God the Emperor of the Taos Chapter 1: Chapter 01 - The Encounter between the Tiger and the Boy


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They say that at first there was nothing but darkness and emptiness. From them was formed a species of egg that, after trillions of years, broke out and gave origin to the Pryatsharmat, the first deity and the most supreme. This explosion released so much energy that it gave birth to the infinite universe - composed of countless other universes.

However, the universes were nothing more than an accumulation of mass spheres. Without life. Nothing. This, over the years, annoyed Pryatsharmat, for boredom and loneliness distressed her.

Therefore, Pryatsharmat decided to create what is known by so. She spent countless years creating taos that would rule all universes. Among them, the taos of yin and yang. When the Taos were finished, he created all existing beings and, with his blood, created thirty-three divine beings, his children.

To finally rest, he created a world for himself and his children: the world of Trimshat. In it, he decided to rest indefinitely and watch how his creations would proceed. She commissioned her children to take care of the universes and established a leader: Akhon, the first Emperor. After that, he rested eternally.

The deities she created were known as immortals. However, they only lived a long time. Akhon reigned for countless cycles, after him Shadja and later Garu. This last one was the first traveling god and knew all the worlds and the creatures contained in them.

By observing how all creatures simply lived, procreated, and died, he became bored and decided to bless all existing creatures with the only thing capable of defying the laws created by Pryatsharmat: magic. For this he presented them with the chi and a container contained within the soul: the dantian. After this, Garu organized the infinite universe into three regions: the lower regions, the ordinary regions and the supra-cosmic regions. In the lower regions they contained the beings responsible for the cycle of reincarnation (later of the punishments as well); in ordinary regions the other creatures; in the supra-cosmic regions they contained the most powerful beings, those capable of becoming deities or even the deities themselves. Thus began a revolution.
The frail and tedious creatures of old have gained power and thirst for him. They created treasures, traveled among the universes, gave birth to new species, and some were even able to create their own Taos. Finally came villainy and heroism; merit and sin. Garu was satisfied.

Over the years, some creatures have risen so much that they have become deities and have gone to the world of Trimshat: the super-sumo of the divine worlds. These creatures, in turn, related to the deities and gave birth to more and more divine creatures.

Trimshat, City of Cycles, a trillion years later.

In a huge hall, in the Primordial Palace of Jade, thousands of deities are gathered. In the center of this hall was an enormous throne and in it an imposing figure seated. A giant of gray skin and gleaming golden hair, with three eyes and extremely muscular, his name was Gashat. He was the emperor in force and next to him are four figures: a giant covered with black hairs, very muscular, with tiger's head and eyes that looked like a sea of ​​stars. Known as Thadra; a kind of humanoid, slender, covered with red scales, of medium height, with three completely black eyes, carrying a wooden sword on its back and a scepter ornamented with jewels. Known as Omni; a huge sky-blue dragon with huge glittering tusks and ice mustaches, had white eyes with vertical black pupils, and his breath sealed the air in the surroundings. Known as Rudra; finally, a hybrid of a lion, a human, and a snake, had four arms, a height of at least three meters, its tail was a huge navy blue snake, without eyes, while its head was that of a lion, without an eye and with the other in jade green color. Known as Dekhan.

"As you all know, my end is near. It is time to decide who will be the next emperor who will rule our world and the universes. "Gashat sighed deeply and continued. "For the next two months you will prepare to elect the new emperor. You will have to choose between my son Thadra, Omni, Rudra and Dekhan. "With that, the huge gray figure sighed deeply and simply disappeared. Then whispers came up the hall discussing who would be the best choice to fill the vacant position.

"It must be Thadra!"

"He's the youngest, obviously we need someone wise and lived like Omni."
I disagree, I think the best is Rudra. He has draconian blood. "

"Dekhan will win!"

Incessant murmurs floated down the hall with different opinions.

Rudra was part of the Sheng family, his family never bred with beings from outside the family, his blood was pure. That was not enough, it was a dragon. Dragons are beings that are already born masters in some so elemental, different from the other races that must meditate in search of insights about them and to dominate them; Omni was known as the god of intelligence, versed in the taos of time and space, could travel between different universes in moments, knew all the worlds, all forms of life, languages, cultures, secrets and customs; Thadra was known as god of battles, master of the taos of the sword, saber, staff and the taos of thunder, fire and wind. Exalted hero among the worlds and venerated. On the other hand, impulsive and childish; Dekhan was the only one who came from another world, mastered the taos of alchemy, botany, fire and water, his past was uncertain as well as how old he was. He was of few words and leader of a small dark squadron of powerful figures who acted under orders of the emperor.

Soon after Gashat left the hall, the four figures also did.

On top of a floating mountain, millions of miles from the palace, Thadra was sitting meditating in the foyer of his colossal mansion. Thadra meditated on the quest to gain insights into the metal tao and to master it with absolute mastery. He felt he was close to overcoming the limit and advancing to the maximum level of the metal law.


An object appears near Thadra's forehead. Immediately sensing imminent danger, he bent his neck to the left, diverting himself from the object and emerging from his meditative state.
Great! I imagined something like that would not be enough to kill you. "A figure in black robes appeared in front of Thadra.

"How dare you attack me? You're in my territory. Once here you will only be dead! "Thadra gritted his teeth and roared. Then his muscles jumped and a huge two-handed sword appeared in his hands. "Rage to me, Celestial Fury!"


The huge sword exploded and a white fire began to bathe the sword. "Style of the Yama Emperor, Cut to Spiritual Extinction!" A huge crescent-shaped cut flew toward the figure clothed in black. It was a technique taught to the Yamas, gods who control the incomparably colossal world of souls. Thadra acquired it in a tomb during one of its excursions by the universe. This technique was so powerful that it not only killed but extinguished the soul, making it impossible to reincarnate. The Yamas used it to deal with souls with a great accumulation of sins.

"Oh!" The black figure drew from his space ring a silver gourd. "Absorb, Eaten of the Void!" The gourd vibrated and a strong spiral force instantly sucked Thadra's blow. In absorbing the blow, the gourd broke.

"Impossible!" Thadra shouted altered.

"Hahahahaha! You can not imagine the secrets that the infinite universe holds within you, so it's so foolish and so self-centered. Today will be your end. "The black figure drew a wooden sword.

"The Sword of the Primordial Thorn! Omni ?! "Thadra shouted enraged.

The Primordial Thorn Sword was a legendary sword. It was carved from the oldest tree of the universes, so old that it was the only tree to gain consciousness and thus master the tao of poison. Because of the countless years of mastering the laws of poison, their thorns were capable of paralyzing even Gashat for a few moments and killing creatures weaker than the wearer with a mere scratch. It is not known who created it, but it is an effective and powerful tool of restraint and murder. In addition, she was a symbol of Omni, who acquired it in one of his expeditions.
Unfortunately you will not be able to tell anyone. "Omni laughed and from his space ring he took out two heads: a head of a huge dragon and a lion's head. "Much less them." Omni then made a gesture and two space holes appeared. In each of them he threw a head.

Thadra understood what was going on. Omni planned to get rid of the three competitors to the position of emperor.

"DAMN YOU! I'LL KILL YOU! "Thadra saved Celestial Fury and drew two sabers: Lunar Twilight and Martyrdom of the Seven Suns. Two legendary sabers, one possessed the essence of a lunar star and carried the eternal cold; the other was forged with seven different suns, each with its kind of flame. They were synthesized in only one type of flame: the devouring flame of the stars. So strong that it could melt smaller planets. "Rise, Dragon Pathfinder of the Twelve Kingdoms!"


The cold and the flame came together perfectly and produced a huge cyan blue dragon that advanced swiftly toward the Omni. From where the dragon passed everything disintegrated and distortions in space-time occurred.

"Wonderful! Although your treasures will not be of any use to me, I will take them anyway. "Omni smiled grimly. "Show up!" After making a gesture, a parchment appeared in his hand. Omni bit his right wrist and green blood soaked the parchment. Immediately, a huge black hole appeared in front of him.


When the blue cyan dragon approached the hole, it was swallowed and both disappeared.

"I-Impossible!" Thadra was incredulous, after all, it was one of his strongest attacks. But he gritted his teeth and hurried forward against Omni wielding his two sabers.

"Enough playing." Omni performed a vertical cut with his sword, immediately, using his mastery over the laws of space-time, opened a space hole and half of his sword disappeared. The other half had appeared on Thadra's back.

The blow hit Thadra full. Moments later, paralyzed, the giant went to the ground. With eyes full of hatred, the black-haired beast only wanted to tear that slender figure who planned to ascend the throne playing dirty.

"Hehehe ... Your eyes ... I can see the thirst for murder and the desire for revenge ... Amazing! You do not even have a shred of fear! "Omni smirked. "I had an idea! I will make you die slowly, having your soul consumed, and I will send you to another world. "A scepter arose in his right hand and pierced the region where the dantian of Thadra stood, leaving a hole exposed in his body.


"Argh! S-your ... f-fil ... "Thadra grunted.

Omni took a small silver egg from his space ring and broke it. From the egg came a small white beetle almost translucent. Omni infused the little beetle with his chi and was able to control it easily. "This is a Taciturn Beetle. He feeds on souls. He has no offensive potential like the kingdom beasts, but he possesses unique abilities. As long as there is a way to enter his dantian, he will devour his soul and prevent the chi from running through its meridians, paralyzing it. "Omni chortled loudly. "Enjoy your food! Haha ha"

The little beetle flew up and into the wound inflicted by Omni. It was not long before Thadra began to feel the pain of having his soul devoured.

Thadra bubbled with fury and dissatisfaction. Was this your end?

"After sending you to another world and erasing your tracks, I will deal with your father and I will be the new emperor. "Omni slammed his scepter on the ground and a spacehole opened. "Enjoy the trip and your new home for years to come. Since you have an extremely powerful soul, I estimate that it will take at least a billion years for you to die, but I guarantee you will wish to die soon. "Then Thadra was thrown into that space vortex.


Thadra's last cry echoed around that floating mountain.

Valley of the Broken Swords, Crescent World.

A meteor ripped through the skies of that world and crashed into a mountainous region. It was Thadra. Her body landed on a mountain, creating a hole, making it become a sort of false volcano. There, impotent, Thadra would pass years and years.

Valley of the Broken Swords, Crescent World, a billion years later.

A young man ran through the mountains toward a mountain with a huge, deep hole in its beak. In his line were fifteen other young men.

"Lianjie, give me the banner!" A young man with red hair and noble purple robes shouted. He took the lead of the other fourteen young men and led them.

"Never, I got my talent," Lianjie shouted.

Yu Lianjie was a boy considered a prodigy. She had distinct silver hair and violet eyes. He was reasonably handsome and very skillful. He was an excellent swordsman and carried with him his faithful Spring Dawn, a sword with a blade eighty centimeters long and nine wide. Above average for a sword of the mortal realm. Starting from the Yu Tribe of the Gray Vapor, a small tribe to the east of the Valley of Broken Swords, he began training since he was five years old. At the age of eleven, he was about to enter the pre-cosmic stage and begin his journey as immortal.

Of all the universal creatures, human beings were some of the most fragile beings, but with greater learning potential. A human is born mortal and must tread all the way to become a god. He must learn the early stages of cultivation: chi formation, chi condensation, and chi manipulation, and then try to advance to the pre-cosmic level. After that, the difficulty increases more and more with the stages: elemental, deep, spiritual, earthly, celestial, celestial lord, celestial emperor, cosmic saint, deity, ancestral deity, chaotic deity and primordial deity.
Primal deities were deities with power compared to the Pryatsharmat and their children. Such a power capable of creating universes and their own with absolute ease. However, after Garu's death, no primordial deity was known. In Trimshat, the beings of greater power were ancestral gods.

"Xun, Yumin, Feng, restrain his movements." The red-haired young man shouted.

"Yes, young master." The three said in unison. Xun was a young man with no trace of hair, fat, but very strong. He had the eyes of a viper; Yumin was a black-haired girl with a burned face, was known for abusing weaker and more beautiful girls by cutting off her face, burning and in some cases even killing; Feng was a slender teenager, he was the eldest, with an eagle nose and small eyes. Both wore white robes.

Xun threw a net, it was one of his magical treasures. The threads of the net were so strong that only beings from the pre-cosmic level could break; Yumin, using a magic rope, tried to restrain the movements of Lianjie, who easily dodged. Feng gritted his teeth and pulled out a crystalline sphere with a wick, lit it, and hurled it toward the boy.


The ball exploded, a cloud of rose-colored smoke appeared. This time he could not escape. He had been swallowed by smoke.

It was a red dust bomb. It was a mixture of poisonous herbs with gunpowder. Although not capable of killing, it was useful for restraining mortal humans during persecutions. As in the case of Lianjie.

"Shit ..." Lianjie, seeing that he had been poisoned, knew he had only a few minutes before being paralyzed and dying in the hands of those young men. So he decided to start a slaughter. "Do you want it so much, Mutong? Come get it! "Lianjie held firm Aurora of Spring and went to Mutong and the others. By being in the stage of manipulating chi, Lianjie can infuse small amounts of chi into his sword, making it even more threatening to mortals like him.

Mang Mutong was the second son of Mang Fazu. He was of the Mang family, one of the families belonging to the City of Brisa Gentil. As a result, he was an egocentric, violent, and spoiled figure. He sought to steal the banner in Lianjie's possession to enter the School of Sharp Winds. His brother Mang Zheng was one of the students considered geniuses of this school, both were equally vis. Besides them, there was Mang Fanghuo, the youngest possessed of an unimaginable talent.
the Windbreaker School was one of the five most famous martial schools in the Gentle City of Breeze. To admit new students, he spread a thousand banners for the kingdom of Changfeng. All competitors received a map containing the location of the banners and should battle each other to get one, return to school within a week, and become a student. There were only five days left.

"Kill him and bring me the standard! I promise you a lot of gold! "Mutong yelled with a wicked smile on his lips.

"In your dreams!" Lianjie replied and advanced on the young people. Cleverly manipulating his sword cut, stockpiled and cut off the young. In front of him Mutong watched in disbelief at that terrible scene. Only one word could define: a massacre. Spring dawn danced, and at every swing, bloods of blood flowed. In a few moments everyone had perished and only Mutong remained.

Ahhh. Ahhh. Ahhh.

Gasping, Lianjie had already begun to feel the effects of the poison. His hands were beginning to suffer from numbness and his legs trembling. Mutong smiled.

"It finally took effect! This is your end, you rump! Put yourself in your place. "Mutong advanced fiercely.

Lianjie calculated that he would be unable to deflect the coup to be dealt then decided that it would be better to accept him and then deliver a counterattack on Mutong. He did so. Mutong wanted to pierce the heart, but knowingly Lianjie bowed his torso and had his lung pierced. Taking advantage of the chance, he hugged and held Mutong with one arm and the other pierced the side of his head.

"Pa-pa ..." Mutong rolled his eyes and died.

"If I should die I will not blame the heavens, only my lack of skill ... Ahhh." Lianjie began to feel the fatigue fall on his shoulders. It was a sign that the wound had indeed been fatal. "I'm going down in that hole and trying to treat my wounds. I must have another few minutes before I get completely paralyzed. "
Lianjie picked up the rope from Yumin headed for the mountain peak. When he reached the hole, he lowered it using his rope. "It's so deep and so dark here." Lianjie ripped some vines from the walls, made a fire, picked up two stones and set them on fire. When the light was made, a huge silhouette covered with moss and plants was revealed. "Wh-what-is-that?" With much effort he walked up to the silhouette and nudged it with the tip of his Spring Dawn.


A roaring roar capable of shaking the walls of the mountain came out of the silhouette. Suddenly, huge, pupilless eyes that looked like a sea of ​​stars opened.

"After all these years ... A mortal? On the brink of death, on top of that ... Argh ... What's your name? "The giant asked.

"My name is ... Ugh ... L-ianjie."

Although mortals who began cultivation were far stronger than ordinary humans, their bodies still obeyed the limits inherent in humans. In other words, they were still fragile existences. Only after the pre-cosmic stage would you have increased life expectancy, super strength, super agility, faster healing, and ability to start using spells. Because Lianjie received a fatal blow to exterminate his enemy, his end was determined: death.

"W-who are you?" Lianjie asked with effort.

"I am Thadra of Trimshat, venerated hero and exalted god of the battles." In a vain tone.

"N-no ..." Lianjie fell to his knees and vomited a large amount of blood. Her vision had begun to blur.

"Do not believe? But I am venera- "Thadram repeated proudly.

"I do not know." Lianjie interrupted.

"Why, you ignorant mortal! How do you not know me? I should kill you now. Humph "Thadra raged.
At this rate I will die soon ... Do not worry. "Lianjie vomited more blood. It was clear: his time was coming. "What an unjust life ..." He added as he slowly lost the glint of his eyes.

Suddenly, a spark lit up inside the huge creature. That frail little boy in front of him might be his best chance-perhaps the only one-to get his revenge. Thadra sought in the depths of his memories an ancient technique used in the kingdom of the Yamas. This place is very well known by Thadra.

'Yes, that's it! That should work, 'Thadra concluded.

"Whatever! The heavens have blessed us. Congratulations child, you won a second chance. My soul is being devoured by a creature and I have little life. I've been here for countless ages and you're the first to meet me, I can not risk waiting any longer. She has already attached herself to my soul, what I can do is partition my soul, let the beetle devour one part and the remainder merge with yours. Your body will not withstand and reform in a divine body, but you will be saved. However, the pain will be like being burned in purgatory for a thousand years. "Thadra spoke in a serious tone. "You hit?"

Who, on the verge of death, would not want a second chance? How many wars were lost by generals who did not get a second chance? How many children were not born and how many perished because they did not receive this second chance? Obviously Yu Lianjie would not waste such an opportunity.

"Y-yes!" Lianjie answered with difficulty.

"Fast! I'm going to partition my soul, at this point you must open a rift between your chest and stomach, so I can enter your body and merge with you. "

In one of his excursions through the low universes of the Yamas, Thadra discovered the Wanderer Spirit Sutra. It had three techniques, the first one to strengthen the soul for the other two; the next technique was to partition the soul to create up to three clones that were conscious and autonomous; the third technique was to make his soul enter into another body, to merge with the other soul and to render the individual more time to live. This, however, required the consent of the other individual and could only be used once so as not to unbalance the cycle of life and death. All shall one day live, even as they shall die. Obviously, except for Pryatsharmat.

Thadra divided his soul into two, leaving a small portion for the beetle to eat. The latter, seeing that the soul was bissetada began to devour at a much faster pace.

"Not good! Boy, now! "Thadra shouted.

Lianjie pressed Aurora of Spring against him and opened a crack in his torso of more than 20 centimeters. Thadra left his body and, through the crack, invaded the body of Yu Lianjie. When the souls met and merged a huge explosion occurred. A huge multicolored vortex appeared on the mountain. At this moment Lianjie's body began to disintegrate, and from the multicolored vortex, countless particles fell and began to build a new body. The pain was unmentionable.

After an hour, the new body was complete and souls had completely melted. The vortex ceased, and in the depths of that mountain a shimmering silhouette was in a position of meditation.

Slowly the silhouette was losing its brightness and revealing the body of a young boy. This time with black hair, smooth and long, canines a little protruding, measuring approximately 1.70m, white skin and with an aggressively beautiful face. Then the young man opened his eyes. They were star-blue in color.

"So that's what you need me for," Lianjie whispered.

By spiritually merging with Thadra, although the two consciousnesses inhabited the same body, the memories were partly shared. However, because of the enormous portion of the devoured soul, many memories of life, technique and understandings about Taos had been lost. Lianjie could only access the memoirs of the day Thadra was expelled from Trimshat by Omni and his cultivation technique, the Twelve Diagrams of the Sage of the Stars. Lianjie realized that it was the instrument of revenge.

"It seems I was so weak that I could not even suppress his conscience and take possession of this body ..." Thadra complained. "Whatever! The important thing is I get revenge. Just promise me you will give me possession of the body when we finally kill that worm. "
I give you my word. "

"Hurry up, take a look at your dantian," Thadra said proudly.

Thadra was an ancestral god. His soul was incomparably pure and powerful. Fortunately, only a tiny fraction had been left. Enough that he would not destroy Lianjie's fragile mortal body, but rather turn it into a divine body. Divine bodies are extremely powerful during cultivation, as it holds the purest dantians, much stronger than ordinary creatures. They are graded by degrees from the first to the tenth and the current body of Lianjie was a divine first-degree body! Of course, Lianjie's dantian was extraordinary and, being from Thadra, was unique. The chi that ran in it was so pure that it had the golden color, it was like an enormous ocean of gold; in their center floated and danced a myriad of stars and high rested a huge star of fire and another of ice. Lianjie was amazed.

"Incredible!" Lianjie exclaimed.

"You got my dantian. Your future is up to you. On the other hand, the amount of resources you will need during cultivation is tremendous and you can only cultivate using the Twelve Sages of the Star Sage. Moreover, because you now possess a divine body, you are in the pre-cosmic stage. Now walk and let's get out of here! I can not stand the musty smell of this hellhole anymore! "Thadra shouted.

Lianjie did not answer, simply nodded. Then he put the sword on his waist, collected his standard and the rope he had used to descend the mountain and climbed.

His next destination was the School of Biting Winds.
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