GRAND MARSHAL PAMPERED WIFE Chapter 14: 14. Incident inside The Jade Jewel Pavilion. Part two.


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Su Qingyi felt uncomfortable hearing that her store manager position was held by men like Hong Qi. The man makes her shop's name bad in the eyes of visitors. Knowing that he was a relative of the Su family's second madam made Su Qingyi feel more emotional. The woman is the mother of Su Mingmei; the young woman who made her marry Yu Wang because she wanted to be part of the Emperor's harem.

The second mistress was also one of the ladies in the Su family who took over the heritage stores from Su Qingyi's mother. The woman never gave a shred of silver money to cover Su Qingyi's living expenses while the woman's family lived in luxury using the profits of her inheritance shop. Thinking it all out, Su Qingyi was determined to take her shop back from the hands of that greedy family.

Taking a firm decision to clean her store from scums, Su Qingyi looked at her chief bodyguard, and gave orders; "Xiu Gan, let's accompany this Wangfei to meet this perverted man. This Wangfei wants to take back my inheritance shop today."

"Okay, Wangfei. Some of you, come with me to help Wangfei catch that guy."

Xiu Gan was happy to hear Wangfei's orders which made him able to beat a pervert man who had made him sick. This dashing man dressed in a black robe guard uniform does not forget to bring his men who look happy to be able to handle men like Manager Hong. They all eager to help Wangfei beat the man.

"What do you all want to do?" Weilan was worried to hear the words of this visitor group.

"This young lady doesn't need to worry. My young lady is the owner of this jewellery store and she just wants to take over this shop again."

Nanny Mo smiled at the polite shop assistant. She was quite happy with this young woman's behaviour because even though she didn't know them, this young woman still gave them a warning about Manager Hong. This young woman's deeds are very rare to happen now.

"Ah, this young lady is Madam Xu Qingrou's daughter, the Fifth Madam from Su's Family third generation?"

Weilan was surprised to hear the identity of the young woman who gave orders to her guards. She did not expect to meet with madam Xu Qingrou's only daughter. Weilan heard that Ms Su Qingyi was married to Yu Wang. Then the guards who accompanied this young woman must be from Yu Wang. Realizing all that, Weilan's anxiety about this young woman began to disappear.

"Then, let this Weilan take you to Manager Hong's office."

"Thank you for your help." Xiu Gan bow a little to thank this shop assistant.

Weilan smiled faintly, she immediately walked towards the direction of Manager Hong's office. They walked up the steps of the wooden building to the third floor where the Manager's office was located. On the 3rd floor of the wooden building is a place where the Manager receives VIP guests personally and also the Manager's office is located.

Approaching the Manager's office, Weilan stopped strangely. Her movements made Su Qingyi's party confused. Moving closer to Weilan, Xiu Gan wants to know why this young woman stopped strangely. After a bit closer, the face of the bodyguard's head became angry. As a grown man, he understood the sounds that came from the office. He could not let Wangfei come closer and hear the improper voices from inside this office. If Wangye knows about it, he'll be mad.

"Wangfei, please don't come any closer!"

"Hmm, why? What's happening inside? Is Manager Hong inside?"

"Please don't go any further. Manager Hong is inside, so this bodyguard will take care of him inside first."

"Oh, well then. Take care of that man immediately, this Wangfei wants to return to Wangfu sooner."

"Fine, Wangfei. You guys help take care of the situation inside."

Xiu Gan called some of his men to help break into Manager Hong's office. The man was accustomed to doing lewd acts in his office so that the store staffs never interfered with his fun. This made Hong Qi never lock his office door. Hong Qi's habits made Xiu Gan and his men could easily open the office door and break-in.

Seeing the situation inside the Manager's office made Xiu Gan and his men feel fed up. A man with an ordinary look is having fun on the body of young women who look like ordinary people. The young woman looked like she was given drugs, half unconscious. Her clothes were torn everywhere, while her face was in tears. Seeing all that, Xiu Gan seemed to want to kill this savage man. Xiu Gan gave a signal to his men. The guards immediately moved to immobilize the pervert man.

After paralyzing Hong Qi, the guards cleared up the situation inside the office. One of them gave her outerwear and covered the body of the half-naked young woman. Looking sympathetically, they kept the young woman's body away from Hong Qi. The guards did not forget to beat up the collapsed Hong Qi until the man's body was covered with bruises. They still wanted to beat him up but their captain didn't permit them to do more.

"Wangfei, we've paralyzed Hong Qi inside." Xiu Gan reported to Wangfei by gritting his teeth. He felt like dying to kill that damn man.

"What happened inside that made captain Xiu this frustrated?" Su Qingyi looked at Xiu Gan's face curiously.

"This captain feels Wangfei better doesn't know more."

"Did Manager Hong harass another woman in there?"

Weilan saw the angry look of the Wangfei's guard captain guess correctly what was happening inside. She heard strange noises inside just now, that's why she stopped. Considering that Manager Hong used to do things like that, Weilan was sure that the man did the same thing inside.

Realizing that this shop assistant guessed correctly, Xiu Gan knew that he could not cover it up from Wangfei. He could only justify, without spelling out what he had seen more clearly on Wangfei.

"Hong Qi does that in his office?" Su Qingyi made sure to her chief guard.

"Yes, Wangfei."

"How is the victim?"

"Her breathing has begun to faint."

Su Qingyi looked sad, she told one of the maids to call a doctor so they could check on the victim's condition.

"What about Hong Qi?"

"We hit the man unconscious." Xiu Gan looks like he wants Hong Qi to accept more beating from his team members.

"Hmph, send him to prison. This Wangfei wants him to be tried as hard as possible. Don't let him be free, no matter who helps him. Can you do that?"

"With Wangye's power, it's easy to do, but this captain must report to Wangye."

"Sure, do that faster. Send Hong Qi to prison first, this Wangfei doesn't want him free anymore. This Wangfei didn't want to see him hanging around."


Xiu Gan told his men to send battered Hong Qi to the capital prison. He also sent men to report to Wangye. To be able to fulfil Wangfei's wish to imprison Hong Qi, Xiu Gan must move quickly. The group of guards who accompanied Wangfei also wanted the man to receive the rewards as quickly as possible so they also moved quickly.

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