GRAND MARSHAL PAMPERED WIFE Chapter 17: 17. Want to make the body stronger. Part One.


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Su Qingyi climbed into the horse-drawn carriage waiting in front of the shop. Sighing, she felt happy because she could take over one of her stores. She felt that to take over all of her heritage stores would not take long.

"Wangfei, do you want to go back to Wangfu now?"

The coachman of the horse-drawn carriage asked Wangfei for her next destination.

"Yes, we are returning to Wangfu. This Wangfei has been out of the house for a long time. Maybe Wangye asked me if this Wangfei went away for too long."

Hearing Wangfei's notice, the coachman of the horse-drawn carriage immediately ran the horse-drawn carriage to return to Wangfu.

"What do you mean, Su Qingyi took over the Jade Jewel Pavilion shop?"

In the Su family's residence, a woman over 30 years old glared intently at several people wearing uniforms from the Jade Jewel Pavilion shop. These people were staffs from the Hong clan who were fired by Su Qingyi. They have a close kinship with Second Madam's servants from the Hong family. That's the reason Second Madam used them to control the shop.

"Second madam, madam Xu's daughter came to the shop and took over the store after sending Manager Hong Qi to prison."

"What?! How could that happen?"

The staff told them what they knew about Hong Qi's arrest and the dismissal of all staff who had relations with the Second Madam. Hearing this news, Second Madam; Hong Tiaoqing looked furious. She did not expect that the young woman would take over the store quickly.

"Don't you all fight her back?"

"We cannot fight back her orders because Madam Xu's daughter brought a group of bodyguards who defeated our resistance easily."

"She has bodyguards?!"

Hearing that Su Qingyi had bodyguard group accompanying her made Second Madam feel strange. Didn't her daughter say that Yu Wang had never been in contact with the young woman, let alone like her enough to send a group of guards to accompany her? Or maybe that cowardly young woman made an exchange with Yu Wang so she could borrow bodyguards from Yu Wang.

"All right, all of you can leave now. This madam will think of a way to solve all this."

Hearing Second Madam's orders, the staff immediately left the residence of this attractive, mature woman. Frowning, Hong Tiaoqing was confused about how to solve all this. She could not let Su Qingyi take Xu Qingrou heritage shop. If the woman's daughter took the Jade Jewel Pavilion store from her, she would lose a source of income to support her luxurious lifestyle. Make a decision quickly, she decided to get rid of the young woman as soon as possible. She could not let the store that made her position in the Su family stable, vanished from her grip.

"Wangye, Wangfei has returned."

Butler Chen gave the news of Wangfei's return to his young prince. Yu Fengyao had returned a few hours ago from work at the Palace.

"Hmm, check Wangfei's situation for this Wang."

"Does Wangye want to eat together with Wangfei? Then what if this old eunuch immediately told Wangfei to cook food so she could eat with Wangye."

"There's no need, Wangfei must be tired after taking care of her heritage shop all day. This Wangye doesn't want to make her too tired, the young woman's body is too weak. It's better to let her rest early."

Hearing Yu Fengyao subconsciously caring to his wife, although Butler Chen felt surprised he did not display it on his face. Nodding, Butler Chen left Wangye's study room and sent an assistant eunuch to find out Wangfei's condition. Inside, this old eunuch counted the days until he could hand over the administrative matters of the prince's residence to Wangfei.

In the Hongmei Courtyard, Su Qingyi soaked in warm water mixed with water from her spirit tool. Feeling the efficacy of this mixed water seeped in her body, Su Qingyi felt less fatigue. This body was too weak, just taking over one shop had made her tired like this. Luckily she has water from the spirit tool to help make her body feel better. But, this cannot continue. She has to start cultivating.

"Master, do you finally want to start cultivating? Yuten has been waiting for you to decide for so long. Yuten is not accustomed to seeing Master so weak. Master's body usually very strong."

"Do you think that Master's body is very weak?"

"Yes, very weak. You have to make your body stronger, Master. Your body now can be easily killed by people. Yuten doesn't want you to be hurt easily. You were never this weak before, you are usually the one who bullies other people."

"Hearing these memories of you about my past life makes me feel uncomfortable. Is Master behaviour that bad in my past life?"

"Master, fortunately, you forgot all about it."

Yuten could not let Master remember all his bad behaviour in the past life. He was afraid that Master's behaviour would be like before. It's better to let Master repeat from the beginning.

"You look afraid that Master remembers my past life?"

Listening to the suspicion in Su Qingyi's voice, Yuten let out cold sweat in his mind. Yuten tried to divert the attention of his Master from her past life.

"Master, you can use the cultivation art you used to use. This cultivation art of yours is very extraordinary and is one of the best cultivation arts in Celestial World. This cultivation art can make you cultivate quickly without problems. You can draw energy from your surroundings, so you can cultivate even in this Mortal World."

"Alright, Master will follow your advice."

Yuten sent his memory of the cultivation art that was used by his master. This cultivation art was one of the oldest and was discovered by his Master when she first started practising cultivation. This cultivation art was one of the secrets belonging to his master and was only known by a few people. This cultivation art is called The Ancient primordial chaos energy. Using this cultivation art, the Master can practice anywhere because the energy that can be used to practice can use any energy and in any world.

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