GRAND MARSHAL PAMPERED WIFE Chapter 24: 24. Assassins on the loose. Part three.


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All assassins move together to attack all the guards. Seeing the assassins attacking the guards, Chu Min immediately made the horse-drawn carriage move forward leaving the scene. The move Chu Min did make the killers split off so that seven assassins attacked the guards while the rest chased the horse-drawn carriage. Xiu Gan was annoyed he was underestimated by these killers so he immediately beheaded the assassin who was his opponent and chased after the other killers. He left his men because he knew all his men could finish off the other killers.

Being one of the elite guards' troops under Yu Wang's leadership made them all stronger compared to other Qi level warriors. Spurring his horse faster, Xiu Gan was able to reach one of the killers who was chasing Yu Wangfei's horse carriage. Using his sword, Xiu Gan immediately threw his sword slash towards the killer.

The assassin who was attacked by the slash of the man's sword immediately used his sword to fight back. The power of the bodyguard's slash made the killer get thrown from his horse. Riding a horse, Xiu Gan slashes once again past the assassin who fell on the road. The incision killed him because he could not protect himself.

Meanwhile, the horse carriage contained Wangfei and several maids inside found the situation around feels strange because the horse carriage's movements suddenly stopped and moved quickly.

"Chu min, what happened?" Yu Wangfei's voice came from inside the horse-drawn carriage.

"There is no problem, Wangfei. Only a few rats cause trouble. The guards can take care of them."

"Are you sure the guards can handle it?"

"Of course, the guards given by Wangye come from elite guardian troops who are trained directly by Wangye."

Hearing confidence in the voice of his horse carriage driver, Su Qingyi was silent and accepted. That's right, the group of guards sent by Yu Wang was better than the martial artists out there. Feeling calmer, Su Qingyi could only hold on to the horse-drawn carriage because the driver was driving quite fast.

While the horse-drawn carriage was being driven violently by Chu Min, he felt an attack from the side, turning sideways, the assassin in black was throwing a palm attack at him. Chu Min hit back and bounced off the horse-drawn carriage make the horse-drawn carriage stop suddenly.

"Wangfei, are you alright?"

The anxious maid's voice from inside the train made the assassin who was now in the coachman smile cruelly. Yu Wangfei, the target of this killer group was found on the carriage according to the information received. Feeling happy, this killer opened the curtain and intended to enter, killing all passengers on the carriage. Just opening the curtain, the killer felt a strong and deadly blow from inside, making him reply to the palm that was attacking him.

"Really?! How dare you try to kill my young mistress ?!"

The figure of an old maid gets out from the carriage while patting his wrinkled palms. It turns out that the one who hit the killer was Nanny Mo. This old maid made the killer bounce some distance from the horse-drawn carriage. Su Qingyi was quite surprised at the ability of the old maid who cared for her like her child.

"Woah, Master, Nanny Mo is a cultivator!"

The sound of Yuten's scream in Su Qingyi's mind made the young woman flinch again. She did not expect that the old maid who had accompanied her since birth was a cultivator. How could a cultivator like Nanny Mo want to become a maid in families like the Su family? From what is known by Su Qingyi's body memory, groups of cultivators are rarely among ordinary people. They are very hard to find.

Xiu Gan was stunned to see an old maid who usually accompanied Wangfei. He had just wanted to beat up the assassin who landed on the horse coachman's place when the killer bounced some distance from the horse-drawn carriage. When Xiu Gan is confused as to why the killer bounced, Nanny Mo got out of the horse-drawn carriage and cursed the killer with apparent anger.

So far, the chief guard thought that all Wangfei's maids were a collection of ordinary people who did not have any martial arts. But, now from the strength of the energy released by the old maid, he felt the energy as strong as the Heaven Qi warrior. Realizing the direction of his mind, Xiu Gan dropped his jaw because the old maid was a Heaven Qi warrior.

Xiu Gan stunned look was seen by all the guards who had reached their place. They were confused to see their captain's looking very surprised. Patting Xiu Gan's shoulder, they wanted to call their captain when this group of young bodyguards saw the energy emanating from Nanny Mo. All these guards also dropped their jaws.

"How-How can this happen? Nanny Mo a Heaven Qi warrior?!"

One of the guards' screams aroused the other guards from their surprise.

"Hmph! So what if this old maid is a Heaven Qi warrior? You all Wangfei's bodyguards are not working well! This killer almost hurt Wangfei, fortunately, this old maid accompanied Wangfei."

Nanny Mo seemed unhappy with the performance of the bodyguards who almost made her young mistress almost hurt. Luckily this old maid insisted on going with Wangfei. If Wangfei been hurt, she will throw tantrums at Wangfu. Even though this old maid wasn't sure she could hurt Yu Wang, she was sure she could mess up Wangfu if Wangfei was injured.

"Nanny Mo, don't be like that. The guards also must have tried hard to deal with them."

Su Qingyi's attempt to calm Nanny Mo made the old maid snort at the guards who were silent because of the old maid's scolding.

"Alright, this old maid won't nag you all anymore because of my young mistress mercy. Catch the killer! This old maid wants to know who wants to kill Wangfei!"

Hearing orders from Nanny Mo, all the guards immediately caught the killer who fainted due to Nanny Mo's palm attack. Hearing orders from Nanny Mo, all the guards immediately caught the killer who fainted due to Nanny Mo's punch. All of these bodyguards felt they still could not believe that Wangfei had a Heaven Qi Warrior as a personal maid.

In Wangye's elite guards, a Heaven Qi Warrior is the captain of the elite number one guards. All the guards wanted to reach that level so that they could be part of the guards who served Wangye directly, but now they knew that Wangfei had a Heaven Qi Warrior as a maid.

"Wangfei, are you alright?"

Nanny Mo returned to behaving like an ordinary old maid who cared deeply about her young mistress. Her behaviour made the guards swallow hard. Even though Nanny Mo knew that the guards couldn't believe she was just an ordinary old maid now, she didn't care. This old maid never tried to cover up her abilities. When his young mistress still lived at Su's residence, Wangfei often had midnight attacks. All threats were cleared by this old maid cleanly.

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