. After returning from the battlefield and not married; This young prince had just entered level 1 Golden core as a cultivator. Now only a few days after, the energy in the core almost makes it level 2.

He did not understand the cause. Some days he only did cultivation in the morning, if it should be like this he could reach level two in 3 months. But, if you look at the development of energy in his body, he can reach level two within a week. Not understanding the cause, Yu Wang had no intention of thinking further. He still has a lot to do besides thinking about this.

Returning to the Hongmei Courtyard, Yu Wang found his wife walking towards the dining room from a distance. Realizing that his wife had made breakfast for himself, Yu Fengyao smiled and moved towards the bedroom. Yu Fengyao cleaned himself and went straight to the dining room where his wife was waiting to have breakfast.

"Wife, no need to bother cooking breakfast every day for your husband. My wife can rest longer in bed, you must be tired because yesterday your husband was wrestling too much with you in bed."

Hearing Yu Fengyao suddenly speak with such closeness, made Su Qingyi unable to reply. This young woman could only blush and make Yu Wang smile faintly. Her husband's smiling face made Su Qingyi fascinated in silence.

"Don't be too fascinated with me, my wife can make your husband lazy to work."

"Husband, don't tease me all the time."

"This husband enjoys doing it."

Su Qingyi was silent, while all the maids and eunuchs who heard Yu Wang teasing his wife were surprised. Wangfei was amazing, making a stiff and cold Yu Wang could becomes like this in just a few days since Wangfei became the legal wife of Yu Wang.

Yu Wang finished breakfast with Su Qingyi more relaxed than before. This young man began to enjoy spending time with his wife who was easily blushed because of his simple flirting. It seems like he has to learn how to flirting with a woman from Lu Qianhui to enjoy more time with his wife.

After breakfast, Yu Wang went to the Palace to attend the morning court together with the other ministers. The prince again reminded his wife not to go anywhere because the threat to her life was still there.

At the Palace, Yu Wang climbed a stone staircase and walked towards the royal ministers' entourage. From afar he saw Minister Su, who was a direct grandfather on his wife's side. Seeing an old man who looked prim and proper and remembering the man's treatment of his wife made Yu Wang look cold. Yu Wang was eager to hit the old man. Walking toward the minister's entourage, Yu Wang received their respectful greetings with a slow nod, then passed elegantly to the palace hall where the morning court was held. The prince who is full of frustration does not intend to greet his in law.

"Minister Su, why do I feel that Yu Wang doesn't like you?"

One of the ministers who had a good relationship with Su Yanjiu whispered to the old man. The minister showed that Yu Wang looked cold staring at his best friend. Su Yanjiu; Minister Su from the education department also looked confused receiving cold treatment from his granddaughter's husband.

Thinking deeply, this old man gasped because of his thoughts. Could it be that Yu Wang found out about his bad relationship with his granddaughter?! Realizing that possibility, Minister Su was silent for a long time. It seems like Yu Wang's relationship with his granddaughter is quite good when considering the prince's cold behaviour towards him.

"Hey, Su Yanjiu, do you know the cause of Yu Wang's annoyance with you? If you know, you should try to improve your relationship." The minister's who is a good friend of Minister Su tried to remind his friend.

Smiling faintly, Minister Su whispered; "No need, this old man doesn't need to improve any relationship with Yu Wang."

"Hey, you can't behave like that. This is Yu Wang, you know! Yu Wang is the Emperor's favourite younger brother and also the only Grand Marshal of Zi Empire. You must have a good relationship with him, remembering that your granddaughter married Yu Wang." The minister kept trying to change his friend's rigid thinking.

Minister Su only smiled at his friend's anxiety and walked quickly to the palace hall to attend the morning court with the Emperor. This old man was not interested in improving any relationship with Yu Wang. He realized that he did not have a close relationship with Su Qingyi so he should not try to approach Yu Wang.

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