GRAND MARSHAL PAMPERED WIFE Chapter 3: 3. The delicious food Wangfei makes.


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Watching those servant work for a while. Su Qingyi feels her stomach protest. Without looking back, she searches for a kitchen inside the courtyard. She found the kitchen not far from the well. Looks like the kitchen already been cleaned before. Looking around to find cooking tools, Su Qingyi found some ceramic cooking pots. She wants to make some chicken porridge and easy to make egg dumplings.

Searching the ingredients for her cooking, she frowns because she found that the kitchen just got little ingredients things for foods. She needs to rant at the housekeeper later. No matter what that instant husband already said that he will let her becomes his Wangfei, so she needs to get more ingredients for her foods daily intake in this courtyard. She won't believe if they said her husband can't give her more food ingredients. Huffing, she glad that she just want to make some easy and simple breakfast, otherwise she will rage because she can't make the food just because of the non-exist ingredients.

With Yuten help for tending the fire, Su Qingyi makes some delicious egg dumpling and chicken porridge. Remembering that in her courtyard, there're more servants others than her personal servants, she makes more. After all, they are all her servants now. Luckily before at the Su's, she already learns to cook her daily food sometimes if her maids busy, so she thinks that her personal maids won't be suspicious of her cooking now.

The eunuchs and maids already finished cleaned the well when they smell the fragrant cooking taste from the kitchen area. All the servants feel confused guessing who cooks the fragrant food. Nanny Mo furrowed her eyebrows and then thought, shocked at the possibility that had happened, she immediately ran to the kitchen to check her guess. Seeing the silhouette of her mistress, Nanny Mo looked surprised and then immediately approached the figure who was busy looking for places to put cooked food on the stone stoves.

"Wangfei, what are you doing?" Nanny Mo looking at her miss, can't help feeling touched and warm.

"Oh, you already done cleaned the well?"

"Yes, we already did it."

"Good then, tell the others to clean up, let's eat together."

"Yes. Wangfei, you don't need to continue to busy in here. Let the servants prepared the food for you. You need to clean up too after cooking."

"Oh, you're right. I'll change my clothes then."

"Let me call Fu lin to help you."

"Don't need, tell her to clean up too, so we can eat."

"Wangfei, you know we can't eat together with you anymore. We already not staying in the Su's."

"Ah... that's true. Well, then just prepare my breakfast later at the dining table."

Nanny Mo just nod and can't help feel the heartache. She can't help cursing her miss' husband. If the man cares about her miss, the man will be eating breakfast with her miss now. Her miss always feels lonely if she ate alone before, that's why they all used to be eating together with her miss at the Su's.

At Yu Wang courtyard.

Yu Fengyao just wakes up from his late sleep. He just vents his anger yesterday on his wife and went back late at night. He doesn't want to stay at her courtyard because of the place full of odd ruin smell, also the young woman just a replacement. Thinking about how he can't get the famous young lady of the Su's to be his wife make him upset. He thought he can get married to that famous Su Mingmei but his brother takes her. He needs to vent to his brother later.


Chen Fuqui words can be heard outside the bedroom door. This man like the usual stand at his master door in the morning after he prep the kitchen to prepare his Wangye breakfast. The man is a diligent worker and intelligent ones, that's why Yu Wang continue to trust him. He already married before he becomes eunuch. He sold himself to becomes eunuch when his only child sick to buy the medicine. Since he took care, Yu Wang, he cared for the prince like he cares for his child, so he wants the best for the prince. That's why he also felt upset when the Su's sent another young woman to marry his Wangye. Because he was upset, he makes his own decision to sent Wangfei to the dilapidated courtyard.


Hearing his Wangye permission, Head steward Chen bring the servant to serve Wangye morning clean up. Inside the main courtyard, there's no female to serve. Yu Fengyao dislikes being served by a female since he was a little child. He dislikes being touch by females. Yesterday is the first time he approaches a female. That's why he doesn't know how traumatic his moves are.

Yu Fengyao cleans up nicely and changes his robe with a dark purple robe. His hair is bind by a jade crown. His face looks glowing, even though he just sleep late. Moving to the dining table inside his big room, there's a simple food spread for his breakfast. Even though he is a prince, he dislikes to waste food, that's why he just eat a simple breakfast every day.

"How is she?"

Steward Chen blink his eyes. He never thought his Wangye gonna ask about Wangfei.

"Yes, Master?"

Yu Fengyao lifts his beautiful face and coldly look at his old servant.

"You sent her to that old courtyard, I'll let you, but don't forget she is my Wangfei. You can't skimp her monthly expenses."

"Yes, Wangye. How about the Wangfu financial report?"

"Not now."

After saying all that, Yu Fengyao looks like he doesn't want to talk about his wife anymore and start eating his breakfast elegantly.

"Nanny Mo, are these foods really made by Wangfei?"

He yin can't help gulping inside her mouth looking at the delicious breakfast on the table. She could not help but drool at the breakfast which looked so delicious. If it wasn't for Nanny Mo's explanation, she wouldn't have believed that all the breakfast at the table was made by Wangfei. How could a noblewoman like Wangfei be able to cook foods like this?! She used to hear that noblewoman like Wangfei's are very spoiled and can't cook.

Sighed deeply, Nanny Mo can't help explaining; "Our young lady used to cook at the old residence before. Our young lady life's not easy over these years."

Hearing Nanny Mo's words, Fu lin and Yun yan also felt sad. Their young lady life is different. Their Miss's life is indeed different from other Miss's. Their miss must try to survive alone as a noblewoman. Since her mother died, Su's family did not pay much attention to her, even her father was not interested in paying attention to her. Only they as servants who care for their kind and sweet lady. They always thought when their lady's married she can enjoy love and pampering from her husband, but seeing Wangye's attitude maybe their miss life will not be much different from before.

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