GRAND MARSHAL PAMPERED WIFE Chapter 1: 1. Great Marshal Yu Wang.


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Yi Qing Huan blinking her heavy eyes, she's not dead?!

Moving her heavy body, she can feel her lower body feels numb. When she tried to sit up, she's hit by some memories inside her head. It's so painful...

"What..the hell? I have used other people's can?"

'You awaken, Master.'

'Huh?! Who is that? A ghost?'

'Nope, not a ghost, Master. I'm your Divine spirit tool; Yuten'

'Divine Spirit tool?! I got one?'

'Of course.'

'How can I get one? I don't remember anything.'

'You forgot about me, Master? You're the one who made me.'

'Me?! How?'

'You made me just so you can be lazy, Master.'

'Hmm... don't know why but I believe that reason. So, what's your use?'

'I'm your space tool, Master. A huge one. There are many good things inside me. After your high-level tribulation test, you failed but thankfully your soul still exist, so I tried moving your soul to this mortal body.'

'Oh... so where is this?'

'Small mortal world; Broken Continent, Zi Empire.'

'So, the memories inside me belong to this body.'

'I guess so.'

'Before that, what is my identity before? Why is inside my body there's great power being sealed?'

'Is all your power, Master. After all, you are a Celestial before.'

'Celestial?! Am I powerful?'

'Well, you are an owner of one big domain inside the Celestial world.'

'I see it seems powerful then. Can I use my power?'

'Cannot, Master. This body too weak, that's why I need to seal your power.'

'I need to make this body stronger then. Are you gonna help me?'

'Of course, it's my jobs. To help you no matter what. So, enjoy your life in here, Master.'

'Alright, I will.'

Yi Qing Huan wakes up in the middle of headache attacks, her head is so hurt, her body feels pains all over especially her thighs. Some flashing memories not her own continue to flashing inside her head, making her dizzy. Laying down and closing her eyes, she tried to organize the memories the previous body host encounter. After a while, she finished knowing everything about her body's memories. She wants to cries knowing this young woman memory.

Her body's name is Su Qingyi (AN: starting, for now, our hostname change to her body's name, keep up cuties..). She is a quiet, smart girl. She likes to lingering inside the library and seldom to mingle with others, even to her cousins. She thinks if she doesn't disturb anyone, no one will harm her. But, she forgets that she's born inside a noble political family. Being born as female inside her house is like living inside a full snake nest itself (AN: No offence to snakes).

As a quiet girl, she thinks that her cousins full of good people. But, she never thought that she will become a chess piece to someone she thinks as a good sister. Su Qingyi in her young age at sixteen married yesterday to a great young man; The Great Marshal, Yu Wang. This young man at the twenty is the present emperor younger brother from the same mother. The young man is so powerful at martial art and war strategist, he makes all other surrounding empires afraid of him. The young man name is Yu Fengyao. He's also the most beautiful man in the Zi Empire.

Su Qingyi in love with this young man since she saw him from afar when the young man going on his first war. She watches him rode his sturdy black horse going to war wearing his simple but elegant black robe. Since then she likes to draw the young man every time she sees him from afar. She never thinks that she can marry this man. But, too bad the man never had anything to her.

After married, on the wedding night yesterday:

Su Qingyi feels happy today because finally, she can marry the young man she feels in love with. She already in love with her husband since young. When she gets the imperial edict to marry to Yu Wang, she can't believe it's real. But today is her wedding night with him. Twisting her handkerchief, she tried to remember anything her nanny told her before, so she can serve her husband better. Remembering how her nanny told her to satisfied her husband in bed, make her blush deeply. Truthfully, she's a little afraid because she knows that she's not beautiful like her other cousins.

She's the most 'average-looking' among the Su's young women. That's why she never dreams to marry Yu Wang before. The young man is a dragon among men after all, while she just like a peasant. She hopes that she can make her husband happy and care for her after all she gonna be the only female master inside the Yu Wang mansion. She always hears that Yu Wang will only marry one woman, that's why the young man never had any romantic relationship with anyone.


Su Qingyi heard the bedroom door been opened from outside, her body tensed. She can smell wine near her. Heavy footsteps can be heard walking closer inside the room.


All the maid inside the bedroom making a salute to the young man wearing red groom robe. The young man looking at the slim female sitting on the bed. Looking at her, the young man snorts softly. He never thought he will marry this young woman after he's back to the capital when he brings another victory. After all, he got engagement with Su's clan but he never thought they will send this unfamiliar young woman to be his Wangfei. The one he wants to marry already becomes his brother's harem, so his brother sent this young woman as the replacement. Making him feels sour inside.

He knows he can't reject the imperial edict, so he just accepts it, but he will not indulge this replacement. He will give this one the rights as his Wangfei to be the female master of his estate and be the mother of his child but he won't entangle himself to this young woman. She's a stranger to him.

"All out."

Yu Fengyao waving his hand to make all the servants leave the room. After that, he walks to the bed. Feeling sour inside his mind, the young man can feel anger rising inside him. Not being polite, he's waving his hand making his qi to put off the candle inside the room. He drags his bride to lay under him roughly.

"I won't be kind to you tonight, if you feel dejected, blame yourself that you're born inside the Su's clan."

Saying those hurtful words, Yu Fengyao spread his wife's legs, rip off her underwear and breaking through Su Qingyi virgin body. The man doesn't care to hear his wife pleading, he continues to invade her body inside. Even though he knows the young woman under him is a virgin, he doesn't want to stop or preparing her for her first time. All his anger and depressed feelings because the replacement, he vents it on her. He even not want to see her face, so this young man never cares to take off her red veil and taking off her red bride gown. After venting on the young wife under him, Yu Fengyao gets up from the bed.

"Su Qingyi, Benwang recognize you as my Wangfei, Benwang will let you claim your rights as the female master at Benwang place, Benwang also let you to sire Benwang's child. Benwang will lay with you until you give Benwang an heir. But, you must remember that Benwang won't give you Benwang affection, because in Benwang's eyes you just a replacement. So, don't think Benwang will like you, don't let Benwang meet you often."

After saying those words, Yu Fengyao left the room. He never turns back to see the aftermath of his actions.

Su Qingyi feels like dying, she never thought her beautiful dream is broken to pieces. Her body hurting everywhere. Her first time has been taken roughly by the one she loves the most. But the pain on her body can't compare to the pain she feels inside. Hearing the words spewing from her husband mouth makes her feels the world is ending. Because of her heartbroken Su Qingyi let her breath stop, wishing her life to end. And it all happen.


Remembering all Su Qingyi memories, she can't help cursing Yu Wang. How can this young man famous for his wit mind becomes so crude?! She needs to fix that man. How dare that man just eat her tofu and left her to rot without taking care of the aftermath. Is he think like a virgin, taking her body so roughly will make her alright?! The female body is delicate, you know. All males must prepare the female first before you all push in!! At least give her some touches first!! Moron!!

'Master, don't swear like that! You can make me scared..'

'Oh, be quiet!! You should back me up here.'

'Yes, sorry, Master. Would you want to go inside the space?'

'Is there any good stuff?'

'Of course, Master.'

'Alright, go inside.'


Inside her mind, she can see a big space with a wonderful view. There's a very huge beautiful lake with clear blue colour. She unconsciously knows this lake is a Superior grade spiritual water lake. Near the lake, there's a white jade courtyard house. Next to it, there's also a big field; full of many spiritual plants. Looking at those, she knows these things is rare and expensive. She feels happy looking at the space inside her body. With these things, she definitely can adjust her body and make her stronger. She dislikes being bullied like her body previous owner.

'Woah, that's a lot.'

'Do you like it, Master?'

Su Qingyi nod, she likes her space a lot, it feels like she just got pampered by the things she saves inside this tool. Even if she can't remember it all, but knowing that these things belong to her, make her very happy. Hmph, using these things she can bully all those bullies back soon.

'I wonder can't I get a beauty pill? I need to raise my face to be better.'

'Using a beauty pill on you is risky, Master. Because for you to suddenly turn beautiful will make many people suspicious.'

'I see, your right, after all this body, not a beauty.'

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