GRAND MARSHAL PAMPERED WIFE Chapter 34: 34. Aware of his wife's unique physic. Part one.


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Yu Fengyao took his wife to the dining room and ate as usual. The atmosphere in the dining room was so harmonious that the maids who served at the Hongmei Courtyard felt that Wangye was increasingly liking their Wangfei and felt Wangfei's position was more stable at Yu Wang's residence.

After eating, Yu Fengyao invited his wife to walk around the park. Yu Wang saw that some new plants had just been planted in the park at the Hongmei Courtyard.

"Looks like my wife is planting new plants in this garden."

Chuckling, Su Qingyi agreed; "This wife does not have any activities because husband forbids me to go anywhere."

Smiling at the complaint in his wife's words, Yu Fengyao explained; "Right now your husband is looking for evidence of Second Madam's involvement in the attack that wife got before."

Hearing the conversation between Yu Wang and her young mistress made Nanny Mo look happy. It seems like Wangye has begun to put affection towards her young mistress. This old maid also hoped that Yu Wang would help Wangfei get back her inheritance shops from the Su family. Having Yu Wang's support would make taking over the heritage shops easier.

Yu Wang took Su Qingyi into the bedroom after taking his wife walking around the garden after eating for half an hour. This man can't wait to invite his wife to do night activities together. Su Qingyi, who could feel her husband's rising passion, felt rather nervous because she knew that this young man could eat her on the bed for a long time.

"Does my dear wife feel nervous? Don't worry, your husband will be gentle on you in bed later."

Her husband's guess at the condition of her feelings made Su Qingyi blush. Yu Fengyao half dragged his wife to the bedroom. Behind them, at some distance, the maids and eunuchs followed. They all know they shouldn't disturb these two lovebirds. If it wasn't for Wangye's rash decision, these two people should still be on their honeymoon.

Arriving at the door of Su Qingyi's bedroom, Yu Fengyao waved his hand telling all the maids and eunuchs not to bother them. The maids and eunuchs paid their respects and withdrew from them. Opening the door, Yu Wang brought his wife inside and locked the door.

"My dear wife must help me take off these robes, right?"

Su Qingyi helped to strip off her husband's outer robe. When Su Qingyi helped to release Yu Fengyao's outer robe, this man bows down his head to land a kiss on his wife thick and red lips.


Kissing Su Qingyi's lips, Yu Fengyao helped to take off his outer robe. Pulling his wife's slim waist, this handsome man deepened his kiss on her. One of his hands removed his wife's outerwear expertly. Slowly dragging his wife's petite body, Yu Fengyao reached the bed. Pulling his wife's body to sit on his lap, Yu Wang continued to kiss his wife while stripping the clothes on Su Qingyi's body until this young woman only wore underwear. Seeing his wife who was only wearing red silk underwear, Yu Fengyao gently kissed her shoulder and removed the red upper garment strap she was wearing on slow-motion followed by hot kisses. Su Qingyi moans softly felt the hot kisses that her husband landed on her half-naked body.


This young woman moves her slender hand inside her husband clothes until she touches her husband wide chest. Rubbing her soft palms inside, Yu Fengyao growled softly and let his wife touch his body freely. This young prince never let anyone carelessly touch his body, nor did his Nanny who take care of him as a child or his Imperial mother. Now, this prince allowed his wife to consciously touch his body freely and enjoy every touch. Letting Su Qingyi touch him made Yu Fengyao feel vibrations of pleasure he had never felt before.

Feeling this only from the touch of his wife's fingers made Yu Fengyao's passion getting even higher. Giving some slight bites to his wife's body which was shining in the candlelight, Yu Fengyao likes his journey enjoying his wife's soft and delicate body. The small bites from Yu Wang gave Su Qingyi felt the flames everywhere.

"My wife's body feels very good." Yu Fengyao whispered in his wife's soft, tiny earlobe.

Touching his wife's naked body. Yu Wang gently squeezed her white full breasts. Laying his wife's soft body on the wide wooden bed, Yu Fengyao began kissing the young woman's lips again, swallowing her sweet moans. Yu Wang's long fingers moved to touch the private area and wet at the bottom of his wife's body. Rubbing softly, full of gentle rhythm at the bottom of his wife's body, Yu Wang starts to make his wife hit the climax.

Making his wife reach orgasm a few times, Yu Fengyao began to insert his little brother into Su Qingyi' small cave. Feeling so hot and delicious in his wife's little cave, Yu Fengyao began to move slowly while enjoying his wife's moans of pleasure. The longer he moves, the movements become faster and full of savage passion. The sweat that ran down on their bodies mixed into one while the two wrestled on the bed. Yu Fengyao was not satisfied even though he finally had many orgasms in his wife's body so he continued to wrestle with his wife, making the soft voice of this young woman becomes hoarse due to the screams and moans she made.

Yu Fengyao stopped wrestling on the bed with Su Qingyi when the young woman finally fainted from exhaustion. Sighing softly, the man looked at his wife, who was forced to serve his wild desires until she fainted. Yu Fengyao never realized that he could have great stamina and wild desire for women. His wife aroused a latent desire in him easily.

Calling the maid to prepare bathwater in a hoarse and deep voice, Yu Fengyao waited while staring softly at his unconscious wife. Shortly, the bathwater was ready, Yu Wang carried his wife's limp body with sturdy steps. Putting his wife in the bathwater, Yu Wang moved to take their change of clothes without realizing that his wife woke up and poured spiritual water from the space, then fell back asleep without care.

Yu Fengyao cleaned his body and his wife before soaking for a while to enjoy warm water which was very comfortable for him. Feeling tired, Yu Wang did not realize that there was a high enough energy contained in the bathwater where he soaked together with Su Qingyi. Soaking for a while, the young prince lifted his wife's body and wiped it dry. Yu Wang never served others before he served his wife like this. Now, he is happy to do it without caring about his pride. After all that, he slept with his wife on the same bed until morning time.

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