GRAND MARSHAL PAMPERED WIFE Chapter 21: 21. Using Wangye. Part three.


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Licking and making hickeys on his wife's slender neck, Yu Fengyao was happy to see the mark left by him on Su Qingyi's neck. Yu Fengyao used his long fingers to lower the upper straps of his wife's upper garment, which originally wrapped around the neck. When lowering the upper garment strap, Yu Fengyao could see his wife's small white breasts. Seeing that, Yu Fengyao let go of his wife's upper garment with one pull and threw it on the floor. The pull made Su Qingyi immediately try to cover her white breasts with brownish peaks which were visible.

Seeing his wife trying to cover her twin white breasts, Yu Fengyao used one hand to handcuff his wife's hands and pull both hands over her head. Su Qingyi tried to let go of his hand but was unable to escape. Her struggle made Yu Fengyao's eyes glued to her breasts glittering passionately.

"Wangye, please let my hands go.."

Su Qingyi tried to beg her husband to let go of her hands held by her husband large palm. Her face flushed at the thought of her naked upper body looking bare in front of her husband.

"No, this prince doesn't want Wangfei to cover your beautiful breasts from the eyes of this prince."

"But, this Wangfei is embarrassed to be seen like this in front of Wangye."

"Why should you be ashamed? This prince is Wangfei's husband. Seeing Wangfei's body is the right of this prince to enjoy it. Wangfei looks very tempting in the eyes of this prince. This prince wants to enjoy it longer. Wangfei must not cover it from this prince anymore."

Hearing the words of Yu Fengyao who tried to calm her down made Su Qingyi no longer try to escape. Letting her husband look at Su Qingyi's naked upper body, Su Qingyi blushed even more. Yu Fengyao slowly used his other hand to gently touch her breasts. Yu Wang also began kissing and licking his wife's breasts, enjoying them like enjoying delicious food. His actions made Su Qingyi let out moans softly but clearly in Yu Wang's sensitive ears. The sound of his wife's moaning voices made Yu Wang even bolder. He squeezed and rubbed his wife's soft breasts with mild pressure. Like kneading dough.

"Looks like Wangfei likes this prince fondle on your breasts?"

"Wangye, you meanie-"

Hearing the accusations in his wife's voice that sounded like a kitten made Yu Fengyao chuckle in a deep voice.

Refocusing his attention on his wife's supple breasts, Yu Fengyao squeezed again slowly and licked and also left many kiss marks in his wife's white breasts. Yu Wang also sucked on the top of his wife's breast like sucking milk-making Su Qingyi shouted softly. Unwittingly, Yu Fengyao released the shackles from Su Qingyi's hands. The freehand of Su Qingyi was on Yu Wang's thick, long hair. This young woman tried to stop the lips of her husband who was enjoying the top of her breasts by gently pulling the hair on Yu Wang's head.

Smiling faintly, Yu Fengyao who felt the soft pull in his hair continued to suck and lick his wife's nipple. He will not stop enjoying the sweet dishes in his mouth.

"Wangye, you drive this wife crazy."

Su Qingyi made a small protest amidst the pleasurable sighs.

"This Prince likes to make you lose your mind."

Yu Wang's answer in the middle of his sucking. During the teasing of his wife's breasts, Yu Wang did not forget to remove the underpants of the young woman who was squirming with pleasure under his powerful and muscular body.

Throwing his wife's underwear, Yu Wang touched his wife's wet private area. Feeling the wetness of his wife's little cave made this young man remember the first time he took his wife's virginity which was dry before it became wet from the blood.

He recalled what his colleagues in the military had said that women had to get wet before their little cave could be entered by men. Considering his behaviour on their first night, Yu Wang was determined to make up for everything from his wife from now on. He was sure that after enjoying his wife tonight, he would do it again.

Thinking about all that did not stop Yu Fengyao from entering his wife's little cave which was already very wet because of his touch. Moving slowly at first, Yu Fengyao enjoyed every moan that flowed out of Su Qingyi's mouth like a sweet song.

"Wangfei is very delicious inside." Yu Fengyao whispered in a hoarse and deep voice in his wife's ear.

Hearing praise full of teasing tone made Su Qingyi, who had blushed a little, bite her slightly swollen lips. Seeing his wife who was embarrassed because of his teasing made Yu Fengyao feel happy. He did not understand why he easily believed that his wife was not at all attractive. If only he knew his wife was this interesting, maybe he would have behaved better on their first night.

Yu Wang moved in and out of his wife's body with a slow and energetic movement. He could feel his wife's little cave sucking on his little prince forcefully making him feel even greater pleasure. Sighing softly, Yu Fengyao made his wife follow the rhythm of his movements. Su Qingyi readily followed him. This young woman also did not forget to secretly activate cultivation art in her body when her husband entered her body with his little prince. In silence, Su Qingyi carried out dual cultivation without her husband's knowledge.

After reaching the top several times and taking out the seeds in his wife's womb, Yu Fengyao contentedly pulled his little prince from his wife's little cave. Seeing his wife who looked weak and sleepy, Yu Fengyao involuntarily looked softly at her.

Kissing his wife's soft forehead, Yu Wang called the maid to prepare bath water so he could clean his wife's and his sweaty body. Not long after, the maid informed him that the bathwater had been prepared, Yu Fengyao raised his wife's light body to the bathroom. Laying his wife's body in the bathtub, Yu Fengyao went outside to get towels and a change of clothes the maid had given them. During Yu Wang's departure, Su Qingyi limply poured two cups of spiritual water from the space into the warm bath. She needs this mixture of water energy to make her tired body turn better.

After pouring out spiritual water from her space, Su Qingyi could no longer hold off her drowsiness and immediately fell asleep without restraint. She did not know what happened to her next. She could only feel the faint feelings of Yu Fengyao cleaning her body in the bathtub while her tired body leaned on the solid body of the man. After that, she can feel her body being laid on the bed and the man holds her body to sleep together.

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