God's Heart Chapter 1: Farewell My Home


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A world filled with Grace and blessings of the gods above. A world where beautiful sceneries everywhere. Sweet fresh waters, tall mountains, fertile flatlands, and etc. This world is a paradise for mortals. But it was before, now this world only had darkness and nothing more. All the mountains lost their radiance from because of a massive eruption, the former sweet and fresh waters are now polluted and was filled with toxic fluids. The fertile flatlands became a deserted land.

Mount Glorious!

The tallest mountain on Eutopia, a mountain of ice that the peak reaches the skies. The name of this mountain originated from the first king who ruled a kingdom. He climbed the peak of this mountain and announced his Glorious battle against the Demon Rak. He then claimed this mountain and named it Mount Glorious a sign of his eternal glory.

From then every king all over the world must first reach the peak of the mountain before sitting on their respective thrones and rule a kingdom.

But now this glorious mountain became the the symbol of Death. Millions of bodies littered the foot of the mountain. Soldiers, heroes even Kings died on this lands.

A silhouette could be seen standing at the top of the mountain. This silhouette was looking at the skies with deep thoughts. He stayed like that for almost an entire day without moving.

" I tried my best to save you but the law of fate really want you to die." He said those words while tears flowed down to his face.

" It's not your fault my friend." An ethereal voice sounded from his mind.

" It's my fault for not being strong enough to fight against fate."

" No one can fight against that existence even me I can only back down against him."

" Sigh" he signed. Sadness filled his heart. Thinking about his helplessness against fate lead to the distraction of his home world. "What's the use of ascending and becoming a God if you can't even save your own world?"

" Being a God doesn't mean you can do everything. The only capable of the feat is the Father of all Gods. And us his children can only obey his orders." The ethereal voice said filled with reverence toward his Creator and father.

" I don't want to become a god but still he chose me. My only wish is to save my own world any nothing else. But he the all father just turned a blind eye and let the fate take over." His emotions right now filled with mix emotions. He merely want his world to survive still in the end he failed the battle against fate which his father's right hand.

" We can't understand his way of thinking but we all know his every actions had a deep meaning to it. Maybe he didn't want you to be restricted by your own world from going to the higher realms. And to do that your world must end." The ethereal voice said.

"I know. But he was too ruthless. He didn't think how would I feel after knowing that my world is gone because of me. He didn't think that maybe because of this I would lose all my reasons to exist, And decided to just choose Oblivion."

"Oblivion eh? Hmm all God's who died would resurrect but to those who chose Oblivion would be forgotten and for that to happen they needed to erase their existence even me a god would forget everything about you." The ethereal voice slowly said those words and you could hear his voice that he was a bit sad about his friends words.

" I only want to save those I love. That's how I am before when I was a mortals and even if I became a God I was still the same me." He said. " We God's should love mortals not use them."

"We God's love mortals but deep inside our hearts mortals isn't deserving for out love." The ethereal voice said those words as if voicing out all the God's feelings towards Mortals.

" That's why we Gods shouldd become mortals again to know that mortals are deserving enough to be loved by us Gods." He said.

"What do you want to do now?" The ethereal voice said. Then he continue " are you really going to choose Oblivion? "

"Maybe." He replied.

" You're not sure yet, are you? Why not come with me and I'll give you a reason to live again." The ethereal voice said with an excited tone.

"Okay I'll go with but give me a moment first I need to stay here a little longer." " Take your time my friend."

The conversation ended when the ethereal voice left his mind and give him space and time to be with his home one last time.

He looked at the horizon for along time imprinting this scene deep within his mind and heart.


Tears fell on the ground but no one would ever know about it. After a long time mourning for the death of his home world turned and leave.

At the void the the God of magic waited for his friend to arrive. Many space rocks was floating along side him and hitting each other. But this doesn't bother him at all because if ever all of this rocks hit him at the same time it wouldn't even scratched him.

" Thanks for waiting. It was along way to get here from my home world." A voice rang to his mind.

"I didn't mind waiting." He replied. " Was your home world called earth Or something?"

" Yes ! That world may not be as beautiful as your former home but mortals there are interesting."

" Sigh."

"Sorry I didn't mean."

"That's nothing. " "Where are right now?"

" I'm currently~ ~ right behind you haha"

A silhouette appeared behind him. This silhouette wore a white T-shirt with gray pants. He look like a youth that was brimming with enthusiasm. His face was full of smile and energy even his movements while flying through the void was filled with excitement.

" The God of Adventure Mikael, it's been a long time my friend." The God of magic welcomed him.

"Yeah it's been 10000 years since our last time being together isn't it? But still until now I can't figure out your true name the God of magic."

"My name? Huh." The God of magic sighed. " The thing is since I was born I didn't have a name however it doesn't bother me a bit."

"That's odd. Who would want to be a nameless person? Or even a nameless God?"

" I guess?"

"HHahah you're truly an odd one that's why I always love to hangout with you."

"So where is this place you want to take me." The God of magic asked.

" Wait after we get there and I will also explain everything about that place to you."


"And after we get there you need to find a solution for that name of yours because you can't just call yourself 'the God of magic' there or all the people would flock you Hahaha" Mikael said teasingly.

"Oh? God's can interact with mortals at that place?"

"Oops! I was saving that part for last my bad, my bad! Haha well yes we can. An interesting world, isn't it?" Mikael said filled with excitement.

" Yes, an interesting world indeed."

" Then what are we waiting for? Let's go."


The two speed through the void faster than the speed of light. And their destination is a world named Paradise.
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