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In a large hall several important figures meet in front of a woman with violet hair, of mature appearance, white skin and robust body and cradling her. Dressed in silk robes the color of the liveliest flame, it could certainly be nothing else but an important figure. She passed an air of wisdom, frigidity and stability. With black eyes as the night, it was as if his soul was unattainable. An ornate diadem hung in his head. Jewel that gave its position. Some called it Wei Yifei, but better known as Matriarch: the first woman to rule the Gentle City of Breeze.

He was a famous and well-known figure in the city.

The Wei family was the most important family in the Greeted City of Greeks and who governed it. Yifei was not part of the line of succession, but his brother: Wu.

Yifei grew up in the shadow of his brother. Exalted to have, in the eyes of his father, the blessing of being born strong as a man (but dumb as an insect). Clever, she took the opportunity to train and progress in secret, and while her brother neglected training, enjoyed the royal family's perks and lived a bohemian life, she trained hard.

At nine years of age he reached the pre-cosmic stage, at sixteen the elementary stage, at twenty-one the deep stage, and with a stroke of celestial luck at the age of thirty reached the spiritual stage.

Yifei, over the years, developed great interest in the command of the city. However, the successor to the government would be his brother. For her, inadmissible. So he sought techniques to disguise the aura from his strength. When he found them he began to orchestrate his blow. One day, Yifei summoned everyone in the great hall of the Palace of the Wintering and challenged his brother in mortal duel.

His father, Wei Ling refuted, but obviously Wu Wei accepted. His egocentrism did not allow him to accept his sister in power and the possibility of Yifei possessing the necessary strength to defeat him. At thirty-six, Wei Wu had reached the middle of the deep stage and his knowledge of Taos was considered regular. He was regarded as a genius.

When a being reaches the pre-cosmic stage he meditates on Taos to gain mastery over them and use techniques. However, the practitioner must always be aware of predispositions. They manifest in the form of a bud - which arises according to the talent of the subject - within the dantian that grows according to the insights gained. This shoot gains colored leaves corresponding to the tao of which the individual has predisposition. For normal bodies, the number of predispositions is defined by the destination; for divine bodies, by the limit of its development.
Cultivating tao techniques about which you are predisposed is much easier than cultivating about which you do not. For example, a subject who is born with a predisposition only to the tao of the fire element will have more difficulty in understanding taos referring to other elements.

In addition, there are the taos antagonistic to yours. In the case of fire, water. In this case, cultivating them is even more difficult.

To discover his predispositions, the subject must wear a jewel called the stone of manifestation. It shines according to the Taos that you have affinity.

In the center of the hall was a circle with a diameter of about five meters. Next to the center was Yifei. "Come on, brother. Today is the day of your fall. "

Ling watched the scene worried, as there was nothing to be done. He was thinking of giving his daughter to the royal family of Changfeng. That would leverage your power tremendously.

Do everything, but do not kill your sister. These were Ling's words to his son.

Enraged Wu jumped into the center of the circle, in front of Yifei. "Put yourself in your place!"

A white-clad old man approached them. "Everyone in this hall are witnesses to the duel between Wei Yifei and Wei Wu. The defeat will be by death or withdrawal. "They both nodded. "Start."

"You're finished!" Suddenly, Wu's fists were bathed in fire. "Twelve Fists of the Volcanic Fury!" Wu advanced on Yifei.

Yifei, on seeing Wu's ordinary technique, made some hand symbols and placed them on the floor. Instantly, an ice wall formed.

Wu did not even call. He struck twelve punches against the wall, and only the last one was able to knock him down. "You look like you're a bit skilful! I did not expect your understanding of water tao to be on this level. "

No one expected. Everyone knew of Yifei's intelligence, but no one had ever seen her training or cultivating. They were surprised. Even his father.

"Do not think that just because you learned one thing or another you can beat me!" Wu drew from his spiritual ring a silver sword emanating a warm aura. "A mere elementary practitioner ... Insolence!
Yifei, indifferently calm, withdrew a rapier from his ring and held it with his right hand; with the left made a series of symbols. "Stand up, Lady of the Lake Lilies!" Little by little, lilies of cyan blue color began to appear within the circle. They were about forty-five inches long and very beautiful. Its roots interlocked causing a large percentage of the circle to be covered by cyan blue roots.

"Mere flowers!" Wu advanced. With his sword in his hands he was unbeatable. "Turn to ashes, Flaming Sword, First Position: Red Cut!" Or at least he thought. His sword became like a huge pillar of fire. However, when he entered the territory of the lilies, he stopped suddenly and then interrupted his technique.

"O-What?" Wu did not understand what had happened. It was then that he could see tiny bright particles flying across the lilies. They were like frozen pollen.

"This is an area constraint technique. It's easy to avoid and neutralize from the outside, but once you're inside, only being stronger than the one who conjured it. "Yifei flashed a smile.

Only being stronger than the one who conjured her. These words echoed through the room. Yifei stronger than Wu? Impossible!

Wu tried in every possible way, but his body remained there, motionless, helpless. "You stronger than me? You're crazy!"

Soon after Wei Wu's words, Yifei released her true aura. The whole room was shocked. Spiritual Stage! No doubt it was the spiritual stage!

"Co-like p-can? I-I-I do not understand! "Wu was incredulous.

"Now it's my turn." Yifei approached Wu, made a cone with his hand and intoned, "Flaming Sigh!" Yifei blew live flames over Wu. Slowly, his body began to darken and, over desperate cries, it turned into nothing but ashes.

Fire! The hall remained silent. Only true geniuses can use these opposites, and Yifei used water and fire! In Ling's eyes, something incredible.

The old man of old once again approached the center of the circle. "Let everyone here be witnesses that the duel between Wei Wu and Wei Yifei had a winner."
From that day, Yifei was gaining notoriety and power. Finally, on her hundredth birthday, she became the first woman to rule the city, soon after her father passed away.

In the face of all those men and their ceaseless noises produced, Yifei's mind traveled in various places.

Suddenly, a balding young man in orange pants, a black tank top, and ordinary black cloth shoes opens the door violently. Panting, he puts his hands on his knees.

"Matriarch! A huge vortex arose over the Valley of the Broken Swords! Lights ... Lights are coming out of it! "

"Hm?" Yifei's mind returns to the hall. His daydreams are interrupted. "What did you say?"

"About the Valley of Broken Swords! A huge vortex has appeared and lights are coming out of it! Something big is going on there! "The bald young man replied.

"Something big, huh? Xiaoming, Shaofeng, accompany me to the tower. "Yifei left the hall and swiftly climbed atop a tower that provided a broad view of the outskirts of the city. Beside him were Xiaoming, a balding old man with a long white beard and a robust eyebrow, and Shaofeng, a man who appeared to be middle-aged. He had long gray hair, a long mustache, and a huge scar on his neck. They called him a headless tiger, for he had been half-decapitated but survived. The wound became a scar that, along with his abilities, would give him fame. They were Yifei's arms.

"I've never seen one of this size ... Curious ..." Xiaoming stroked his beard as he faced this phenomenon.

"Old man, do you know what it is?" Shaofeng was curious.

"Obviously. My four hundred years did not pass by admiring the skies. "Xiaoming replied dryly. He was remarkably intelligent and a leader of the city's alchemy division. Shaofeng was the main general of the city. One was a diplomatic adviser; the other tactical-military expert.

"Enough. Xiaoming, what is this thing? "Yifei interrupted.

"We are witnessing the birth of a divine body. Of course, by the size of the phenomenon, it must be a body between first and third degree. I can not say, "Xiaoming replied.
Divine body? Between first and third grade? Who? "Yifei was extremely curious and distressed.

No wonder the curiosity, since divine bodies are extremely powerful. They are created in a natural way by fate. It is up to him to conceive the gift of being born with a blessed body or not. However, there are means of bodily refining. The techniques are very rare and absurdly expensive, so expensive to the point that no one from the Gentle City of Breeze has capital to acquire. Also, there are no reports of anyone from the country who had obtained a technique that would allow the bodily refining to the third degree, who will say the first!

Without a doubt, it was a magical opportunity for anyone.

"Shaofeng, mobilize a squadron with your strongest men. Since there are no villages in that area, someone must have headed for the mountains to try to refine their body. Luckily, this one did not expect it to trigger such a phenomenon. "Yifei's eyes sparkled with desire. It would be an odd opportunity for her. "The heavens favored me! Hahahaha! "

"As you wish, matriarch." Immediately Shaofeng disappeared.

Valley of Broken Swords.

A young man with black hair emerges from a huge hole in a mountain. It was Yu Lianjie.

"So that's the power of the pre-cosmic stage ... It's so much bigger than my old body!" Lianjie picked up a fist-sized rock on the floor and crushed it. "How much strength!"

"This force also comes from his divine body. In addition to the high force, your body is also more rigid than that of someone in the same stage as yours. Obviously, this does not mean that you can get yourself out getting scams from other people. You only take more damage than other people. In the future, when you reach the twelfth level of my cultivation technique, your body will be able to withstand immeasurable amounts of damage. But that's for the future. "Thadra said proudly. "Boy, work hard. If I do not get my revenge, I will pursue his soul forever and ever. "Thadra laughed maliciously.

"I will not disappoint." Lianjie was amazed. His current situation was totally different from a few moments ago

Suddenly, he noticed something different
Eh?" Looking at her shoulders, black hair lay there. "Black hair? My hair was silver! "In addition to the hair, Lianjie felt that his canines were different, more protruding and sharp. In fact, so sharp and point to tear the flesh like a hot knife as it passes through the butter. Slightly, he drew his sword and, through the blade, watched. "What happened with me? My eyes!"

His face had retained its old features, but it had acquired more perfection. His eyes and hair had their colors changed and now he was a kind of beastly boy with these teeth.

"Oh, that's bad ..." Thadra replied. "Boy, are you known to many people?"

"No, I come from a small tribe east of here. My tribe has about thirty people. They are mostly farmers and fishermen. Few of us train. Except for me, only three people cultivate: my father, the tribal leader and an old man. "Lianjie replied in a worried tone. Why was your change of appearance a bad thing?

"Great. Do you own your paintings and your family? "

"No, we are a very poor tribe, we can not afford to hire even the worst painter." Lianjie was curious. "What is wrong?"

"It seems that your divine body has acquired some characteristics of my body. His eyes derive from mine, the tone of his hair derives from the coloring of my hair and his teeth are similar to those of a feline ... Such as mine. "Thadra replied in a serious tone.

"I still do not understand ..." Lianjie was worried.

"Every time a divine body is born a phenomenon announces its arrival. However, when one reforms a body already existing in a divine body a vortex arises and the size of that vortex is proportional to the degree of the divine body. When you acquired a divine body, a colossal vortex arose over the mountain. If the vortex could be seen, someone who knows what happened here will come. There are only two ways known to ordinary creatures to acquire a divine body: you are born with it or you acquire some technique of body refinement. Needless to say, they tend to be very fussy. "

Lianjie had now understood her situation. In other words, he was not so different from before. If someone found him, that someone would kill him in the hope of getting some technique. Immediately left the place.
Boy, when possible, send a letter to your tribe. Explain what happened and tell them to always talk about you with the current features. "

"Get it!" He hurried to town.

One day later.

During her trip, Lianjie decided to stop in a small village. He had about forty houses and a hundred and fifty people. The place was known as Vilarejo do Carvalho Aged. The inhabitants were all of the mortal realm. They were, for the most part, drinkers, farmers, fishermen and merchants. One and the other were about to become pre-cosmic practitioners, but none of them ever got beyond that barrier.

As she wandered around the village, Lianjie stopped at a small shop. It was a small wooden tent and commercialized lacquered ducks. There were several on his roof. The exhaled smell was intoxicating. The price: the duck twenty bronze coins; the drink, three.

In his pockets were some change, enough for a duck and a drink.

"I'm hungry ..." He felt his stomach twitch at the duck's effect and his mouth salivated. He put his hands in his pocket and went to the woman apparently in charge of the store. "Lady, I'd like something to eat and something to drink."

The woman, seeing Lianjie, widened her eyes. She had never seen such beauty in a boy. "V-twenty e-e-e t-t-three brass coins."

Lianjie took out the equivalent amount from her pockets, took her food and drink, and sat down next to a forest, propped up on a tree. At a voracious pace, he devoured the food like a wild beast and drank.


Lianjie's ear vibrated. The noise seemed to have come from the village.


Immediately he got up and went to see what it was. By the time he had arrived, a six-man troupe in blue, tattered clothing was causing a stir in the village. With the exception of one, they were all bald.
In a far corner, there was Lianjie

"My name is Lam and this is my gang. From now on this village is mine and you will work for me. "A black-haired man took the lead of the other five. Clearly they were in the pre-cosmic stage.

A strange flame kindled inside Lianjie.

"Thadra, you said you were the god of battles. Is not it? "The young man asked.

"Yes. Because?"

"What chance do I have of conquering that idiot?" He wanted to test his new body and its potential. This was a perfect chance!

When he saw Lianjie's intention, Thadra smiled wickedly. "Let's say fifty-fifty. Big chance he already has some technique. "

"Perfect! I need to test myself! "Lianjie had turned into a beast, and with his sword now wielded, he advanced without warning.

Like a gust of wind, a young man thrust against the vile Lam. His sword descended upon the bandit, but he quickly drew a sword from his space ring and blocked it, being forced to take three steps back. The latter's hands fell asleep partly because of the force of the blow.

"Oh! A space ring, lucky me! "Lianjie thought.

"WHO ARE YOU?!?" Enraged, the man shouted. "KILL IT!"

"Someone who thinks bad people should be punished." With a smile on his face, Lianjie replied.

Four men stepped forward and the other headed toward a barn.

Cleng. Cleng. Cleng.

Several swords were struck by Lianjie. "Damn, I can only defend myself!" Lianjie gritted his teeth.

The four men began to attack with great vigor. Suddenly, Lianjie began to watch his movements and enter into a deep state of focus. Every collision between the swords was as if patterns were beginning to be understood. It was a whole different level from a clash between swordsmen in the realm of mortals. The strength and mystery these swords showed were far superior. "Ah, yeah ... That's how it works." In his state of deep focus, Lianjie gained insights into the tao of the sword.

"Chief Lam, this kid is starting to get stronger. It seems like we're getting less and less able to put pressure on him! "

Looking at the young boy, Lam remained incredulous, he was gaining insights in an hour like that! A genius, of course.

"Kill him fast. Otherwise we will die! "

At this moment, inside Lianjie, a crack occurred. "I understood how his swords work!" Then he began to counterattack. Each swing of the enemy sword was succeeded by skillful evasion movements, now and then a cut rested on Lianjie's skin, but nothing that his healing ability would not be able to cure later. In one of the exchanges of blows, one of the enemies struck a vertical blow. Lianjie ducked, causing the sword to hit the ground. The opening was created.

Lianjie thrust a thrust between the man's chin and Adam's apple. Then another man attacked him. This time aiming at her waist in an attempt to pierce her. Lianjie blocked the blow by sliding it to the right. With another opening created, Lianjie beheaded the man and took his sword. When the other two men came to attack him, he simply stepped back and stepped again in a circular leap.


Two swords danced together, two heads rolled to the ground. A massacre. In Lam's eyes, Lianjie was insane.

Among Lianjie something was different. Perhaps because his body was derived from a beast he had aroused sensations he had not felt before. Killing those men satisfied him and was pleasurable in a different way. "What is going on? This fury, where does it come from? Why do I so desire to kill? "
Without a second thought, Lam charged the boy, but instead gestured to the other man. The man who was now on top of a barn. Armed with bow and arrows.

Seeing the man approaching, the furious Lianjie also advanced. However, in the middle of the road something surprised him.


An arrow ran through the wind and pierced Lianjie's thigh. As it was infused with chi, a hole about six inches opened. Blood gushed.


The archer smiled. So did Lam who was about to execute Lianjie.

Suddenly the fury exploded even more. "No ... I'm not going to die! I will not! "Her body began to emanate a terrible aura of murder and to transform itself. When Lam was about to lower his sword over Lianjie's head, an explosion occurred.


Lam flew twenty yards away. The archer watched from the barntop, startled by what he saw.

The boy was turning into a creature!

Lianjie fell on all fours. His teeth became sharp, by the time they began to grow, his hands turned into big paws, as well as his feet. Slowly, a tail began to emerge.

"U-a-t-t-t-tiger black!" In awe, the archer started firing. When the first arrow landed on the animal's shoulder, he simply stared at the man who fired it and furious.

On top of the barn, the archer felt the fear haunt his spine. That tiger was not big, but it seemed to be the very reincarnation of death. When his arrow struck him, he saw that the tiger's attention fell to him and he fled. Yet that creature was like a black lightning and chased him with a speed he could not produce.

The black tiger jumped over the archer and chewed his head. The scene was worthy of a merciless massacre.

Twenty feet away, Lam was still half-dizzy. "What the fuck ... ah? Where the hell- "


When he heard the roar, Lam could see a medium-sized black tiger compared to a normal tiger. "Humph ... It must have been eaten by this tiger." With his sword in hand, he advanced on the tiger. Lam jumped on him to try to stick his sword in his back. However, the animal struck a horse-strike and threw it away.

"WHAT?" Lam gritted his teeth and quickly made hand signals. Shortly after, a ball of fire about one meter in diameter appeared in his hands. "CONSUME, ORBE INCANDESCENT!" Then he threw her against the animal.

Seeing the imminent danger, the tiger tried to dodge, but the fireball, faster, hit the animal.


The tiger roared with pain and fury. The beast had the left side of his body hit and burned severely. Still, after the damage, he advanced against the man.


Seeing that animal approaching was like watching the arrival of death. Lam tried to run away, but the tiger jumped on him and quickly torn his windpipe. Then he dismantled his body completely. Bathed in blood, the beast was a mixture of beauty and obscurity.

The village, which had watched the scenes with a mixture of dread and gratitude, was still. They were grateful to have killed that gang of thugs, but dread of the doubt of being or not the next ones to integrate this slaughter.

Suddenly, the black tiger fell and became a naked young man, with severe damage and much of the body burned.

"And now? What will we do?"

"Well, what a question! Let's help you! "

"But ... that black tiger!"

"Do you see a tiger now? He's just a boy. Let's go!"

Then, residents of the village led severely injured Lianjie to the local medical center.
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