GRAND MARSHAL PAMPERED WIFE Chapter 20: 20. Using Wangye. Part two.


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Gathering her courage, blushing, Su Qingyi asked Wangye; "Wangye, do you want to spend the night at the Hongmei Courtyard?"

Hearing Su Qingyi's question, Yu Fengyao was stunned silently, at that moment his heart seemed to stop beating. Taking a deep breath on sly, he slowly turned and looked questioningly at his wife. This handsome man was afraid of hearing the wrong words that came out of his wife's apple red lips.

"Wangfei, what did you say just now?" Yu Fengyao whispered in a deep and heavy voice, inquiring.

Biting her red and rather thick lips, Su Qingyi blushed red. She felt like beating a handsome man in front of her who was still staring in disbelief. How could this man want her to repeat that question?! To ask that question, she must use all her courage, you know?!

Seeing his wife's blushing face, Yu Fengyao realized that he had not heard wrong. Feeling attracted to his wife's wish to invite him to spend the night at Wangfei's residence made Yu Fengyao review a faint smile. He walked back towards his wife and subconsciously looked at Su Qingyi gently.

Touching his wife's oval face which turned out to be so delicate as an eggshell, Yu Fengyao asked; "Is Wangfei sure you invited this Prince to spend the night with you?"

Su Qingyi's face turned even redder when she felt her husband's big hands touch her face gently. She could feel the warmth from Yu Fengyao's callous palm as he rubbed her cheek and jaw. Nervous, unable to speak, Su Qingyi could only nod slowly answering Yu Wang's question.

"Alright, this prince will grant your wish. This prince will stay tonight at the Hongmei Courtyard." Staring intensely at his wife, Yu Fengyao continued; "But, Wangfei has to serve this prince well tonight, alright?"

Hearing the teasing tone in Yu Fengyao's words, Su Qingyi felt ashamed and blushed, making Yu Wang laugh softly.

Yu Wang followed his wife's slow steps to the bedroom located not far from the Hongmei Courtyard dining room. During the trip, Yu Wang could see that his wife's residence had a beautiful view. As far as the prince can remember, the Hongmei Courtyard did not have a view of plants that were as good as they were today. Looks like his wife is talented in decorating this place well. Hongmei Courtyard now feels like a comfortable home to him.

Shortly after they walked, they arrived at the door of Su Qingyi's bedroom. Feeling doubtful, Su Qingyi was silent standing in front of the bedroom door with her small hand on the door. Looking at his wife, Yu Fengyao raised his hand and placed his large palm on his wife's. Slowly he helped push the door of the room. This man will not let his wife try to back away from his invitation. No man who begins to be attracted to his wife will let his wife run away when she has awakened a wild animal in him.

Looking around the room, Yu Fengyao could smell the fragrance that usually smelled from his wife's body scattered in the room. Inhaling the fragrance deeply, Yu Fengyao liked it a lot. Closing the door of the bedroom behind him, Yu Fengyao moved toward his wife like a hunter saw a prey. Her husband's gaze made Su Qingyi feel like she was being hunted by a wild beast.


Su Qingyi's call to her husband disappeared quickly because Yu Fengyao's lips swallowed his voice. This man is not good at kissing because he has never done it in twenty years of his life. Realizing how bad her husband was in kissing, Su Qingyi was forced to secretly teach her husband to kiss. Slowly she tried to bite her husband's lips and licked his lips. Yu Fengyao, who felt his wife's bit his lips in small bite did the same thing. When his wife licking his lips, he follows.

The kiss slowly filled with trial and error became deeper and smoulder. The kiss they both did make their bodies feel hotter. Yu Fengyao, while kissing, also led his wife to a large wooden bed in a room lined with soft feathers spread over it.


The soft sound of her body impact made Su Qingyi realize that she had been herded by the handsome young man who was still kissing her lips. Turning her gaze to the bed, Yu Fengyao's kiss landed on her smooth neck. Smelling the thick fragrance of Su Qingyi's body from her slender neck made Yu Fengyao involuntarily lick his wife's neck. Her husband licking made Su Qingyi's body shudder.

"Wangye, wait-"

Feeling Yu Fengyao's passion which increasingly peaked made Su Qingyi try to make him slow down the tempo of their flirtation. Unfortunately, Yu Fengyao was not interested in slowing down his movements. Kissing his wife back, Yu Fengyao dispelled his wife's small protest. Using his hands, Yu Fengyao began to strip off the outer clothes Su Qingyi was wearing and toss them to the side of the bed. Yu Fengyao's action to take off his wife's clothes was quite clumsy because he had never removed another woman's clothes before. Even when on the battlefield, Yu Wang was never interested in using army prostitutes to serve him on the bed. Su Qingyi was the first woman for Yu Wang.

Seeing the young woman lying under his body only wearing underwear made Yu Fengyao swallow hard. When he touched this young woman on the night of the wedding, because of his anger about the exchange of the bride, Yu Fengyao only took Su Qingyi's virginity without being interested in enjoying her body. But, now seeing the state of Su Qingyi who was staring at him with watery eyes and swollen lips due to his kiss made Yu Fengyao feel the flames burning in his body. Yu Fengyao took off the clothes he was wearing without taking his eyes from the beautiful view of his wife.

After removing his outerwear, Yu Fengyao looked down to kiss his wife's neck, and whispered; "Wangfei, it's tempting tonight."


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