Grand Fantasia World Chapter 8: Chapter 8: Jobless saving beauty


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It's already 1 A.M.
Food stall on the street should already closed by now.
Well Mc Donald isn't that bad idea but it's pretty expensive here
Alphonse taking shortcut towards small alley in order to arrive faster on nearby Mc Donald.

In the middle of alley, he see a drunk woman being surrounded by 3 guys. One of them wearing high quality clothes and he is quite young, probably around 18 years old. He seems young master from rich family since the other 2 guys obeying his command obediently.
"Hey baby how about accompany me tonight?"
"Do you hear that? you are lucky to be choosen by young master tonight" Said the fat man
"Get away from me!" The girl struggled to get away from them. Altough she is drunk it seems she still retained a little bit of consciousness.
"Hey boy! what are you looking at? hurry and get lost, otherwise i will make you regret it" said the skinny guy while pointed at Alphonse.
"Shit! i'am only passing by and you actually threathen me?" Al started to feel annoyed toward this skinny guy
"Guys just beat him and get done with it!" Said the young master arrogantly
After hearing his order, both of them rushed towards me. The skinny guy trying to punch my face but get wrecked instead because i evade him easily and managed to punch his chin. The fat guy tried to do the same thing but this time my punch landed on his nose and caused him to bleeding heavily.
"Kid you are dare to do this thing to us, you are dead meat!" the skinny man taken out his flipped knife inside his pocket and began to dashing towards me.
I just casually dodged the knife he aimed at my face and i twisted his arm as he screaming painfully.
"Did the game status causing me to grow stronger in real life?" Al watched 2 man lying on the ground
"Anyway their attack is just way too slow compared to dire wolf king" Alphonse murmured in his heart and slowly approaching the young master
"Don't come closer! my name is Erik Salim and my father is director of Indofood company!" shouted the young master who shivered in fear after saw his subordinates were beaten easily by Alphonse.
"Indofood? which onion company is that? i don't want to know anyway" Erik face went pale as Al grabbed his collar and started to beg
"I'am wrong brother! please forgive me! i can give you anything be it job, woman or money!"
"Oh how much money you can give me?" Al started to ask greedily
"300$ please forgive let us go brother! this is currently money i have in my pocket"
"Fine give it to me" Alphonse smiled while receiving 300$ money from Erik
After receiving the money, Alphonse suddenly punched Erik right in the face. Erik covered his face and asked painfully "Shameless! didn't you promise to let us go?!"
"When did i make any promise to you? now you better scram before i changed my mind!"
Erik run with his two buddies and secretly muttered "Fuck i will remember today shame and paid it one hundred folds!"

Alphonse approaching the drunk woman and suddenly realised this woman actually very sexy! His eyes seems glued at her bottomless cleavage. Her dress seems unable to contain the twin peak which about to burst out at any moment. Coupled with her red hair makes her deadly weapon to arouse men's desire at any moment.
Alphonse tried to wake her up but the woman remained unconcious. In the end Alphonse carried her to his apartement and laying her in his bed while his eyes still wandering on her E cup chest.
"Amithaba... Sin... Sin..." Al secretly chanting buddhist scriptures to resist the temptations and end up falling asleep on the sofa.
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