GRAND MARSHAL PAMPERED WIFE Chapter 30: 30. Getting some interest. Part three.


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Getting assurances from his four friends, Yu Fengyao smiled happily. The four men in this room never let him down. They always easily offer him help. This situation went both ways because Yu Fengyao was not stingy helping them either.

"Wangfei, you won't go anywhere today?" Fulin asked her young mistress.

"You stupid girl! Of course, Wangfei won't go anywhere today. Did you forget that Wangfei was attacked by assassins yesterday?!" Nanny Mo glanced furiously at Fulin.

This old maid couldn't wait to punish Wangfei's maid. Though Fulin and Yunyan are two maids who were educated directly by this old maid, they can't think well. Where there are maids who ask questions like this after their master has been attacked. Too brave or too stupid?!

"Don't be angry like this, Nanny. Fulin just asks. As far as Fulin knows, doesn't Wangfei need to meet with Manager Shen Wu? If we wait too long to meet with that Manager, will we be able to keep seeing him."

Hearing Fulin's explanation, Nanny Mo was speechless. She did not think about it.

"Don't worry, Fulin. Manager Shen Wu won't go anywhere. If he wants to go, he will disappear a long time ago. Manager Shen Wu doesn't need to leave enough of his men in the Jade Jewel Pavilion shop."

Su Qingyi chuckled at the arguments of her maids. This woman is busy preparing food in the kitchen for lunch. Although she was not sure that Yu Wang would have lunch with her, Su Qingyi continued to make portions of her husband's food.


Butler Chen's voice was heard in front of the kitchen door, making Su Qingyi turn around from behind the kitchen table. This young woman is processing ingredients to make Mongolian Lamb and Vegetables, Fresh Wild Mushroom Soup and shrimp dumplings.

"Butler Chen? What's up?"

Butler Chen greeted Su Qingyi. This eunuch got words that Wangye would go home and want to have lunch with his wife, so this old eunuch hurriedly came to the Hongmei Courtyard to let her know. This old eunuch did not want the prince to not get some serving of food made by his wife. Wearing a smile, Butler Chen told Su Qingyi that her husband was going home and wanted to have lunch with her. Hearing that news, Su Qingyi replies with a sweet smile. This young woman is grateful she made food portions for her husband.

Letting the maids arrange the finished dishes on the dining room table. Su Qingyi took care of herself in the room. Su Qingyi wiped her sweaty body. Changing her clothes wet with sweat and the smell of smoke in the kitchen, this young woman finished cleaning herself and moved out. When Su Qingyi left the room, she saw the arrival of Yu Fengyao who was walking towards his bedroom.

"Wangye, your back."

"Hmm ... We can have lunch after this husband cleans up for a while."

Yu Fengyao unconsciously used the 'husband' words to Su Qingyi as soon as he heard the soft voice of his wife's call. Although somewhat stunned by the words that came out of his mouth, Yu Fengyao felt he liked the 'husband' words. This prince intends to use it as often as possible. Su Qingyi also realized that her husband used that word and smiled faintly at the closeness that was contained within.

"Alright, this wife will wait for my husband to eat together."


Yu Fengyao entered his wife's bedroom and used the new bathwater the maid had prepared. The ears of this young man with a charming face look red. He did not think that using a 'husband' nickname made him feel a little embarrassed. Yu Fengyao felt unfamiliar with this feeling, but he liked it.

Yu Fengyao entered the dining room shortly after. Being used to the battlefield made Yu Wang quick to clean himself so that his wife did not wait long. Seeing her husband's arrival, Su Qingyi gave him cutlery and spooned rice into a ceramic bowl for Yu Fengyao. Yu Wang accepted all that after sitting facing his wife.

Chewing on food and swallowing, Yu Fengyao opened his mouth and said quietly to his wife.

"This husband has asked my friend to help investigate the attack my wife received."

"Oh, well. This wife will wait for the results."

Hearing the talk of his young mistress and her husband, Nanny Mo would like to provide input. Seeing the anxiety of this old maid, Yu Fengyao raised his eyebrows.

"If you have something to say, Nanny Mo, you can tell this prince."

Nanny Mo sighed in relief at the permission from Yu Wang.

"Forgive this old maid for interrupting your conversation, Wangye. But, if Wangye is looking into the matter of Wangfei's attack, this old maid would like to make a suggestion."

"Oh, what suggestion?"

"This old maid suggested that Wangye investigate the family of Su's Second madam from the third generation. This old maid felt that the woman was related to the attack Wangfei received."

"Why do you think so?!"

"Because Wangfei took the Jade Jewel Pavilion shop from her."

"Is that woman the one who receives profits from the store?"

"Yes, Wangye. That happened for a long time ago."

Hearing Nanny Mo's explanation, Yu Wang felt that the possibility of the woman involved in this was very big.

"Alright, this prince will have people investigate."

Hearing that there was some clue to direct an investigation into his wife's attack, Yu Wang ate quickly because he had to send someone to investigate the clues.

After eating, Yu Wang said goodbye to leave his wife who was staring at his departure like the wind.

"Nanny Mo, do you look very sure that Second Madam sent the assassins?"

"Of course, Wangfei. The Su family members like to do things like this. If anyone becomes a suspect, they can become a suspect with a very large possibility."

Su Qingyi daydreaming hearing Nanny Mo's words. Is the Su family that bad?! If so, why would her mother wanted to marry her father?"

"Your father is the only member of the Su family who is different from them. Su Gaishan is a man with a kind but timid heart. His kindness makes Madam Xu interested in him."

Hearing about his father made Su Qingyi speechless. Having that kind of character in the Su family won't get good things.

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