GRAND MARSHAL PAMPERED WIFE Chapter 28: 28. Getting some interest. Part one.


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Yu Wang left the prison and walked slowly trying to suppress his anger because he intended to spend the night at the Hongmei Courtyard. He did not want to frighten his wife to see his anger. This anger will be given to those who dare to murder his wife.

Seeing the door of the Hongmei Courtyard in front of him, Yu Fengyao took a deep breath, kept his anger deeper so that it would not frighten his wife. Walking through the door, Yu Fengyao was welcomed by Nanny Mo. Nodding at the old maid, Yu Wang headed straight to his wife's bedroom. Ask the servants to get bath water for him, Yu Wang opened the door to Su Qingyi's unlocked bedroom. Walking toward the bed, this handsome man saw his wife who was sleeping looks exhausted.

Stroking his wife's oval face, Yu Fengyao looked more gentle looking at his wife's sleeping face. He was somehow relieved staring at Su Qingyi's sleeping face. Thinking of his wife's safety, Yu Fengyao decided to send one more Heaven Qi Warrior to protect his wife. Only one Nanny Mo won't be enough for his wife's protection. Nanny Mo can continue to be a hidden protective figure for his wife's trump card.

Hearing the servant's notice about the bathwater, Yu Fengyao left his wife's side to wash up. After finishing his bath, Yu Fengyao changed his sleepwear and climbed onto his wife's bed. Hugging Su Qingyi who was lean and rather cold, Yu Fengyao tried to warm his wife's weak body.

At the Su family's residence, a woman over thirty years old slammed the ceramic cup to the floor in her anger. This woman sounded very disappointed when she was told that her attempted murder had failed. She could not believe that sending a group of assassins to kill a weak young woman could fail. The young woman's bodyguards should not be able to help her through it all.

"How can they fail?"

"This servant does not know, Second Madam. I have only been told that the killer group they sent did not return until now."

"You didn't leave a trail leading to us, right?"

"I have eliminated all traces, Second madam. You can relax."

"Hmph! This second madam believes that Yu Wang will not investigate all this. Mingmei told me that Yu Wang must have hated his wife, so he would have kept quiet about this matter."

"Second madam, are you sure what Miss Mingmei said is true?"


Hong Tiaoqing slapped her maid's face; Zu Yun

"You can't call Mingmei's name like that anymore. She is now an emperor's concubine."

"Forgive this maid, Second madam. This maid not intentional."

"Do you think that if you deliberately, you can still be alive now?"

Trembling, Zu Yun paled. This woman in her twenties forgot that the madam she was serving was not forgiving one. This woman does look beautiful but is deadly. She is a sadistic teaser and easily removes everything that gets in her way. She only looks good and gentle before the Second Master of the Su's third generation.

"Alright, you can go. This second madam has to think about this again."

Su Qingyi woke up in her husband's arms. She woke up earlier than usual because last night when she arrived at the Hongmei Courtyard and finished bathing, she immediately fell asleep when lying on the bed. Rubbing slowly her watery eyes, Su Qingyi saw the face of her handsome husband, lying not far from her. Staring intently, Su Qingyi saw her husband's thick and neat eyelashes. Thick and smooth eyebrows. Wide forehead, thin and soft lips and quite red.

"Does Wangfei like what you see?"

The raspy and deep voice that came out of Yu Wang's mouth made Su Qingyi flinch from her daydream. Su Qingyi immediately looked into her husband's sharp and dark eyes. Capturing the passion that radiated from Yu Fengyao's eyes made this young woman embarrassed to be caught daydreaming staring at Yu Wang's good looks. Seeing his wife blush when he woke up feeling his wife's gaze, Yu Fengyao laughed slowly and deeply.

"Wangye, don't tease me like that."

Su Qingyi whispered, making Yu Fengyao feel an itch inside him. Pulling his wife towards his body, Yu Fengyao heard his wife squealing in surprise.

"Wang-Wangye ..."

Su Qingyi widened her eyes covered with thick eyelashes. She was surprised to get a sudden intimate treatment from Yu Wang in the morning today. Yu Wang smiled teasingly towards his surprised wife. Bowing his charming face, Yu Fengyao landed a small kiss on his wife thick red lips. Getting a kiss from her husband, Su Qingyi involuntarily let out a sweet moan. Su Qingyi's soft moan made Yu Fengyao's passion quickly ignite. Yu Fengyao bit his wife's lips softly, slipping his tongue as Su Qingyi let out a low squeal. Chasing his wife's tongue in her mouth, Yu Fengyao tried to lick his teeth and messing out in his wife's mouth. When Yu Wang began to take off his wife's nightwear, a soft knock was heard.


The sound of Butler Chen's whisper from outside the bedroom was heard in Yu Wang's ears which was sensitive because of the high martial arts. Hearing the call from the old eunuch who used to serve him made Yu Wang want to curse. Feeling her husband stop kissing her lips, Su Qingyi glanced at him confusedly. This young woman does not understand why her husband stopped kissing her. Staring at his wife who looked confused, Yu Wang pressed his forehead on her and took a deep breath several times trying to calm his passion.

"This prince must go to the morning court. Wangfei should not go anywhere. This prince does not want to hear that Wangfei is almost killed again."

Su Qingyi realized that her husband knew that she was almost killed yesterday. Naturally, Yu Wang was the Grand Marshal of the Zi Empire. If he doesn't know about the attempted murder of his wife, this prince can be very embarrassed.

"This Wangfei understands. This wife will not go anywhere until Wangye takes care of this problem."

"Wangfei believes that this Prince will be able to solve this problem?!"

Yu Fengyao smiled teasingly at his wife who agreed with full confidence in his ability to handle the matter.

"Of course, Wangye is famous for being very capable of handling problems."

Hearing his wife's praise, Yu Fengyao looked very happy and laugh softly. His attractive face was glowing brightly, making Su Qingyi forced to repeatedly blink.

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