GRAND MARSHAL PAMPERED WIFE Chapter 25: 25. Yu Wang rage. Part one.


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The attack on her made Su Qingyi no longer interested in eating out anymore. She returned to riding the horse-drawn carriage when she saw that the assassin who had been knocked unconscious by Nanny Mo had been secured by the guards. Checking on Chu Min who was not seriously injured, they all returned to Wangfu with the remaining assassins.

Butler Chen heard that Wangfei's entourage returned to Wangfu, making him feel confused because Wangfei had just come out to eat at a restaurant. Why did they all come back after going out for a while?! Despite being confused by Wangfei's behaviour, Butler Chen still went out to welcome the return of Wangfei's horse-drawn carriage and also the escort group that accompanied her.


Butler Chen awaited Wangfei's return at the gate. Seeing Wangfei come out of the horse-drawn carriage, Butler Chen immediately greeted her. Wangfei looked tired, while the maid group who followed her looked angry. Staring at Chu Min and Xiu Gan, Butler Chen was seen asking them through his gaze.

"This Wangfei will return to the Hongmei Courtyard." Informing his direction, Su Qingyi immediately left the group of Butler Chen, without intending to tell anything.

After seeing the departure of Wangfei's entourage until they all no longer visible, Butler Chen turned around and used his gaze to ask Chu Min and Xiu Gan. The two men seemed rather hesitant to tell Butler Chen. But, considering that Wangfei did not forbid them, maybe they could tell this old eunuch. Moreover, Wangfei had just wanted to be assassinated. As Wangye's wife, Butler Chen had to know that someone wanted to kill Wangfei so that the old eunuch could tell Wangye.

"What makes you hesitate to tell what happened to this old eunuch? What happened? Why did you return so quickly? Reply to me!!"

"Regarding what happened, we should wait for Wangye's return." Xiu Gan decided to let him know after Wangye returned. Wangye must know that someone is trying to kill his wife. This concerns the pride of Wangye as Yu Wang.

"How can this old eunuch force Wangye home if you don't tell him the reason?"

"Wangfei wanted to be assassinated earlier." Chu Min could not help but tell.

"What?! Who is that brave?!"

Hearing that Wangfei was nearly killed made this old eunuch look angry. Luckily Wangfei returned safely, otherwise, Wangye would have been angry and ransacked Wangfu. Butler Chen could not imagine Wangye's wrath if Wangfei was injured.

"We don't know, but we caught one of the assassins. It looks like the captured assassin is the leader."

"Alright, this old eunuch will tell Wangye."

Yu Fengyao felt strange since he came to gather with his friends. Somehow he felt panic rising inside him. Although he refrained from displaying any expression on his flat face, the panic did not want to disappear. He felt something happened that made him feel uneasy. But, he did not understand what will be happening.

"Yu Wang, your amulet jade is shining. It seems like someone has told you something."

Zhan Junmin: The number one scholar in Zi Empire told Yu Wang when he saw the jade amulet that could be a communication tool in the continent shines. Jade amulet for this communication has its ranking. This high-quality jade amulet is only owned by upper-class nobles. Communication using jade amulet can be used with a great distance. Each amulet jade has its number.

Hearing his friend's notice, Yu Fengyao touched the amulet jade with his long fingers. Messages received by Jade Amulet will be immediately transferred to the mind of the owner once tapped twice. Getting the message in his mind, Yu Fengyao's face immediately looked pale. Shortly anger visible on his face.

'How dare they do that?!'

Rising from his seat, Yu Fengyao immediately left his friends who looked confused.

"Yu Wang, Yu Wang, what happened?!"

Lu Qianhui saw the prince strange behaviour and looks in a hurry, shouted at him. But, Yu Fengyao continued walking as if he didn't listen to his friend's screams.

Seeing the strangeness of Yu Fengyao, Lu Qianhui intended to follow the young prince. Just as he was about to follow the prince, Wu Qianglie pulled his hand away, making this man unable to follow Yu Wang away.

"Qianglie, why are you pulling me? This young lord wants to know why Yu Wang looks furious?!"

"Do you want to die? Yu Wang was very scary when he was angry." Wu Qianglie tried to remind his friend who was too curious about everything.

Wu Qianglie came from the noble family with most military officers inside the family. Due to the situation of his family full of military officers, Wu Qianglie used to work with Yu Wang on the battlefield. Yu Wang was not used to being angry when fighting, but if he were that angry, he would be very scary. Wu Qianglie did not want to be near the prince if he was experiencing an emotional state like now.

"But, we're good friends. If Yu Wang has a problem we can help him." Lu Qianhui tried to give his friend a reason.

"Don't come near him if Yu Wang hasn't called us. We can't carelessly meddle in the prince's affairs. If Yu Wang needs us, he will call us to help him. Before that happens, just stay quiet and wait for his summons."

"Lu Qianhui, you must listen to the advice of Wu Qianglie, he has often worked together with Yu Wang. In a way, Wu Qianglie knows well how to work with Yu Wang." Zhan Junmin tried to calm his friend who interfered with his calm logic.

Looking at all the young men in the room with him trying to make him not interfere with Yu Wang's problems without being asked, made Lu Qianhui sit back on his wooden chair.

"Alright, if you insist. This young lord will wait for news from Yu Wang calmly."

After calming Lu Qianhui, the other three young men again tried to drink tea calmly even though they also felt curious about the problem Yu Wang was facing. Yu Wang usually always be calm and cold. He only cared about his mother and also the emperor. Yu Wang's emotions also rarely ignited. This makes them all worried.

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