GRAND MARSHAL PAMPERED WIFE Chapter 10: 10. Yu Fengyao can't help looking for his wife.


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Yu Wang arrived at Yu's Wangfu late at night. Wangfu's doorman saw Yu Wang's arrival with his bodyguard. In a hurry, the two guards at Wangfu immediately opened the Wangfu gate and sent people to give word to Butler Chen about Yu Wang's return.

Not long after Yu Fengyao entered through the Wangfu gate, Butler Chen came over with his two assistants. Yu Wang gave his bridle to one of the servants and walked in to rest. It was late at night and he felt tired after talking to many things with the Emperor.


"En, have you moved Wangfei's courtyard closer to mine?"

"Yes, Wangye. This old servant placed Wangfei in the Hongmei Courtyard."

"Hongmei Courtyard?"

"Yes, that place is closest to the Zhending Courtyard."

"Alright, that's good. Do you know if Wangfei has rested or not?"

"Ah, about that-why does Wangye want to find out about that?"

Hearing Butler Chen confusedly asked back the reason Yu Fengyao asked his wife, make this young prince furrow his brows unhappily. He also did not know why he wanted to ask about his wife, who was most likely to have rested this night.

"Should a husband have a reason to find out about his wife?"

"No, of course not, this old servant will send someone to find out about Wangfei."

Butler Chen was happy because Wangye asked about his wife after returning from a day out. At first, he thought that Wangye after meeting with the Emperor all day would come back feeling angry again. Because his meeting with the Emperor must have reminded him again of the exchange that had taken place in his marriage.

Paying close attention to the look on Wangye's face, his young prince did not seem to feel angry like his wedding night. Hopefully, his guess of Wangye's mood is right. He hoped that Wangye did not look for Wangfei to vent his anger again.

"So why hasn't Butler Chen sent someone to find out for this prince?"

"Oh, yes-yes. Xiao Gan, go and check if Wangfei sleeping yet."

Butler Chen sent one of his assistants; Xiao Gan to find out. The young eunuch told by Butler Chen immediately went to carry out orders from the middle-aged eunuch. From his deft movements, it could be seen that this young eunuch was not an ordinary person. The young eunuch moved swiftly because he did not want to make Wangye wait for news about Wangfei for too long.

"Wangfei, you still haven't rested? It's very late now."

Nanny Mo, glanced at her young mistress and found it strange that Wangfei had not rested even though it was very late now. Could Wangfei be waiting for Wangye's return from the Palace?

"Wangfei, are you waiting for Wangye's return from the Palace?" Nanny Mo couldn't help asking because she was curious.

Su Qingyi looked grimly at Nanny Mo. As if she waited for Yu Fengyao's return, that guy would think of her?! She was busy thinking of ways to attract her husband's attention. Can she use Honey Trap on Yu Wang? This Wangfei does not believe she can do it. Her current appearance as Su Qingyi was not as attractive as her other female cousins. After all Su Qingyi's appearance was the least attractive among all the young women in the Su family. Because of that, she was chosen to be the replacement wife, replacing Su Mingmei to become Yu Wang's wife, according to her guess.

"Nanny Mo-"

Xiao Yuqi's whispering voice was heard from outside Su Qingyi's room, making this young woman confused as to why the young eunuch was looking for her nanny this late. She glanced at Nanny Mo so the old maid found out what the young eunuch wanted. Nanny Mo took the command implied in the glance of her young mistress, opening the door of the room and approached Xiao Yuqi and whispered inquired.

"What's the matter? Why are you looking for this old maid so late?"

"Assistant Butler Chen; Xiao Gan is outside the gate and he wants to know if Wangfei has rested. This eunuch did not know so looked for Nanny Mo to find out."

"Why does assistant butler Chen want to know that?"

"I heard from Xiao Gan, Wangye is the one who wants to know that."


Heard that Wangye wanted to find out if her young mistress had rested or not yet, make this old maid felt surprised. This old maid did not think that Wangfei's husband would ask about her young mistress. But, given Wangye's rude attitude towards her young mistress during the wedding night, this old maid was afraid that Wangye was looking for Wangfei to rough her up again.

"Do you know why Wangye asks Wangfei like that?"

Nanny Mo couldn't help but find out more. Even though she was just Wangfei's old maid, but she had been caring for Wangfei since her young mistress was small. She could not bear to see if her young mistress being treated harshly again by her husband. No matter who the young mistress's husband was, she did not like seeing Wangfei being hurt again.

"Nanny Mo, you know that we as servants can't find out that much about our master's business."

Xiao Yuqi heard Nanny Mo's question, which he thought was too nosy, was forced to advise the old maid. This young eunuch had worked for a long time in Wangfu so he was forced to gently rebuke the old maid Wangfei. He saw too often what consequences could be obtained by servants who interfered too much in the affairs of masters. They all did not end well. Moreover, the punishment they received in Yu's Wangfu, if this old maid received it, she would not be able to survive.


"Nanny Mo, don't be too nosy. You better find out whether Wangfei has rested or not so that this young eunuch can inform Xiao Gan. We cannot let Wangye wait for news for too long."

"Fine, this old maid will find out."

After a bit of debate with Xiao Yuqi, Nanny Mo knew that she couldn't find out more. Surly, Nanny Mo entered Wangfei's room and informed the young mistress of Xiao Gan's arrival. Hearing that there was a eunuch ordered by Wangye to find out about her made Su Qingyi stunned. She could not believe that Yu Fengyao would look for her after returning from the Palace.

Considering her fate to meet with Yu Fengyao at night during their wedding night, Su Qingyi grimaced and did not want to meet with her husband this late. She did not want to receive the same treatment as before. Su Qingyi should avoid meeting Yu Fengyao at night until he is attracted to her and can treat her gently.

"Nanny Mo, just say that this Wangfei has rested and cannot be awakened. This Wangfei is not interested in meeting Wangye this late."

"Wangfei, are you sure?"


"Alright then."

Nanny Mo did as she was told and told the young eunuch who was waiting to inform Butler Chen's assistant. Not long the old maid came back into the room and found her young mistress had slept soundly. Taking a deep breath, Nanny Mo went to rest after telling Yunyan to take turns keeping watch with Fulin in serving Wangfei. This old maid was a bit afraid that Wangye would come in angrily looking for her young mistress, but fortunately for several hours, she waited nothing happened.

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