GRAND MARSHAL PAMPERED WIFE Chapter 16: 16. Incident inside The Jade Jewel Pavilion. Part four.


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Taking the list of names of all staff that she has written in the office. She handed it to her chief bodyguard to read it. Xiu Gan received a paper full of name writing inside and said it out loud. His voice echoed in the room even though this man in black didn't shout. From his actions, it could be seen that the head of the bodyguards had high martial arts inner power. Realizing that her husband gave a group of bodyguards with high martial arts abilities just to protect her made Su Qingyi feel happy in his heart. Having a good relationship with her instant husband is indeed a good choice.

During the summons by the names, Xiu Gan made some of the gathered staff aware that the staff whose names were called served different parties. The people who were called by Xiu Gan were a group of old staff under Manager Shen Wu before he was fired by Second Madam. This makes staff whose names are not called to feel anxious and uneasy. Seeing each other, finally, some decided to ask about the difference in staff calls made by the shop owner's guards.

Hearing the staff's question that sounded anxious, made Su Qingyi smiled cynically. How dare they ask why they were not called. With the performance of these people who only enjoy blind paycheck because they have a close relationship with the family of Second Madam. Seeing how they were so shameless made Su Qingyi not want to explain and only wanted to throw them out of the store. It feels so lazy to have to spend time to take care of all these people.

Taking a deep breath, Su Qingyi knew that she had to explain so that they all realized that they were not needed by the shop. Su Qingyi had to make them all realize that this shop was no longer under Second Madam's power. They can't just enjoy blind salary without working in this shop anymore. All staff who did not work at all, Su Qingyi would not let them pollute this shop anymore. Her shop has no obligation to finance these lazy and greedy people.

Taking out other notes containing reports on the work of the staff who were not called at the beginning. Xiu Gan received the second note from Wangfei, briefly reading the contents of the note. As soon as he read it, the look on the head of the bodyguard immediately looked furious. He turned his gaze towards the staff who were not called. With a voice that was heavier and containing anger in it, Xiu Gan read the second note from Wangfei.

The staff who were not called mostly had the family name, Hong. They are part of the Hong family, the family of the Second Madam. These staff immediately turned pale upon hearing reports of their years of work at the Jade Jewel Pavilion store. They never work well and always throw their work at the old staffs. While the salary they receive is always higher than the old staffs because they are part of the Hong family. Seeing the faces of the staff members of Second Madam's men turn pale, Su Qingyi stared coldly at them all.

"This Wangfei is not interested in paying high fees to people who don't work but just relax in this shop."

Hearing cynical words from Su Qingyi, one of the staff shouted; "We're all Second Madam's men, you have no right to treat us all like this!"

Snorting, Su Qingyi replied; "Too bad, but this shop doesn't belong to your Second Madam but belongs to this Wangfei. This Wangfei doesn't accept staffs like all of you."


The reply from Su Qingyi made the staff feel annoyed but could not reply to the truth of Su Qingyi's words.

Seeing that these people could not say anything in return, Su Qingyi told her guards to drive all the people out of the store. She did not give them all severance pay because they had already enjoyed the benefits from the shop quite a lot all these years. These people could not refuse. After all, Su Qingyi threatened to send them to prison if they refused to leave because most of them helped to enjoy the proceeds of Hong Qi's corruption and second madam taken from the store's profits.

Noting the departure of the staff who were Second Madam's men, Su Qingyi turned around and talks to the staff who were left behind.

"This Wangfei wants to close this shop temporarily because the bookkeeping of this shop is very messy and must be fixed first. After all, is well, This Wangfei will call you again to work here."

Hearing Wangfei's explanation, all the remaining staff accepted with happy and enthusiastic faces. Finally, after a long wait, they were able to work with Madam Xu's daughter. After cleaning up and closing the shop, all the remaining staff leave the store calmly and look happy.

"Wangfei, are you serious about closing the shop?" Nanny Mo looked at her young mistress and couldn't help asking.

"Yes, this shop bookkeeping must be taken care of. Hong Qi really can't take care of the shop management and just have fun using the store's profits. Most of the profits go to Hong Qi and Second Madam's pockets."

"Wangfei, how about you look for Manager Shen Wu to help you at this store again?"

Weilan's voice was heard clearly in the room. This shop assistant was still not permitted to leave because Su Qingyi still had things to ask this assistant.

"Oh, do you know where Manager Shen Wu is, Weilan?"

"Yes, Weilan knows. Weilan is one of Manager Shen's people who still survive in this shop because of Manager Shen's orders. He believes that Wangfei will come to take over this store again."

"Oh, Manager Shen believes that this Wangfei will come to take this shop back?"

"Yes, Manager Shen believes in Wangfei because Wangfei is the daughter of Madam Xu. Madam Xu is an extraordinary woman and Wangfei will not disappoint as her daughter."

Hearing confidence in Weilan's voice towards her dead mother, made Su Qingyi feel curious about Madam Xu. Unfortunately, she had never met a woman who was the mother of the owner of this body before.

"Is my mother that great?"

"Of course, even though Weilan never met Madam Xu directly, but just seeing that Madam Xu could build 5 large stores of hers alone, Weilan can already see how great Madam Xu used to be."

"Yes, you are right. Unfortunately, my mother has died since this Wangfei was a child so that this Wangfei could not see her prowess."

"Wangfei, do you want to meet with Manager Shen Wu?"

"Yes, is he still in Capital City?"

Weilan nodded and offered to accompany Wangfei to meet with Manager Shen Wu. Su Qingyi agreed to meet with Shen Wu the next day. She already had to go back to Yu Wangfu because he had been out of there long enough. Her weak body which is still not good enough cannot be too busy in a day.

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