GRAND MARSHAL PAMPERED WIFE Chapter 23: 23. Assassins on the loose. Part two.


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"This prince receives congratulations from you."

Yu Fengyao's words caused the four young men in the private restaurant room to immediately look at him in disbelief. They knew that this Emperor's younger brother did not like the wedding order the Emperor had given him. The last time they gathered, Yu Wang was furious and disappointed to hear that he had to marry the daughter of the famous Su family who was not attractive and timid. How could this young and most attractive prince at Zi Empire change his mind so quickly? Is it possible that this man in front of them is not the real Yu Wang?!

"Yu Wangye, are you alright?"

Wu Qianglie, the military officer of the Flying Wolf battalion, looked worried. Hearing anxiety in the voice of his usually serious and reserved friend made Yu Wang chuckle.

"Don't worry, this Prince is fine."

"If Yu Wang is doing well, why do you look like you accepted your marriage so well? Didn't Yu Wang get angry before when Wangye knows had to marry Su Qingyi?!" Lu Qianhui seemed to not understand this prince's attitude.

"Well, everything is different now. My wife is not too bad, instead, my wife is very good in my opinion."

Yu Fengyao let out a gentle smile involuntarily when he remembering Su Qingyi. Seeing the look on his friend's face, Lu Qianhui was curious about Yu Wangfei. It seems like the bad rumour about Su Qingyi that she is useless and unattractive, is wrong. A young woman who could change the opinion of one Yu Fengyao who was critical and not easily influenced, within just a few days of marriage made Su Qingyi not fit the bad rumours that were circulating.

"Is Yu Wangfei that good?"

Lu Qianhui changed the way he called Yu Wang's wife quickly. He still wants to live longer. Lu Qianhui felt that Yu Fengyao liked his new wife enough. Hearing Lu Qianhui's question, the other three friends of Yu Wang also felt curious. They began to feel interested in getting to know their new sister in law.

"This Prince is not interested in telling you more about this Prince's wife."

Yu Fengyao was not interested in getting his four friends to find out more about his wife. He does not want many people to know that his wife is not following rumours. Even though Su Qingyi has now become his wife, Yu Fengyao still feels upset when many bees roam near his wife when they know that his wife is far from boring. So, this prince will let bad rumours about his wife continue to circulate to keep many bees from knowing that Su Qingyi is far different from those bad rumours.

Su Qingyi chose one of the large restaurant that was quite famous for their cuisine from the advice of the horse-drawn coachman; Chu min. The young man, who was quite neat as a coachman, was engaged to one of the maids sent by Butler Chen to serve Su Qingyi when he first married Yu Wang. Chu Min sometimes became a driver of the Yu Wang horse carriage before the prince married, so he knew enough about the many reputable restaurants in Capital City. Getting approval from Wangfei, Chu Min brought a horse-drawn carriage to a restaurant called Delicious Taste Restaurant.

On the way from Yu Wangfu to the restaurant, Yu Wangfei's entourage passed a fairly quiet street. Although usually the streets they have to pass don't have many people passing by, but today this road feels too quiet. This strange situation made Xiu Gan feel something odd.

"Captain, this road feels too quiet." one of the guards whispered to Xiu Gan.

Hearing the bodyguard's words, the other bodyguards immediately became alert. Xiu Gan glanced at all the guards he brought along with Wangfei today. In a hurry because of Wangfei's sudden desire to eat outside, Xiu Gan only brought six bodyguards. All the guards he brought were Qi level, martial artists. Xiu Gan is the strongest and is the second level of the Earth Qi Warrior.

"Everyone be alert!"

For a moment Xiu Gan warned his men, the sound of arrows flying towards the horse carriage and also the guards could be heard.

"Everyone, protect Wangfei!"

Hearing the captain's guards' orders, all the guards used their horses to immediately surround the horse-drawn carriage that was stopping due to avoiding arrows. Chu Min skillfully stopped the horse-drawn carriage when he heard the arrow directed at the horse-drawn carriage. This man was rather accustomed to handling this situation because he sometimes became the driver of the Yu Wang train first. All who have served Yu Wang must possess sufficiently high self-defence skills. At least they shouldn't be a burden on Yu Wang in all situations.

"Chu Min, control the horse-drawn carriage well!" Xiu Gan gives orders to the horse carriage driver. This man with a sharp gaze immediately took out a sharp sword from the sheath hanging from his waist. His actions were followed by all his men.

"Don't worry, Captain, you can concentrate on the rats."

Many figures dressed in black came out of their hiding as the archers managed to stop the horse carriage with Yu Wangfei's group inside. All of these figures are assassins totalling more than ten people. They were a group of silver-ranked assassins who had Qi Warrior level martial arts.

Moving quickly using their movement skills, these assassins immediately confronted guards who according to their senders only had Qi level abilities. Seeing the seven bodyguards they all believed they could kill everyone including Yu Wangfei who was notoriously weak and could not defend himself.

"Finish everything!" order the leader of the killers, coldly.

"How dare you! Inside this horse carriage is Yu Wang's wife."

Xiu Gan is trying to make the killers change their mind. He wanted to know the exact purpose of these killers.

"Yu Wangfei is indeed the person we must kill."

The leader of the assassins was sure he could finish off everyone in the group in front of him so he didn't try to cover up the target he wanted to finish.

"Move and kill them!"

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