God's Heart Chapter 2: Paradise


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The universe was filled with wonders even Gods didn't know them all.

"Here we are! The Paradise, this world is the biggest planet know all throughout the universe. This planet was only discovered by other Gods 3000 years ago." Mikael said those words while he raised his two hands filled with enthusiasm.

" It's big" the God of mage said with a monitor toned voice.

" Right. This world can matched the size of a giant star." Mikael said. " This world housed in thousands of different races. Of course, conflicts would occur if you put them in one planet however this what it makes more exciting. This conflicts would bring the downfall of an empire on the other hand another empire could rise." Mikael said.

" hmm!" the God of magic simply nodded his head a sign of approval to what he just heard from Mikael.

" Interested now?" Mikael asked.

"Maybe." The God of magic replied with his mono toned voice again.

"…" Mikael was speechless about his friend's answer. " Why not spend time here, and find a reason to live? This is the best place to start all over again, you know?"


" Good then."


" Have you decided what to call yourself from now on?" Mikael asked.

" What's the use? And besides I'm used to it anyway."

" As I said earlier you can't just call yourself the God of magic in here. Thus, you need a name. How about "snoby" or "wordless" haha. This names are matched for your attitude though they are a little bit of an embarrassing names"


" I give up. If you really don't want a name, it's up to you to decide."

" I'll think about it."

" Okay then it's your name anyway. Oh I forgot to tell you, every God who passed through the outer barrier would lose their Immortality and became a mortal for 100 years. Therefore, if you entered this world even if you're a God you'll die." Mikael warned.

" Hmm" He merely nodded. "I'll go, are you going with me?"

"Nope, I have too many things to settle back home, that's why I don't have the time for this." Mikael said. " But I'll come here after a hundred years, to check up on you."

" Okay ." he said. " Bye then."

At that time the God of magic moved towards the planet Paradise.

" bye"

Mikael the God of Adventure watch the back of his friend from afar. He felt a surge of emotions, when he heard that this friend said that, he would rather choose Oblivion than to live knowing his home was gone, and can't even save it. So Mikael think of a way, fast, a way to let this friend of his found a reason to live again.

That's when the world paradise popped on his head. A world that had so many wonders. A world where a paradise for everyone even for Gods. He immediately perform his plan and bring his friend directly to this world to entice him.


The God of magic stared at this beautiful world. A world filled with so many colors not just blue and green but this world was covered with so many colors, a rainbow could only be compared to this spectacular sight.

The God of magic entered the outer barrier. He felt his entire existence being suppressed by a powerful force. This forced his Godly existence to descend, his existence fell back from a God to a demigod.

" Now I'm back from being a mortal, eh." He said.

He descended from the sky and landed on a forest. This forest is thick, filled with large trees and wild grass with the same height as him. When he landed this grass, surprisingly, didn't touched him even though this grass is so compacted. As if this wild grasses are avoiding him afraid of creating a blasphemous act.

" Hmm. Where should I go? North or South~?" he pondered. He didn't know where to go and what to do. " South then." He a God was having a hard time thinking where to go first but with his mind set he still came up with a solution. Eventually, he move forward. He didn't fly this time, with a reason to enjoy his time wandering around slowly loosen up his broken heart, slowly searching for a reason to get back from his two feet again.

He walk and walk without stopping. He enjoyed the sceneries, the colorful mountains, the wild flowers with fragrant smells with enchanting colors and etc.

"A village?" he saw a village near the river where he was currently washing his hands.

He walked towards the village, it only take him several minutes to reach the gates of the village.

" What happened to his village? Hmm attacked?"

He saw the entire village's current state. Houses destroyed and burned, bodies littered the ground.

He took a step forward then inspect the surroundings. He was curious about this village because the bodies on the ground looks like a eutopian, but still not a eutopian. Eutopians are races who lived at his home world, but now their instinct caused by that horrible calamity.

" I know this race. What's it called again? Hmm." He said those words while pondering where did he saw this race again and what race is called.

"I saw this race when I was with Mikael. He introduced this race to me because they are somewhat akin to my race."
Gods doesn't have any bad memories. But when he entered this world his memories got jumbled , for this reason he's having a hard time remembering the name of this race that he was currently looking at.

"someone is still alive." He suddenly feel a life force coming from the pile of debris in the middle of the village.

" But it's slowly sipping away." The life force he felt a moment ago is slowly getting weaker and weaker by the time. A sign that the person who was the source of this life force is about to die.

He raised his hands pointed in that direction, where the person is currently buried at.

Rumble rumble!

Debris lifted up in the air as if as they had no weight whatsoever. Along this debris a Girl was also lifted in the air. Her face couldn't be seen because of the blood that covered her entire body. Open wounds could be seen all over her body. Tattered clothes, wounds all over this, pale face; when he saw her state, he couldn't help but took a pity on her.

" High Regeneration!"
He casted high regenerative spell that could stabilize her depleting life force. Later on he controlled her body to land on to the ground slowly.

" Creation magic! Rock bed!"

" Creation magic! Grass!"

Then before she landed on the ground he created a bed made of rocks and make the grass grow on it. This will make her comfortable. She landed on the bed slowly. Her face is now showing signs of redness, her blood loss is now recovering because of the regeneration spell. With her life at Stabling, he had no worries now.

He was a Good but his forte is not healing, thus, his healing spell could only be counted with one hand. And the High Regeneration spell he used a moment ago was his strongest.

30 minutes later the girl woke up. She slowly opened her eyes.
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