GRAND MARSHAL PAMPERED WIFE Chapter 13: 13. Incident inside The Jade Jewel Pavilion. Part one.


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On a large and wide street in the capital city, an expensive horse-drawn carriage with the symbol of Yu's Wangfu is seen moving slowly accompanied by some bodyguards who were tasked with protecting their female employers who sat in horse-drawn carriages along with maids. In the capital city, it is forbidden to drive a horse-drawn carriage quickly for fear of injuring residents who roam freely on the existing roads. The chariot driver seems to know the rules so that the horse-drawn carriage runs at a slow speed even if it's not as slow as a normal horse-drawn carriage. The two horses that pulled the horse-drawn carriage were classified as horse breeds which were usually used by wealthy and high-priced aristocrats so that the horse-drawn carriage attracted the attention of the population.

The horse-drawn carriage and the guards move to one of the famous jade jewellery shops; The Jade Jewel Pavilion. This jewellery store is one of the 5 large stores that Su Qingyi now owns. This shop is famous for the jade that is sold is a high-quality jade and has a good design, although not as good as the time in her mother's time controlling the shop.

During the trip, Nanny Mo still looked worried even though she knew that there was a group of guards accompanying them. This old maid was busy thinking about the response of the Su family if Su Qingyi took over the shops. As far as she knew after Wangfei's mother died, all the managers who handled the shops began to be replaced by the Su family so that they could take all the benefits that were left without leaving to share them with Wangfei. Even Wangfei's father was only given a little so that the cowardly man did not complain.

Fortunately, they never found the certificates of ownership of the shops, so Wangfei could still have a dowry. But, because the profits from all the shops were not given to Wangfei, Wangfei did not have any silver coins as her dowry. During their stay in Wangfu, all food and shelter costs were paid for by Wangfu so no one realized how poor Wangfei was beside the three maids who served her.

"Wangfei, we have arrived at The Jade Jewel Pavilion."

Chu min; the chariot driver tells his female employer that they have arrived at their destination. During the inform, Chu Min lowered the small wooden stairs so that her female employer could get off the horse-drawn carriage easily. The distance from the land to the horse-drawn carriage climbs some distance, so it takes a small ladder to make it easier for passengers to get off.

Receiving a notice from the coachman, the maids got off one by one and waited for Wangfei to get out of the horse-drawn carriage. Fulin holds the curtain of the horse-drawn carriage and waits for her young lady. Yunyan waited near the wooden steps and offered her hand as a handrail for Wangfei to descend the small wooden steps of the horse-drawn carriage.

Su Qingyi moved slowly down the horse carriage using wooden steps while holding on to her maid's strong hand. After her feet planted on the ground, Su Qingyi took a deep breath and blinking her eyes. She did not feel accustomed to riding a horse-drawn carriage. The horse-drawn carriage is comfortable enough with the seat covered with cotton pads and the rubber-covered horse carriage wheels. The duration of the trip made her sleepy again.

Trying to refresh herself by gently rubbing her eyes using a handkerchief made of expensive satin, Su Qingyi looked at the wooden building with an elegant design in front of it. This wooden building has a signboard The Jade Jewel Pavilion hanging on top a red large door.

Before visitors can enter through the large door, they must climb several stone steps. Staring at the stone steps which only had a few steps, Su Qingyi walked up the stairs slowly and elegantly accompanied by maids and several bodyguards including her chief bodyguard; Xiu Gang.

Entering the wooden building, Su Qingyi saw that the jewellery shop was quite crowded. Lots of expensive-dressed women hanging around the store. Seeing the number of visitors to the store, this young lady realized how many results this store got. In the store, there are many cabinets made of transparent crystals containing many jade jewellery from middle to high quality.

'The Su's is such a scumbag family!'

Su Qingyi can't help to curse those greedy relatives inside her mind.

They are very heartless to take all the profits from this jewellery store from a small child aged 6 years since her mother died until now. They all did not even allow her to live with a full stomach and dress appropriately even though they took a lot of profits from her inheritance shops.

"Wangfei, this shop has quite a lot of visitors. How could it be that the Su family did all those things to you." Fulin looked at all the visitors in the shop with reddened eyes.

"Yes, they have the heart to do all that to me. But, this Wangfei will not allow them to enjoy all the profits from my inheritance shop again. No more!"

A shop maid saw the arrival of the group with an appearance that showed that they were all from the upper classes and moved towards the group. Using a friendly smile, Weilan approached the young woman wearing pink satin.

"Miss, can I help you? There is a lot of jade jewellery that suits you here."

Su Qingyi glanced at Nanny Mo. The old maid understood the implied command from the glance of her young mistress. Stepping forward to the shop assistant, Nanny Mo politely asked.

"Is your manager here? My lady wants to meet him."

"You all are looking for Manager Hong? You better not look for him."

"Why do you say that? So what if we look for him?" Xiu Gang was curious to hear the shop assistant's advice

Looking towards Su Qingyi, the maid felt reluctant to inform the ugliness of Manager Hong Qi. The man was a close relative of the second Madame of the Su family. The man is the nephew of the cunning woman.

"Manager Hong is not a good man. He will be interested in seeing an attractive young lady like you."

Hearing the woman servant's words, Xiu Gan was annoyed. If the man dared to try to touch Wangfei, he would beat that person.

"Did he dare to do that to visitors?" Xiu Gan asked.

"He often does that when there are visitors with attractive looks who want to meet him. Because of this, no one has ever met him personally."

"How could a store manager do that to a visitor? Did no one make a complaint?"

Xiu Gan was annoyed. As one of the guards who was educated directly by Yu Wang. He has a high sense of justice.

"Manager Hong is classified as a new manager in this shop, he has only been here for a few years because the second Madame of the Su family sent him to replace Manager Shen Wu to working here. He is a close relative of the second Madame of the Su family, so no one dares to complain. Unfortunately, some of the people who were harassed by him came from a family lower than the Su family's power so that the second lady easily cleared it up."

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