Gone with the Bustling World Chapter 22: Chapter Eighteen 2


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Chapter 22: Chapter Eighteen (2)
Translator: Antonia
Everybody was astonished.

After a while of silence was higher emotional surging. Roars of rage came one wave after another. Either newbies or veterans, everyone yelled hysterically.

“Kill the spies!”

“The damn spies! Fuck! As long as I catch them, I’ll tear them into pieces and torture them until they beg for death!”

The frontier army was obviously way different from other armies. Here, every man was ready to sacrifice his life! Maybe there weren’t enough disciplines or grains or high-quality weapons, but there was more than enough masculinity deep in their bones! There was more than enough will to fight unyieldingly in every second! There was more than enough love and loyalty to their country! What they hated most were the traitors!!

Correspondingly, the men here always acted disobediently because the frontier army had the loosest discipline to such an extent that even a young boy dared to talk back against a superior.

This was a place where only heroes were worshipped.

If you want respect, then name the number of invaders you had killed. The more you had killed, the more respected you would be.

Li Shenghu was satisfied with the reaction of the soldiers: with tougher methods and a proper way to calm them down, the brothers were not bad.

However, a trace of doubt rose in his heart, and a sense of omen lingered which gradually grew stronger and stronger.

Suddenly, he seemed to think of something and reached out into his pocket. After a moment of fumbling, he took out a piece of worn-out yellow cloth.

Five days ago, every senior general in Bafang had received such a notice of appointment.

“Young Duke?! Hmm…! Let’s see whether the young duke will be freaked out and run back home for nanny after I tell him the news of Tianbin’s upcoming invaders!” Li Shenghu sneered. At the corner of this trash-like cloth, there was faintly a stamp of imperial seal.

The Bafang Army was crude like flames and hard to tame. Even though they had heard that in the capital, Duke Fang was famous for his courage and martial arts, the frontier army didn't recognize it. Battlefield, different from competition platform, was a place where you put your life at stake instead of making a few handsome gestures like those noble lords.

Here, strength was most valued, and in fact, what these men hated most was the kind of nobilities like Fang Junqian.

Li Shenghu had stationed in Bafang for many years, starting from a common soldier to a widely-respected general through diligent and down-to-earth efforts. He, at the age of 45, didn't get married yet and dedicated almost all of his life to this tormented old city.

Therefore, Li Shenghu could barely bear with those who gained a high position because of family background, especially in this city where every moment was spent in slaughter and every inch of land was soaked with his peers’ blood.

How could he easily entrust the city to a stranger whom he had never met, let alone this stranger was merely a young and noble dandy?

Yet, this indifferent attitude towards superiors and distrust in the officers from the capital wasn't possessed merely by Li Shenghu but was general across the whole frontier army…

“Come over! Tell our young duke the news that an enormous wave of Tianbin invaders are coming soon! Otherwise, it would be our neglect of duty if he only runs away out of fear after he arrives!” Li Shenghu gestured to summon a soldier and deliberately ordered him loudly.

The malicious order was heard by everyone who then burst into disdainful laughing!

Bafang city was undoubtedly going to give Duke Fang a shame upon first encounter!
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