GRAND MARSHAL PAMPERED WIFE Chapter 27: 27. Yu Wang's rage. Part three.


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The killer who received a blow from Nanny Mo was injured pretty badly, Xiu Gan only treated him a little while he passed out. This chief guard is not interested in treating killers like him. For Xiu Gan as long the killer not dead yet, all is alright. His Master only needs the man still alive for a while longer.

Wangfu's private prison is in the very back area of Yu Wang's residence. This place is rarely used by Yu Wang because it rarely has prisoners. The making of this private prison was proposed by the current emperor so that Yu Wang's men could extract information from the captives they got. During this time Yu Fengyao felt that this prison wasn't of much use until he uses it now.

In the middle of the prison, there is a room devoted to being an interrogation room. The killer, who was captured by Yu Wang's entourage, the middle-aged man with scar being tied there as soon as Xiu Gan finished preparing this man for interrogation. The killer originally wore a black cloth mask over his face looked rather pale now. He was bound to hang attached to a large cross-shaped pole with an iron chain carved with a special spell to seal the energy in his body.

This killer title is Gold Sixteen in his organization; Black octopus. The organization that houses the killers is a killer organization that has not long been growing and developing. This organization belonged to a middle-class aristocrat who lived in Zi Empire. This organization will accept the job of killing without asking as long as the price is appropriate. Because it had just grown, the members of this organization did not feel afraid to accept the task of killing Yu Wangfei. Another reason they accept this assignment is that the sender of the task has acquaintances in upper management in the organization.

Staring at the door, Gold sixteen heard footsteps echoing in prison. This man with a slash on his face knew that the interrogator had arrived. Gritting his teeth, he was determined not to tell anything. As a killer who got the Gold title, it means that he is in the Gold level and has an Earth Qi Warrior martial arts level. It will not be easy for him to share information even if he is tortured.

"So this guy is the last killer?"

A deep and drifting voice was heard echoing in the interrogation room making the assassin bound and drifting in his mind, jerked and widened his eyes at the group entering the room.

Hoarse from holding his wound, the killer whispered, trembling; "How could Yu Wang come here directly?"

Staring with despair, the killer knows that the information his team got is wrong. Yu Wang cared enough for his new wife to come to interrogate directly. The killer wasn't sure he could withhold the information he had when dealing directly with the only Grand Marshal of Zi Empire. This young prince has been on the battlefield for a long time. He must have many ways to deal with the undercover agents, let alone a gold level killer like him.


Xiu Gan greets Yu Wang who just entered the interrogation room with his entourage. Sitting on a wooden chair prepared for him, Yu Fengyao looked at the remaining murderer with a strong desire to kill. Smiling faintly, Yu Wang made everyone in the room feel almost frozen.

"This prince recommends that you tell what this prince wants to know. Although you will not be able to escape the death that you must receive for trying to kill this prince's wife, this prince will free you from a severe torment."

Taking a deep breath, the killer tried to strengthen himself not to say anything. He won't be able to escape death, then he also has to make the prince's entourage in front of him not get anything.

Staring at the determination emanating from the killer made Yu Fengyao smile happily. This Prince hopes that the killer is hard to solve. That way, Yu Wang could torture him long enough to vent his anger. Anger that requires something to be the object for venting his anger.

"You don't want to talk, that's great. This Prince hopes this happens."

Yu Fengyao smiled very coldly at the killer, making the man with a cut on his face give out cold sweat.

"This prince wants to see how long you stand under the torment that this prince will give you."

Cold calming rage emanated from Yu Fengyao's body as he rose from his seat to the pole where the killer was bound by an iron chain. When the prince was close enough about two meters from the killer, Yu Fengyao whispered, his lips muttered a spell, from his index finger a blood-red radiance flashed into the killer's head. Not long...


The killer's scream echoed in the closed room. Yu Fengyao sat back on the bench and drank the tea given by Butler Chen. Butler Chen gave a sympathetic look to the assassin who was enjoying the spell Yu Wang gave him.

Butler Chen had only seen Yu Wang use this spell named 'Twisted Inside' only twice during serving Wangye. This spell will make the recipient feel what it feels like when their internal organs move from their place in slow motion. They will feel as clearly as seeing it directly. After their internal organs move, their muscles and nerves will also shift, then their bones and their skin. Shuddering, Butler Chen tried to make his face as flat as possible.

"Please stop! I'll talk! I'll tell you everything I know! Please stop!!"

The killer shouted begging between his screams of pain. The spell Yu Wang gave him made the torture he had received throughout his life before like it was not tortured. He could not bear to accept this spell for only a short time but, he felt he had passed through the years.

"So fast ?! Isn't your determination to keep your mouth shut big? Just a minute ago this Prince gave this spell to you, you give up now? How about you enjoy it some more, make this prince happier seeing your twisted face?"

"Please-no, please stop it!! I'll tell you everything you want!"

Waving his hand, Yu Wang stopped the spell given to the killer. The killer who felt the spell in his body stopped, took a short breath. Full of fear in his eyes, the killer was grateful Yu Wang needed information from him.

"So tell this prince. Who asked you to kill this prince's wife?"

Panting, the killer told Yu Wang what was asked. Hearing the killer's revelations, Yu Fengyao's face became very angry. Yu Wang also asked many things about the killer's organization and got many things from him. After picking up a lot of information from him, Yu Wang left the interrogation room and let his men take care of the killer.

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