Good Girl Gone Bad: Queen of underground world Chapter 90: I'm done with my cardio, yo!


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"Pfft-! Damn, I never knew haha that pfft-- how shameless, Riggs!" tossing the person that she used as a human quilt protecting herself for any stray bullet that might come at her.

"Hehe. I'm upgrading!" taking her words as a compliment, Riggs responded with a thumbs up and a smug grin on his almost velvet lips.

Seraphina laughed out loud like crazy. She only needed to roll on the floor to depicts her happiness by the tickling joke. However, no one knew what was the real reason why she was laughing.

"I'm done with my cardio, yo! How about some sparring now?" Riggs let her have her good laugh because that just means he left a few good points towards his debtor and might lessen his debts. He continued,

"Come on! You make me look like the bad guy here!" referring to the cowering survivors who still slumped to the sullied floor, he impatiently challenged.

Mike was the first one to snap to reality precipitating his trembling feet to rise. After he successfully gets his sluggish footing, the remaining 5 followers also stood up taking his demand.

"Who are you people?"

"Aren't you afraid of our boss?!"

"Just because you got us by surprise, he got on his high horse already! HAHA!"

"Who sent you?" Mike asked. Although the other men spout their displeasure and disgust by Riggs audacious words-- their frightened emotions can't hide beneath their eyes. After all, they had seen his skill clouding every light silver-lining they've got.

But now that Riggs deliberately lowered his guard and the giant from the distant, the only little chance of escape is if they at least divert their attention.

"No one sent me. You invited us here." Riggs answered in a trivial tone. His response puzzled Mike and the others as well. They are not dumb enough to offend someone as skillful as them. Moreover, the only person they want is this girl.

Alas, now that the gunfight was over, the presence of the woman they held captive which they nearly forgotten came into their knowledge, again.

Seraphina was now standing as she re-composed herself and done with her good laugh. However, just as she got her footing, a desperate figure approaches her. Pulling her into a rough embrace, the cold metallic muzzle of a handgun pressed on her temple.

"Let us go or I'll shoot her!" a course voice of one of the men who kidnapped her and also the one who ordered to knock her out on the way held her as a hostage. He first showed the pistols only bullet making sure that it was loaded before abruptly putting it back.

His action was commendable as he was the first to realize what the intruders intention, thus, he grabbed the opportunity while the girl was unguarded and Riggs was still a few feet away from her. Not to mention, the giant man like was much more in a distant guarding the entrance.

'This is our only chance.' the man thought.

Riggs halted, stunned. He pressed his lips on a thin line as his shoulders tensed a little. His reaction was mistaken as an interpretation of conceding.

Mike's surviving group seeing the table flipped in their favor, they've regained their confidence and morale back.

"Huh! Good job Cedrick!"

"What? Let us go? Why don't we torture them first for our fallen brothers?"

"Yes! Let's give them a lesson!"

"Enough! Forget about revenge. Let us go and we'll give you back the girl." Mike spoke in a grim manner. He already witnessed his opponents skill, thus, they couldn't let this once in a lifetime chance to slip. He can't be reckless regarding this matter. Furthermore, after the first attack that these two formidable men launch earlier using their guns imposing Johnny Rambo -- they neither attack nor fought back, again. They just merely dodge each bullet successfully which embedded into his mind that they can't win even if they outnumbered them.

"Alright. I'll let you go." Riggs immediately agreed raising both his hands in defeat without batting an eye right after Mike proposed.

Mike wasn't relieved hearing him agreeing instantly. Rather, he felt more dubious about what does Riggs was planning. However, before everyone could react, a loud scream was heard on Seraphina's end.


Mike turns his attention from its source. His underling named Cedrick was already collapsed on the dusty floor; face first. On the top of his back, Seraphina's right foot was stepping on his head while the other one was on Cedrick's right hand. His left was being pulled from behind seemingly dislocated at how flexible it reach from the woman's position.

"Ahhh! Please! Stop!!" Cedrick pleaded in desperation. He could feel the excruciating pain of his shoulder joints crack even more and just one more pull, it might really come off.

"Ahhh! Please help me! NO!" his continues pleading made everyone's heart shook to the core. Just as Mike and his men try to absorb of what was going on, Riggs quirky voice tickle their ears once again,

"I'm actually letting you all go but… I don't think she'll let you off just like that."
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