God the Emperor of the Taos Chapter 3: Chapter 03 - Here I am


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In a valley full of tall, pointed mountains, a group of fifty men wandered about. With serious expressions, they seemed to be behind something. Leading them was a man in red silk clothes and a black armor with an embroidered dragon's head.

"General Shaofeng, that mountain, look!" One of the men said in a loud voice.

"A hole? ... It seems the right place ... Men, come on!" Shaofeng led his squad to the mountain peak.

"There is so much pure energy in this valley ..." Another man commented.

It was not strange, for when gods die their bodies nurture a perimeter of definite extent according to their power in life and make it a divine place. Therefore, the energy contained in the place becomes extremely pure and beneficial for cultivation. In addition, the purer the energy of a location, the greater the chances of natural magic treasure arise. In this way, considering that the body nourishing this huge mountain valley belonged to an ancestral deity, in the future it will be an incredible place and, perhaps, capable of producing powerful natural treasures.

After entering the hole and descending to the base, they could find remains of bonfire and a huge body covered by vines and moss. In removing the dirt, a tiger-headed giant was revealed.

"The source of energy comes from here." Shaofeng was puzzled. The energy in that place was so dense that his dantian could not be able to refine it. "Considering that this valley was never a sacred place, this creature must have died shortly. By the amount of energy it might have been a deva. "

Shaofeng's words shocked men. A must? None have ever been seen in this world. Instantly, various thoughts began to circulate through their minds. All referring to possible treasures that this creature may have left.

"We need to report this to Yifei." Shaofeng was excited. This would no doubt be a great discovery! Initially, Shaofeng thought that it was only technique. Technique they even considered being able to refine a divine body to the first degree. Now there is no doubt. Furthermore, if the creature is indeed a deva, what other treasures would she have left behind? Shaofeng had terribly valuable information, and obviously, because he was responsible for the discovery, he believed that would bring him a chubby reward.

Then the men left the place and headed east toward the city.

Vilarejo do Carvalho Aged two days later.

Lianjie slowly opens his eyes and finds himself lying on a cotton bed, his torso covered by bandages, as well as his left thigh, his trousers changed and he was cleaned and medicated. He was in a small wooden house, next to him a dumb servant with a teapot and two cups. The place had a natural smell of incense.

"Oh! It sounds like you're up, boy! "An elderly, very small, robust man spoke up. He wore white clothes of semi-ordinary fabric, his hands were delicate and did not appear to have calluses, his appearance was that of a gentle and cheerful gentleman.

Lianjie sat down on the bed. "Where I am? How much time has passed? "

"Now! Where else could you be? At my clinic. My name is Qi Ye, I am the doctor in this village. Ugly battle you had ... They said you even turned into a tiger. Two days went by then. "The old man smiled. "I was in doubt if you needed a doctor or vet." Qi Ye gave a loud laugh.

"I became a ... Tiger?" Lianjie could not remember a thing.
Oh? Do not you remember? Well, some troublemakers came to cause trouble and you went into combat. When you stood on the verge of death, you turned into a black tiger. "Qi Ye stared at Lianjie. "You're too powerful for a boy your age. Thanks to you, we have been saved and we will be eternally grateful. "

"A black tiger ..." Lianjie was lost. Then a voice rose in his head. "It looks like your body has gained one more skill derived from me."

"Boy, may I know your name?" Qi Ye asked.

"It's L- ..." When Lianjie was about to answer his name, Thadra's voice came up. "No! Do not say your real name. An outsider who can suddenly turn into a black tiger comes up shortly after the vortex. Not very common, is it? If someone is behind you, you probably found my body at the bottom of the mountain. So it would be quite simple to imagine that his ability comes from some technique I left behind. "Lianjie understood the meaning of Thadra's words. It would be like turning it into a huge treasure chest and giving the location to everyone. "Oh I understood."

"Zhao Geng," Lianjie replied.

"Oh, nice to meet you." Qi Ye replied with a smile on his face.

"It's my pleasure. Thanks for the treatment, Dr. Ye. I'm much better. "Lianjie thanked her and got out of bed.

"Do not ... get up! His wounds were quite serious ... My God! "Qi Ye saw Lianjie get up and start removing the bandages. When all the bandages were removed, there was no further injury to Lianjie. He was completely healed!

"Amazing! Where did you come from? "Qi Ye could not believe what he'd seen. This kid could not be a normal human.

Quickly, Lianjie invented a place and replied. If anyone discovered of his village, by the thirst for power, they would destroy it.

"Oh? I've never heard of it. Good young Geng, I presume you're on the way out since you're healed. Your belongings are near the door. Unfortunately, your clothes have been lost, but you can keep these as another thanks. "Qi Ye smiled and went to get some tea.
Lianjie nodded positively. "Thank you very much, sir." Lianjie picked up her things and left the house.

After leaving the office of Qi Ye, Lianjie immediately resumed his trip to the city.

Two days later, Gentle City of Breeze, School of Biting Winds.

A thousand students with banners are in front of a huge school gate. It was from the School of Biting Winds. It had an extension of more than three square kilometers, several facilities and a huge pagoda in its center. Student residences were divided, the largest being for the most talented.

Dong. Dong. Dong.

A bell begins to ring and slowly the huge gate opens. From him a curious figure emerges: an elderly man with a long beard and hairy white eyebrows, a stature of approximately ninety centimeters.

"Attention, today the admission tests are finished! Everyone with a banner should come in and have their talents analyzed individually. My name is Yuen Mi and I am the principal of this school. Good luck to everyone. "The little old man gaped at everyone. He looked like a marmot!

Lianjie, with a smile on her face, clenched her fists and headed for the gates.
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