Grand Fantasia World Chapter 10: Chapter 10: Heading Toward Elfen Forest


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After logging in, Alphonse walking on the shopping district in the beginner's village. The shopping district is the most crowded place in the village. Alphonse want to buy some health potion in the potion shop as he need to make a preparation before heading into elven forest. Along the way there are many player in the street selling the equipment they obtained from hunting monster and doing quest.

He entered potion shop and saw many different kind of potion on sale. He begin browsed each one of the potion and see the description.

Lv 1 Health Potion (50 bronze)
Effect: Restore HP by 50 point

Lv 1 Mana Potion (50 bronze)
Effect: Restore MP by 50 point

Lv 1 Buff potion (1 silver)
Effect: Raising Vit, Str, Int and Agi by 10 point (last for 5 minutes)

Antidode (1 silver)
Effect: Cures "Poisoned" status

Love Potion (100.000 gold)
Effect: Make any girl fall in love in you

Allright, i'am joking with the last kind of potion.
"Damn this potion as way too expensive early in the game" Alphonse bitterly shaking his head. Currently he only have 4 silver in his pocket. He ended up spending his entire money buying 4 Health potion, 1 Buff potion and 1 Antidode.

After exiting from potion shop, Alphonse walked toward beginner village entrance and approached one of the guard.
"Excuse me do you know which direction elfen forest located?"
"Elfen forest located west from here, you need to cross the great grassland first before you can arrive at elfen forest"
"Young man i have a favor to ask, can you hand this letter to General Erwin inside elfen forest as fast as possible?"

Urgent letter
Quest Difficulty : F
Description : Hand the letter to the General Erwin
Time Limit : 15 Minutes
Reward : ????

I accepted the quest and hurriedly ran toward to the west. I changed my direction in the middle of grassland because i see an old man attacked by a lion.

Save the old man
Quest Difficulty : F
Description : Kill Great lion to save the old man
Reward : 1000 exp, elfen ring

I slightly hesitated because if i decide to save old man there will be no time remaining left to hand the letter to elfen gatekeeper. In the end i gritted my teeth to save the old man.

Great Lion (Level 8)
Hp : 1000
Attack : 110
Defense : 40

I unsheathe both of my dagger and casted my skill as i swing my dagger toward that lion
"Fatal Wound!"
You dealt 90 damage to the enemy
[The enemy defense decreased 20% for 30 second]
I swing my another dagger and manage to slash one of his eye
You dealt 200 damage to the enemy
The lion tried to scratch me but i manage to evade the attack easily.
Somewhat i managed to defeat that lion with losing only 20% of my HP. It seems my battle with Dire Wolf King greatly increased my battle efficiency.
"Thank you young adventurer, please take this as a token of appreciation" the old man smiled kindly
Save the old man
Quest Difficulty : F
Description : Kill Great lion to save the old man
Reward : 1000 exp, elfen ring

Congratulation you reached level 6!
You will be awarded 5 status point
I decide to allocate 5 point in the strength in order to increase my damage.

Elfen Ring (bronze class)
Type : Accessories
Prerequisite : Level 6
Effect : Agi+10

"Wow agility+10 this is simply a good item this early in the game!" i excitedly equipped the ring in my hand and when i want to thank the old man i got stunned because he suddenly dissapeared out of nowhere. In the end i decide to continue my journey toward elfen forest.


After walking for a while, Alphonse arrived at the entrance of elfen forest. In front of the entrance he see familiar group of man in front of him.
"Halt! you need to show proof of identification before you can enter elfen forest!" The Elfen gatekeeper shouted toward the young man
"What kind of bullsh*t is this? we received quest to deliver this letter to General Erwin!" shouted the young man angrily
"Scram! do not blame us for being rude if you tried to enter forcefully!" One of the guard shouted coldly
The group seems scared as they hurriedly backing off from elfen guard. As they turned away, our eyes meet and their expression turned frozen for a few second.
"Young master he is the man who hit us last time" said the fatty
"Oooh it's you guys! what's your name again? Erik Slum?"
"It's Salim!" he shouted angrily
"Allright slum could you move away? i need to finish my quest quickly"
Erik face turned black as Alphonse ignored him and walk toward elfen guard.
"Hmph! that elfen guard won't let you enter anyway" Erik sneered
The guard just watching me passing forest entrance without doing anything. Erik and his group opened their mouth widely seeing this situation.
"Why did you let him enter while you prevent us entering elfen forest?" Said the skinny man angrily
"Because he wear elfen ring as the identification item" said the guard casually
"It's unfair! why only him can obtain the ring anyway?"
"Only the one with kind heart can obtain elfen ring and enter the forest"
"If he's kind hearted then probably a murderer can be a saint! In the first place how the fuck you can determine someone personality?" Erik asked annoyedly
"You guys probably meet the old man before arriving here right? he is actually one of our elder in disguise and the fact that you didn't obtain that ring probably because you decide to ignore him when he asked for help"
Erik turned speechless after hearing that explanation. He indeed decide to leave the old man alone because his quest time limit is approaching.
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