Gory Chapter 8: More Investigation


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The police patrol van skidded down the forest track in the dark, slowly into the taped off area. The cars head light shone on the way side trees that hedged the narrow path. The low pitched whistle of the engine shattered the silent night air, as the vehicle came to a stop. There is a sharp screech as the passenger window slid down. Melvin looked out shakingly.....his voce croaky .....he turned to Joe.
''You don't think it is unwise to step out..... Do you?''
Joe broke into a frown, looking out the wind shield, he surveyed the surrounding trees suspiciously.....
"Well" he said "this is the place alright..... Just that it is quiet…too quiet"
Melvin takes up the statement.....
"Yes exactly.....that means danger, let's get out of here"
Joe frowned at him, displeased by his yellow belled attitude.....
"Scaredy- cat" his voice is set at a sneer "we are men..... If you are not a man…I am and a man gat to do what a man gat to do..... Got it" he slid the door open, pulling Melvin after him. The forest lay still, quite illuminated by the light from the cars head light. Upfront, two vehicles in the shade of the light, are set as bunkers. Figures of men could be seen crouching behind them..... Joe and Melvin looked at each other, both wondering what could make men hide behind cars. Something crazy..... Something.....there is a sudden shout from Melvin, who had retreaded with fear on coming in contact with a climber. A frantic shot spinned towards them, missing Joe, only to rip into a nearby tree branch... there is an 'Aaaargh' from Melvin racing back to the car.
"Yo" Joe yelled towards the cars "You want to murder me!!!"
The men crept towards them, hushing Joe pleadingly...
"Not too loud... it's still out there"
Joe turned to the man who had spoken...
"What's really out there?"
The man pulls of his face mask and in the half-light Joe recognizes him as James...
"My God... James, you here"
James shushes him sharply...
"Not too loud Sir... it will hear you"
Joe starts out impatiently.
"What's even out there!!!?"
"Who Knows?" James pupils dance wildly "a ghost... an animal…never seen it, but its handiwork is seen everywhere, Kelvin is gone"
"What Kelvin!!!"
"Yes… so is Tom and two others"
Melvin turned around frantically.
"Oh God…let's get out of here"
There's a faint whoosh among the trees, James gives a quiet yelp and falls silent.
"It's back" the men howled wildly…
Melvin held unto Joe and asked.
"It's that it"
"Yesss" James moaned "it always comes with that noise... you won't see it coming it will hit you and ... bam! Your torn limb from him" he moved his hands dramatically, Melvin's grip on Joe's arm got too tight and he's shoved back angrily.
" Get away from me Melvin ... if you are looking for what to hug... go hug a tree..." he turned to James " why didn't you leave"
"We can't" James whispered fiercely "we haven't got the chance...immediately you make a move ... it comes, we are waiting for you to bring backup" Joe cursed himself silently; knowing he had only brought Melvin and himself...
"Dog shit" he said bitterly "I haven't even got a permission from Small face, how on earth am I going to get back up" he stared accusingly at Melvin, like he had something to with his problems, then making up his mind, he unstrung the mobile strapped to his belt...clicked it on and waited for a while before speaking into the mouth piece...
"Sid here, what is going on…?"
"No time to explain… you have got to tell Small face to send backup…there are four missing men out here"
"Four men"
A loud thump, crashed into a knot of trees before them, there is a crack and they went down with a crash… Melvin howled loudly and accusingly...
"Were… gonna…die out here Joe"
Joe roared back...
"Shut up…am calling in for back up" Sid shouts at the other end of the line…
"Joe … you there …Joe"
The whooshing sounded like a strong wind, blowing against the trees, rounding their bends, and ripping them out. The whole forest shook for a moment, then all was silent again... Joe looked around.
"It's gone"
Melvin croaked.
"I don't know about that"
Sid still bellowed at the other side.
"Joe...Joe?" he picked the phone up where it had fallen.
"Joe here"
"You okay...what's all that noise"
"It was it...God it's dangerous out here"
Her voice paused for a moment...then.
"I will talk to small face "the line goes dead.
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