GRAND MARSHAL PAMPERED WIFE Chapter 26: 26. Yu Wang's rage. Part two.


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Yu Fengyao spurred his horse quickly followed by a group of guards to accompany him. His emotions continued to flare up because of the news he had received from Butler Chen. The old eunuch gave word that his wife had just received an attempted murder. Some people dare to send assassins to his wife! Thinking this made Yu Wang, who could normally control his emotions well, grow furious.

The distance between the restaurant's Yu Fengyao had visited to meet with his friends was quite far from Yu Wangfu. Yu Wangfu is in the northern area of Capital city, near the outskirts because Yu Wang doesn't like crowds. Yu Wang liked the quiet area and far from the settlements of the ministers so the previous Emperor gave the northern area near the mountains and vast forests as the residence of Yu Wang. This made Yu Wang have to spend quite a long time returning to his residence. He spent almost two hours even when he rides his horse at high speed right now.

Arriving at the gate of Yu Wangfu, Yu Fengyao immediately got off the horse and walked in. He immediately told the eunuch who was waiting for him to look for Butler Chen to meet him in person. Yu Fengyao continued to walk to the Hongmei Courtyard because he was worried about his wife's situation.


Butler Chen, Chu Min and Xiu Gan met Wangye on the way to the Hongmei Courtyard. Yu Fengyao glanced at them to tell him about what had happened earlier. Xiu Gan immediately whispered on his way to accompany Yu Wang who was walking fast enough. Because the Hongmei Courtyard was in the middle of Yu Wang's residence near Wangye's Zhending Courtyard, they were able to finish their conversation. Hearing the stories of his two subordinates involved in protecting Wangfei earlier, Yu Fengyao was upset.

"What is the state of the assassin leaders that you caught?"

Yu Fengyao asked Xiu Gan while trying to defuse his raging emotions because he did not want to frighten his wife when seeing the killing intent that radiated from his body.

"He is still unconscious now, Wangye. We put him in the dungeon. Xiu Gan has also removed the poison for suicide that is stored in the killer's teeth."

"Good action! This Prince wants to interrogate the killer himself. This Prince wants to know who dares to try to kill this prince's wife."

Reaching the Hongmei Courtyard door, Yu Wang told them to stop talking. Stepping in through the door opened by the young eunuch who worked there. Yu Wang walked into the wooden-brick house that's belong to his wife's.


Nanny Mo came to greet Yu Wang, who came along with a group of eunuchs, Chu Min and Xiu Gan. This old maid was quite honoured because Wangye had returned only shortly after the return of his young mistress's entourage. It seems like Wangye has begun to care about her young mistress.

Looking towards the old maid who had served his wife for a long time, Yu Wang put a satisfied smile on his face. He heard from Xiu Gan that this old maid was a Heaven Qi Warrior. At least his wife has a strong protector.

"This prince is happy to hear your greatness, Nanny Mo. If it wasn't for you, this prince didn't know what would happen to this prince's frail wife."

Hearing the praise contained in Yu Wang's words, Nanny Mo was flattered. She never thought that Yu Wang would say that to her.

"Yu Wang doesn't need to praise this old maid like that. This old maid only does the usual things to do to protect the young lady."

"The usual thing you do?! Does Wangfei often get attacks from assassins?"

"Ah-that .."

Nanny Mo looked hesitant to tell me about the experience of her young mistress while living in the Su family. It was not a pleasant experience.

Seeing Nanny Mo's reluctance to tell the past story, Yu Wang raised his eyebrows, feeling displeased.

"This prince will ask you everything later. Now, tell this prince. How is this prince's wife? Is she okay?!"

"Yes, fortunately, Wangfei is fine. The killers did not succeed in hurting Wangfei. It's just that this old maid doesn't know where the assassins came from?"

"Regarding that, you can leave it to this prince. This prince will find out who dares to send the assassins."

"Yes, this old maid believes in Wangye's ability to find out."

"Alright, has Wangfei rested yet?"

"Yes, it seems like the intense incident before made Wangfei feel tired so she was already resting in the bedroom. Does Wangye want this old maid to tell Wangye's arrival to Wangfei?"

"There's no need. This prince still has things to do first. This prince will come back later to spend the night here."

"All right, Wangye. This old maid will tell the young eunuch to keep the door open for Wangye's arrival."

Hearing Nanny Mo's reply, Yu Fengyao nodded. Knowing that his wife was tired because of the assassination attempt that had taken place on her made the desire to kill belongs to Yu Wang rise again when he was out of the door of the Hongmei Courtyard. The group of people who accompanied Wangye could feel the desire to kill from Wangye's which was radiating out of his tall and dashing body.

Yu Fengyao is a man who is usually always calm and cold. His emotions are always calm like the surface of a lake so it doesn't easy to make him angry. Throughout his life, Yu Wang rarely experienced events that made him want to kill. Even chaos in the battlefield did not easily bring up his desire to kill. During the war, killing there was only done as a duty and obligation as a soldier. But now, when he just realizing his interest in his wife makes it difficult to control the increasing anger in him and the anger demands to be vented.

"Wangye, do you want to directly interrogate the killer now?"

"Yes, prepare him, this prince wants to know who sent the assassins."

Hearing Yu Wang's orders, Xiu Gan immediately ran towards the prison and prepared the assassin who was still unconscious.

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