GRAND MARSHAL PAMPERED WIFE Chapter 18: 18. Want to make the body stronger. Part Two.


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Su Qingyi received the cultivation art that Yuten sent into her mind. When reading the first volume given, Su Qingyi felt familiar with every word in the first volume. She felt she had learned every word in there. Trying to remember, Su Qingyi felt her head hurt and stopped her effort to remember. Kneading her head, Su Qingyi concentrated on using the cultivation art given by Yuten and began to practice.

Using the cultivation art Su Qingyi began to inhale the qi around her. Qi that enters her body is shaped like thin threads, this qi enters the body through every pore. The qi that enters her body begins to circulate in the body following the blood vessels and meridians that are spread in her body for a few circles. Unbeknownst to her, Yuten made a protective barrier around her room so that no one could notice that a cultivator was practising at the residence of Yu Wangfu.

Practising for an hour, Su Qingyi quickly reached Physical Strength level one from having no level at all. Feeling the difference with her body made this young woman feel happy. She could feel that her body had become stronger and more flexible. Taking a deep breath, she smelled an unpleasant odour from her body covered in black mucus. The clothes she wore before starting to practice were wet because of the mucus that covered her entire body.

"Geez, what is this?!"

Su Qingyi was surprised to see the state of her body covered in mucus that smelled so unpleasant.

"Don't worry, Master. Your body has begun to trace the initial stages of cultivating so your body cleans the impurities inside to be able to make it easier for you to level up."

Listening to Yuten's explanation, Su Qingyi nodded in understanding. She immediately told one of the servants to prepare bath water so she could wash up. Standing in front of a wooden bathtub, Su Qingyi immediately took off her clothes, which became very dirty. Taking spiritual water from the space, she mixes two full cups into the bathtub. Yuten had said that she could use two cups of spiritual water for her body to bathe because she had already started practising.

After cleaning up and changing clothes, Su Qingyi felt hungry. Looking out, it was already nighttime. When she arrived at Wangfu after going out, it was just a late afternoon. Feeling tired she sent out all her maids before and wanted to rest. She did not think that just by practising to cultivate, all her fatigue could disappear quickly.

Rubbing her starving stomach, Su Qingyi came out of the room and walked into the kitchen. On the way, she met with Fulin and Yunyan. The two maids immediately followed Wangfei into the kitchen. In the kitchen, Su Qingyi found a chef and two kitchen assistant sent by Butler Chen to help her cook. Wangye's old eunuch told her that Wangye forbade her to cook alone. Su Qingyi had to use the Chef and kitchen assistants to help with her cooking so she was forced to let them help her inside the kitchen or she can't cook.

Looking at the three kitchen people sent by Butler Chen, Su Qingyi felt rather disappointed. These three people did not seem to like the job given by Butler Chen to help her. The look on their faces looked annoyed looking at her. Realizing that these three people were forced to come to help in her Hongmei Courtyard made Su Qingyi felt lazy to ask for help from these three people.

For dinner, Su Qingyi wishes to cook Chinese Shrimp Stir Fry, Easy fish soup, and deep-fried eggplant. Get lazy for called out to the three people who only looked at her with annoyed expressions, Su Qingyi made her two maids help. Chef Wang and his two assistants only looked at the young woman who was Wangye's wife now. They were initially sceptical that a noblewoman like Wangfei could cook well in the kitchen.

Even though they heard it from Butler Chen, but these three people were pessimistic that Wangfei could cook. Seeing how the young lady gave orders very expertly in the kitchen to process ingredients made these three people feel surprised. The food Wangfei was trying to make was never heard by these three people so they just silently watched and listened to all the instructions that happened in the kitchen.

Listening to all the instructions from Wangfei for her two maids made these three people want to record everything. Too bad they didn't bring a notebook so they could write down the recipe given by Wangfei to his two maids. Unable to resist seeing how lame Wangfei's two maids in helping to handle all Wangfei's instructions, the three men took over the duties of the two maids.

Seeing the three men sent by Butler Chen replacing her two maids to help cook, Su Qingyi only raised her eyebrows and let them help. The two maids were indeed not very good at handling all the instructions she gave while the three men did very well. Maybe because they have been struggling in the kitchen for a long time.

"You two can leave here. Find out if Wangye wants to have dinner with this Wangfei?"

"Yes, Wangfei."

Fulin and Yunyan left the kitchen, leaving Wangfei to be assisted by the three new kitchen employees. Smiling thinly they could see that Chef and his two assistants were interested in learning Wangfei's recipes. Seeing that Wangfei had let them help her, the two maids realized that Wangfei intended to use all three.

"Fulin, Yunyan, why did you leave Wangfei alone in the kitchen? Didn't you two help Wangfei cook?" Nanny Mo saw the two maids leaving the kitchen without accompanying Wangfei to cook in the kitchen, making her confused.

"Nanny Mo, did you forget that Butler Chen sent a Chef and two kitchen assistants?"

"Of course I remember. I'm getting old but not senile."

Hearing Nanny Mo's grunt, Fulin and Yunyan chuckled.

"The three men are now helping Wangfei in the kitchen."

"Oh, they want to help Wangfei? As far as I know, they look upset sent to help at the Hongmei Courtyard."

"Yes, they initially did not care about Wangfei. They did not even greet Wangfei when Wangfei entered the kitchen and met them. They only scowled, acting indifferently towards Wangfei." Fulin began to tell what had happened in the kitchen.

"Then how do they want to help Wangfei now?" Nanny Mo looked confused, did not understand.

"Nanny Mo, you know that Wangfei is quite adept at cooking now. Wangfei also makes new dishes now, seeing those three people they seem to like to cook. It's only natural that they are interested in seeing Wangfei cook and want to learn Wangfei's recipes by helping in the kitchen."

Yunyan continued Fulin's explanation, making Nanny Mo enlightened. Indeed, Wangfei was now more adept at cooking compared to when they were still living in Su's residence. Maybe it's because when they were all still living at Su's residence, Wangfei couldn't get many kinds of dishes so that she could only cook simple dishes. Now Wangfei's cooking ability and variety of homemade dishes can be made because at Wangfu, whatever ingredients Wangfei asks can be given by Butler Chen to be sent to the Hongmei Courtyard.

"Nanny Mo, Wangfei wants to know if Wangye wants to have dinner with Wangfei."

"Oh, then let me send the eunuch to ask Wangye's place."

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